by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 10, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Well, it’s that time of the week again! We know who is on the block. Most of us know who won the veto. It’s time for you to cast your vote on who you want to see sent to Camp Comeback this week!

Now, obviously, if you still haven’t seen tonight’s episode or you still don’t know who won the veto, the rest of this post is going to be a spoiler. So, if you want to be surprised about all that stuff, don’t read any further, okay?

Now, for the rest of you, who do you vote to send packing this week?

Do you vote for

KEMI, who Jack has been obsessed with since day one


JESSICA, who this week discovered that an all-girl’s alliance never works in the early days of Big Brother?

Cast your vote in the comments below or over in the poll on the right side of the page! And then be sure to watch Thursday to see who will be voted out and who will become the next HoH!

As for what’s happening in the House right now, the G8ful Alliance seems like it’s going to fall apart soon. Everyone now knows that Bella can’t be trusted and it seems like Jack and Jackson might be planning on targeting her next week. Ealier, Kemi said that, if she feels that the vote is going to go against her, then she’s going to reveal everyone’s secrets in her pre-vote speech and that’s pretty much going to mean exposing Bella as being a snake. So, it does seem that Kemi will be voted into Camp Comeback tomorrow but she might create a little drama in her pre-eviction speech.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow!

Happy voting!

Lisa Marie

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