Big Brother 21 — A Blindside is Brewing

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 8, 2019

Hi y’all!

So, the game might almost be over for the summer but it looks like we might get at least one more blindside out of the season.

As we know, Jackson is the current HoH. Sitting on the block are Tommy and Cliff. Nicole has won the veto and she has already let everyone know that she’s going to be using the veto to take Cliff off the block.

With Cliff safe and Nicole holding the veto, there’s only going to be one other houseguest eligible to be nominated. That’s Holly.

So, on Jackson’s HoH, Holly is finally going to go on the block.

Now, here’s the thing. Jackson has made it clear that, no matter what, Tommy is his target. And both Cliff and Nicole have told him that they’ll vote Tommy out, regardless of who is sitting next to him.

However, it appears that Nicole and Cliff have finally figured out what everyone watching the show figured out a long time ago. Jackson is a huge threat. If both he and Holly are allowed to stay in the house, they could easily win the remaining few HoHs and basically control the whole final two weeks of the game.

So, at this point, it seems that Holly and Jackson are going to be blindsided on Thursday and Holly is going to go to the jury house. If Holly is voted out, Jackson will lose his strongest ally. As well, Jackson won’t be able to play for HoH on Thursday. By making sure that Holly is no longer in the House, Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy can guarantee that — regardless of who wins the next HoH — Jackson will be nominated. After Jackson’s put on the block, it’ll just be a matter of keeping him from winning the veto. Assuming Jackson stays on the block the entire week, they’ll then be able to evict him and then the final three will be Nicole, Cliff, and Tommy.

So, right now, that appears to be the plan. It’ll be interesting to see if Jackson and Holly manage to figure out what’s going on.

The veto meeting is tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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