Big Brother 21 — Week 12 Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 13, 2019

Hi y’all!

Okay, so this will come as a shock to no one but Nicole has nominated Jackson and Holly for eviction. I know, I know. Big surprise, right?

What’s been more interesting is trying to piece together the details of the deal that Jackson and Holly made with Cliff and Nicole on Thursday in order to keep Holly in the game. Since the feeds were down for most of the day, everything we know about the deal comes from the cryptic conversations between the final four. Here’s what it sounds like:

So, we all know that Holly agreed to throw the HoH comp. However, it now sounds like Cliff and Nicole also asked Holly to agree to throw the next veto comp. It also sounds like they got Jackson to agree to vote out Holly if he did somehow win the veto. So, basically, it sounds like the deal was: “We’ll give you two one more week to be together in the House but Holly has to go next.”

Jackson has already told Holly that he has no intention of honoring that part of the deal. If he wins the veto and Cliff goes up on the block, it sounds like Jackson is fully planning on sending Cliff to the jury house. From the conversation that Cliff and Nicole had before the nomination ceremony, it sounds like they don’t fully trust Jackson to keep his word. As well, Nicole is feeling guilty about Holly having to throw the veto comp and even suggested that they should cancel that part of the deal.

Cliff, for his part, seems to think that he’s got a deal with both Holly and Jackson to keep him in the House, no matter what. Again, I just don’t see either Jackson or Holly evicting each other. I think if Cliff or Nicole doesn’t win the veto, Cliff is going.

The veto comp is tomorrow so we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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