Big Brother 21 — Approaching Thursday

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 6, 2019

Hi y’all!

So, I’m checking in with the Big Brother House. Tommy is having to wear a stupid costume. Jack spent the first part of the week being harassed by Albert the Alien, who basically ordered Jack to clean up after himself at all hours of the night. Jackson has just completed his punishment, which was to get doused in slime every hour for 24 hours. That’s all a result of them failing to win the veto this week. We’ll see that competition on the show tomorrow.

The veto was won by Jessica and, since she declined to use it, the Six Shooters are currently in disarray. It’s been fun to watch. After spending the first half of this season smugly talking down to the rest of the House and targeting people for the least little thing, Jack and Jackson are now on the block and neither one of them is dealing with it very well.

Jack acts like he’s still convinced that he can somehow save himself and avoid getting voted out but I think, deep down, Jack knows that there’s next to no chance that he won’t be voted out on Thursday. Analyse is even more upset about it than Jack. She’s spent a lot of time whining about how much she hates being on the show and how she wishes she could just self-evict. That’s gotten rather old, considering that Analyse has never even been on the block. As for Holly, she keeps asking whether or not the feeds are live, which would seem to indicate that Holly still doesn’t understand that she’s on Big Brother.

(I think all of the Six Shooters were recruits, as opposed to fans who actually went through the process of applying for the show. I imagine that explains a lot of about their entitled attitude.)

Jack thinks that he can scare Kat into voting to keep him by threatening to blow up her game otherwise. I doubt that’s going to work since everyone in the House already knows that Kat spent the first half of the game playing both sides and no one really cares. Jack has also considered stabbing Christie in the back and trying to convince everyone to keep him around so that he can go after her. Neither one of those plans seems likely to work but what’s really dooming Jack is his entire attitude. Even on the block, he can’t fake the humility necessary to not come across like he thinks he’s better than everyone else in the House.

For some reason, even though it’s pretty much guaranteed that he’s going to survive this week, Jackson told Holly that he’s going to blow up everyone’s game in his eviction speech. Holly asked to hear his speech, just for Jackson to reply, “I already know the speech is good. You’ll hear it on Thursday with everyone else.” Personally, I’d think it would be a better strategy to lay low and let Jack keep screwing up but I guess Jackson knows better.

Thursday cannot get here soon enough!

Lisa Marie

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