Celebrity Big Brother 2: Here’s Your Final Five

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 8, 2019

It’s almost over, everyone!

So, if you watched tonight’s live show you saw the following:

  1. Natalie Eva Marie was voted out by a unanimous vote.
  2. They did a special Safety Comp, which Tamar won. That meant that Tamar could not be nominated for eviction but she also couldn’t compete for HoH.
  3. LoLo won her first HoH.
  4. Lolo nominated Tom for eviction and then said she couldn’t think of anyone else to nominate. Apparently, she was so determined to get rid of Tom that she didn’t even think about who else she would put on the block. Finally, after much prodding by Julie, Lolo nominated Kandi.
  5. Tamar won the veto.
  6. Tamar did not use the veto.
  7. By a unanimous vote, Tom was voted out. Tamar danced while he was leaving.

So, we now have our top 5. They are:

RICKY, former NFL payer and marijuana enthusiast

DINA, Lindsay Lohan’s mother and alcohol enthusiast

LoLo, Olympic runner and tantrum enthusiast

TAMAR, singer and drama enthusiast


KANDI, the real housewife and big brother entusiast

Out of that group, I would think that Kandi would have the best chance of winning, assuming that she makes it to the final two. For his part, Tom told Julie that he’d probably vote for LoLo if she made it to the end but I kind of doubt LoLo’s going to make it to the final two.

So, here’s the plan for the remaining few days of Celebrity Big Brother:

  1. A new HoH will be selected. LoLo cannot compete for HoH, which is bad for her because, with Natalie gone, she’s now the most obvious target in the House.
  2. The new HoH will nominate two HGs for eviction. We’ll go through the veto comp and all of that stuff.
  3. On Wednesday, one HG will be evicted and then the remaining four will compete in the final HoH comp.
  4. The new HoH will evict two people from the House.
  5. The two remaining HGs will then make their pea to the jury and a winner will be selected.

And then Celebrity Big Brother will be over! (Fear not, Survivor will start a week later.)

We’ll see what happens. It all kinda depends on who wins the next HoH comp. If Ricky doesn’t win it, I have a hard time seeing LoLo not being targeted.

Lisa Marie

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