Big Brother 21 — Week 11 Veto Winner

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 7, 2019

Hi y’all!

Okay, just a quick little post to let you know that the veto has been won by….


That’s right. It may be late in the game but Nicole is winning the comps that she needs to win. Now that Nicole has the veto that means two things:

  1. She doesn’t have to worry about being put up as a replacement nominee this week.


2. If she chooses to, she can use the veto to save one of the nominees, which would force Jackson to put Holly up on the block.

Now, seriously, just imagine this. Other than when Nicole won it during the double eviction, the HoH has pretty much gone back-and-forth between Jackson and Holly for the past few weeks. As long as one of them had the HoH, that meant that the other was safe.

But now, if Nicole uses the veto, there will be a chance of Holly getting evicted while her boyfriend is HoH.

Of course, I think that even if Nicole uses the veto, Tommy will still probably be the next one to go to the jury. And that’s probably a good idea. Tommy is still probably a bigger threat to win the game if he makes it to the final two than Holly is.

Speaking of Tommy — earlier today, Tommy told Jackson and Holly that he and Christie did know each other outside of the House. I’m not sure why he confessed that but he did. After Tommy left the room, Jackson and Holly were talking and Holly said that she knew Kat outside the house as well. However, from what they were saying, it appears that Kat told the entire house that she had met Holly outside the house before the feeds went live.

Anyway, the veto meeting is on Monday so we’ll see Nicole decides to do!

Lisa Marie

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