Big Brother 21 — Week 7 Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 10, 2019

Well, everyone, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here goes.

Earlier today, they did the veto comp. Tommy, Christie, Cliff, Kat, Jackson, and Nick competed for the veto. Shortly before the comp took place, Jackson and Holly were talking about how much they distrust Christie and they agreed that if Jackson won the veto, he would not use it on Christie and that the two of them would join Nicole and Jessica in voting her out of the House.

So, I was pretty excited because, say what you will about Jackson as a human being, he’s still pretty good at comps. And if it meant getting Christie out of the house, I was totally in favor of him winning this one veto comp.

But, somehow, it did not happen. The feeds just came back from the veto comp and …. Tommy won the veto.

If you were one of the many who wanted to see Christie voted out this week, Tommy winning the veto was your worst case scenario. Tommy is going to use the veto to take Christie off the block. Since Christie was nominated as the result of a comp and is technically not one of “Tommy’s nominees,” Tommy will not be required to name a replacement. That means that, unless something huge happens between tonight and Monday afternoon, it’ll be either Kat or Cliff getting evicted on Thursday.

Sorry, everyone. Apparently, Tommy’s on a winning streak right now. If it makes anyone feel better, at least Analyse is having to wear a stupid chicken costume all week. (That’s her punishment for coming in 2nd during the field trip comp.)

Lisa Marie

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