Celebrity Big Brother 2: Final Five Tears

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 10, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Well, there’s not much to report from the House today. Ricky’s the HoH. Dina and Kandi are the nominees. The veto comp is going to be played tomorrow so we’ll see then if things are going to stay the same or if there’s going to be any more drama before the finale on Wednesday.

All five of the houseguests are going to be playing in the veto comp. Dina and Kandi, of course, are going to be playing to save themselves. However, Kandi has told Tamar that it would be best if Tamar won. That way, Tamar could take Kandi off the block without having to worry about being put up as a replacement. Kandi is planning for a Tamar/Kandi final two.

Ricky, meanwhile, has already assured Tamar that she won’t be the replacement nominee. Ricky told her that if someone used the veto, LoLo would go up as the replacement. Knowing Ricky, he could just be saying that but he does seem to think that LoLo’s a bigger threat to win the game than Tamar is.

Today, the HGs were called into the living room and they got to watch videos from home. Ricky, Tamar, Kandi, and Dina all got videos from their families and Tamar has been sobbing ever since. LoLo, meanwhile, got a video from her “training partner.” Afterward, LoLo said that her mother was probably too shy to do a video and that her coach was probably too busy. And then LoLo spent a while complaining about how “stupid” her video was compared to everyone else.

That was pretty much all that happened today. Veto’s tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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