Big Brother 21: Here Come The Black Widows

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 1, 2019

Hi, everyone!

So, last night, we discovered that Ovi did indeed win the “whacktivity” challenge. And, as a result, he got a really cool power that’s not going to be of any help to him in the game. Ovi received the Nightmare Power, which, if used after the nomination ceremony, forces the HoH to pick two entirely new nominees for eviction.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the power only works immediately after the nomination ceremony. It can’t be used to the change the nominees after the veto ceremony. So, unfortunately for Ovi, it’s not going to help him out of his current predicament.

As of right now, it does seem like Ovi is going to be the first HG to be evicted from the house. (Technically, David was the first to go but he was “banished” instead of “evicted.”) He just doesn’t have any close allies and, for some reason, he keeps trying to convince Jack to enter into an alliance with him. Jack, of course, hates Ovi.

The one thing that might save Ovi is that Kathryn is still threatening to self-evict. It’s totally possible to see a situation in which Kathryn annoys everyone to such an extent that they decide to go ahead and vote her out. I don’t think it’s going to happen but it’s still a definite possibility.

(On the plus side, from what Julie said when David was banished, it sounds like the first few banished and evicted houseguests will be given the opportunity to win their way back into the House. So, even if he is voted out, that doesn’t mean Ovi’s game is over.)

In other news, as of last night, we have a new, 4-person alliance! Largely because they’re all sick of Jack running the house, Kemi, Bella, Jessica, and Nicole formed an alliance that they’re calling the Black Widows. They’re plan is to take the boys out, one-by-one. As much as I’d love to see Jack voted out, I’m a little bit skeptical of the Black Widow alliance. I think they’re making a mistake by including Bella because Bella was in the Ocho alliance with Jack and Jackson. So far, Bella hasn’t told any of the boys about the Black Widows but I do get the feeling that, if any of the four are going to be betray this new alliance, it’ll be Bella.

The other big news today is that there’s currently a petition being circulated among Big Brother fans, calling for CBS to kick Jack out of the house. Last night, Jack was hanging out in the HoH room with Jackson, Nick, Chrisite, and Analyse and he was, as usual, talking about how much he hates Kemi. He then said that he wanted to “stomp a mudhole” in Kemi’s chest. Jack was later called to the diary room and, judging from what he’s told Nick today, it sounds like production told him that he needed to tone it down.

And that’s the situation right now. We’ll see the veto comp on tomorrow’s show and then, on Wednesday, either Ovi or Kathryn will be voted out of the house!

Lisa Marie

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