Big Brother 21 — Week Two Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 5, 2019

Okay, it seemed like it took them all day to get to it but the Big Brother houseguests finally held the Week 2 Nomination ceremony and …. well, let’s just say that no one’s going to be shocked.

Jack spent all of last week trying to backdoor Kemi so the fact that he, as HoH, would target her is not surprising. He put Kemi up for nomination and beside her, he put Jessica. Why Jessica? Because Jessica’s been talking up an all-girls alliance ever since the season began and Bella (as I predicted she would) ratted out the Black Widows alliance to Jack. Jack definitely wants Jessica out but, for this week, Kemi is his target. Jack did tell Jessica that he would be nominating her. Jessica did not take the news well and has been crying ever since.

If either Jessica or Kemi come off the block, the plan is to use Kathryn as a replacement, which would undoubtedly lead to another Kathryn meltdown.

I know that a lot of viewers were frustrated when Jack won HoH and, so far, Jack has spent this week proving those frustrations to be justified. He’s been just as arrogant and full-of-himself as you would expect him to be in the situation. For whatever reason (and trust me, there’s been a lot of speculation online), Jack has developed an especially strong hatred of David. Earlier today, Jack was watching David on the screen in the HoH bedroom. Jack suddenly jumped up and started walking like a monkey. When Analyse asked him what he was doing, Jack replied that he was imitating David. Between that and him constantly calling Kemi a “bitch” behind her back, I’m more than ready for Jack to exit the house.

Earlier today, they had the 2nd Whacktivity comp. Holly, Jack, Jackson, Sam and Tommy all competed in the comp but, as of yet, we don’t know who won. All five of them have denied being the winner.

So, to recap the situation, as of right now it’s:

HOH: Jack

NOMINEES: Jessica and Kemi


We’ll see what happens with the veto tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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