Celebrity Big Bother 2: It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 7, 2019

Though you didn’t see it on tonight’s episode, today the veto ceremony was held in the Big Brother House.

Tom’s the HoH. Ricky and Natalie were the nominees. Tom won the veto and had the power to veto one of his nominations if he chose to do so. Now, all last night, Tom kept telling Kandi that they absolutely had to get Ricky out of the house. He even said that he was willing to take Natalie off the block and nominate LoLo because he’s convinced that no one would vote for LoLo.

So, it’s a little bit strange that today, at the veto ceremony, Tom did the opposite of what he kept saying he was going to do. He used the veto on Ricky (!) and nominated LoLo as the replacement. It would appear that, with the help of Kandi, Tom finally came to his senses and realized that neither Natalie nor LoLo want to work with him. So, he decided that it was more important to break the two of them up than to go after Ricky.

So now, the nominees are LoLo and Natalie and that means that it is time to …. OPEN UP THE DIARY ROOM!

Who do you vote to evict? Do you vote to evict….




Let us know in the comments below or by voting over in the poll on the right side of the page. And then be sure to watch tomorrow for a special two hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother! It’s Double Eviction night so two houseguests will be leaving!

As for me, I vote to evict LoLo because we Maries have to stick together.

Lisa Marie

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