Big Brother 21 — About Last Night

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 4, 2019

Hi, everyone! I apologize for the late update. Yesterday, we changed servers so the site was down for a few hours. This new server is faster, which is good. What’s bad is that it’ll probably take another few hours until everyone’s able to access the site. If you’re reading this post, don’t worry, you’re fine!

Anyway, here’s a quick recap of what happened last night:

Basically, because Ovi was dumb enough to tell Jack and Jackson that he had the nightmare power, he was voted out. It was a unanimous vote. Even the people who have been complaining about Jack running the house — people like Nicole, Cliff, Jessica, and Kemi — voted for Ovi.

However, Ovi did not leave the house. Instead, he was sent upstairs to stay in Camp Comeback. Camp Comeback is apparently this year’s version of Survivor’s Edge of Extinction. After getting voted out of the house, evicted HGs don’t leave but instead stay in the season’s version of the Have Not Room. As Julie explained it, neither Ovi nor David (who reentered the house) can compete for HoH or the veto. However, they can continue to play the social game and, after the 4th eviction, all of the evicted houseguests will compete for a chance to reenter the House as a houseguest.

And you should have seen the houseguests after Julie made her announcement! They were all hugging Ovi and David and I was just like, “What a bunch of phonies!”

Anyway, Jack went on to win HoH. When everyone (with the exception of David and Ovi) went to see Jack’s HoH room, they all took a vote and agreed, unanimously, not to “talk game” to either David or Ovi. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Among the BB fandom, Jack is probably the least popular of the current houseguests and a lot of people in the House are kind of sick of him. So, Jack becoming HoH is a worst case scenario for a lot of folks. Ever since Jack become HoH, Analyse and Holly have been talking about Kemi behind her back, saying that Kemi can’t be trusted and has to be voted out. Since Jack wanted to target Kemi last week, this could be a difficult week for her.

I think the nomination ceremony will be today but I’m not sure. They might put it off for a day because it’s the 4th of July. We’ll see!

Lisa Marie

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