Celebrity Big Brother 2: Huh?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 2, 2019

Well, how did that happen?

When last we checked in on the Big Brother House, it appeared that LoLo, Natalie, and Ricky were determined to vote out Kandi, both as a rebuke to Tom and also because they thought Joey would have a good chance of winning HoH and taking out Tom and/or Kato. They were extremely confident that they’d be able to pull it off. Some would say that they were even getting a little bit smug about it.

Meanwhile, Kato and Dina were planning on doing what Tom wanted and voting to evict Joey.

That left Tamar as the deciding vote. If Tamar went with Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky, then Kandi would have been evicted by a vote of 4-2. If she voted with Kato and Dina, it would be a 3-3 vote and Tom would break the tie.

How would Tamar vote, we all wondered. She’s closer to Kandi but she’s mad at Tom because Tom is so obsessed with trying to flush out the secret power. We didn’t know for sure how Tamar would vote but we were all sure it would come down to her….

And then, somehow, it didn’t. After all the drama and the arguing and the plotting, we got our first unanimous vote of the season and Joey was evicted by a vote of 6-0. Joey didn’t seem to be that shocked, either. So, I’m guessing that they let him know he was going before the vote.

All I can guess is that, while the feeds were down in the hours leading up to the show, Tamar announced that there was no way that she was going to vote to evict Kandi. And, once everyone realized that Joey was going to go, they all just decided to go ahead and vote together. Maybe Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky still think they can trick Tom and Kato into thinking that they’re still all in the same alliance.

What I do know is that, right before the feeds went down today, LoLo and Tamar were having a heated argument about what was more expensive, lamb chops or sea bass? It was stupid argument but then again, most arguments involving LoLo are. What amazes me is that, at a time when LoLo really needed Tamar to vote with her alliance, LoLo couldn’t just agree with Tamar that sea bass costs more than lamb chops. Instead, LoLo got into a big fight about it and, as a result, Joey went home and Tom and Kato got exactly what they wanted.

That’s why it’s important to control your temper.

Anyway, we’re now waiting to find out who the new HoH is! If it’s not Kato or Dina, Tom could be in some trouble in this week.

We’ll see what happens,

Lisa Marie

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