Celebrity Big Brother: And your nominees are….

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 5, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Well, you can always count on things to change quickly in the Big Brother House and we’ve certainly seen that over the past few hours. Just last night, with Kato being evicted on a 5-0 vote, it appeared that Tom was doomed.

And now, today …. he’s HoH!

That right, Tom won the Head of Household comp so he’s going to get to stay in the House for at least a little bit longer than we might otherwise have expected. (Of course, since Friday is going to be a double eviction, it might just be a few minutes longer.) Tom now has all the power in the house and while he promised everyone that he wouldn’t let it go to his head, he has once again been overanalyzing and over examining everything.

Along with becoming HoH, Tom appears to have gotten himself a new alliance. Realizing that they don’t have any hope of winning if the three athletes (Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky) aren’t broken up, Kandi and Dina have joined with Tom. In fact, Kandi even got Tom to promise her that he wouldn’t do anything as HoH without consulting her first. Kandi also told Tom who he should nominate for eviction. In other words, Tom may be HoH but, right now, Kandi has all the power.

Originally, Tom seemed pretty determined to nominate Natalie and Lolo for eviction but Kandi talked him into nominating Ricky and Natalie instead, with Ricky as the target. They just finished up the nomination ceremony and the three athletes are not happy. When last I checked, Tamar was telling them that she agrees with all three of them that it was stupid for Tom to come after them. Of course, Tamar’s lying. Kandi told Tamar the plan before the nomination ceremony and Tamar was totally on board with it.

So, right now, Ricky is the target but there’s is a veto comp coming up. And, of course, Friday is going to be a …. DOUBLE EVICTION!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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