Big Brother: Veto Ceremony Spoilers

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 10, 2018

Hi, everyone!

Okay, so today, they did the veto ceremony.  Before I talk about that (because, honestly, nothing really that interesting happened during the ceremony), I want to address some speculation that I’ve seen online.

We all know what’s been going on for the last few days.  Les Moonves, the president of CBS and the husband of Julie Chen, has been accused of sexually harassing and assaulting several women, over a period of time that stretches from the late 80s to the early aughts.  When the first accusations came out, Julie issued a brief statement in which she stood by Moonves.  This weekend, six more women stepped forward.  Moonves has stepped down as the president of CBS and whether Julie Chen is going to stay at the network is questionable.  She released a statement this morning saying that she was taking a leave of absence from The Talk but that she would host Thursday’s live episode of Big Brother.

If you go on twitter right now, you will find a surprisingly large number of people who are convinced that, if Julie leaves CBS, that means that Big Brother is going to be canceled.  Let me assure you right now: Big Brother is not going to be canceled.  As long as a show is making money for a network, it’s not going to be canceled.  Right now, Big Brother is a moneymaker.  The show regularly wins its time slot and it’s also cheap to produce.  So, ignore the doomsayers online.  At the most, next season may have a new host but Big Brother isn’t going anywhere.

As for today’s veto meeting, Kaycee did …


I know, I know.  As Danielle would say, “Shocka!”  There was no reason for Kaycee to use the veto and she didn’t.  So, on Thursday night, Sam and Haleigh will be sitting on the block and, unless Sam lets her paranoia get the better of her and ends up pulling a Rachel, Haleigh will be voted out.

However, what happens after Haleigh’s voted out?  Who goes next in the double eviction?

Of course, it all depends on who wins the second HoH.  Once Haleigh’s gone, Tyler will basically have a final two deal with every single person left in the House.  So, I imagine he will not want to win HoH because, if he does, there’s no way he can’t betray someone.  If Angela wins HoH, I have a feeling that she’ll probably nominate Sam and JC and Sam will be evicted.

Brett has been saying that he thinks Angela and Tyler need to be broken up but, if he won HoH, would he actually have the courage to nominate one of them?  You can ask the same question of JC.  Personally, I don’t think either one of them would.  I get the feeling that they both would just go ahead and play it safe by targeting Sam.  If Sam wins HoH, I imagine that she’ll definitely nominate Angela for eviction but I don’t know who else she would put up there.  JC maybe?

As always, we’ll see what happens on Thursday.  What I can say for sure is that Haleigh’s about to go to the jury house and Level 6 is about to have to turn on each other.

Lisa Marie

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