Celebrity Big Brother 2: The Tom Green Show

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 6, 2019

Hi, everyone!

So, it’s amazing what can happen on Big Brother. One day, you’re at the bottom of the house and you’re on the verge of getting voted out. The next day, you’re the most powerful person in the House and it seems like you might very well be unstoppable.

That’s certainly the situation that Tom Green has found himself in. Just a few days ago, his closest ally was voted out and everyone was making plans to get rid of him. And then, suddenly, Tom won HoH! Tom had a new alliance! Tom nominated two his biggest enemies, Natalie and Ricky. And as of today….


Now, you would think this would be great for Tom but he looks more stressed now then he’s looked all season. Tom’s problem is that he tends to overthink things. He’s the type who will spend so much time analyzing a problem that he’ll often forget about solving it. That’s what got him in trouble the last time that he was HoH. He spent so much time trying to figure out who had the power that he ended up alienating everyone in the House. When he won HoH for the second time, Tom promised that he wouldn’t allow it to make him neurotic and paranoid. Obviously, he hasn’t been able to do that.

So now, instead of doing the simple thing and keeping his nominations the same, Tom is overthinking. After the comp, he told Kandi that he might veto Natalie and replace her with Lolo. His theory: Everyone likes LoLo so they’ll be more likely to evict Ricky. Tom went to say that he thinks he can still work with Lolo. Even after Kandi told him that he is pretty much hated by the three athletes, Tom is still convinced that all he has to do is get rid of Ricky and everything will be okay between them.

Meanwhile, Tamar is in a panic that Tom is planning to backdoor her. Kandi’s been assuring her that Tom isn’t going to do that but if we make it to Friday without a huge blow up in the House, I’ll be shocked.

Veto ceremony is tomorrow.

Double eviction is on Friday!

And come Wednesday, we’ll have our second winner of Celebrity Big Brother!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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