Big Brother 21 — About Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 12, 2019

Hi y’all!

Was that weird or what?

So, Tommy basically had talked Cliff and Nicole into voting out Holly but, within the course of eventually a few hours, that plan totally fell apart. After Jackson overheard Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy talking, he spoke to Cliff and told a big lie. He claimed that Tommy had told him that he was planning to lie to Nicole and Cliff about throwing the HoH. Now, Tommy may have very well been lying about that but he certainly never told Jackson about it.

So, as a result, Nicole and Cliff decided that they couldn’t trust Tommy. Holly also said that she would throw the HoH comp if they kept her over Tommy. Apparently, during the show itself, the houseguests were still arguing with each other and having a house meeting. Since the feeds were down, we won’t get to see that until Sunday but, from the clips that they showed during tonight’s show, it would appear that things got very heated and emotional.

Anyway, the end result is that Cliff and Nicole both voted to evict Tommy so the final four are now: Cliff, Nicole, Jackson, and Holly. The HoH comp was an endurance comp where they had to hold onto a rope while being spun around in circles. Holly kept her promise and, after Cliff was down, she throw the comp to Nicole.

So, Nicole is now HoH!

This probably means that Jackson and Holly will be going on the block but, with only four people in the house, it depends on who wins the veto. Basically, if Nicole and Cliff win the veto then the nominations remain the same and Cliff will pick who leaves. If Jackson or Holly wins the veto then Cliff will go up as the replacement and will probably leave the House.

That’s where we stand right now. Nicole’s nominations will be tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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