Big Brother 21 — Week 11 Veto Meeting Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 9, 2019

Hi y’all!

So, this won’t come as a shock to anyone but Nicole used the veto today and took Cliff off the block. Jackson nominated Holly as a replacement. There was literally no one else in the house who could be nominated.

And, even though Jackson thinks that Cliff and Nicole are going to vote out Tommy, that’s probably not going to happen. As of right now, Cliff and Nicole have decided that they’re going to vote out Holly and it really doesn’t seem like anything is going to change their mind. Along with feeling that Jackson would be difficult to beat in a final two solution, they’ve also figured out that Jackson and Holly are probably not popular with the viewers at home. (This is due to Zingbot calling Jackson a pompous douchebag and Bayleigh apparently saying something during the HoH comp.) Cliff, in particular, has always had his eye on winning America’s Favorite Player and he feels that America will love him and Nicole if they’re responsible for getting out Holly and Jackson.

So, as of right now, it looks like Holly is going to go out on Jackson’s HoH. Jackson won’t be eligible to compete in the next HoH which means that whoever wins it — Cliff, Nicole, or Tommy — will then probably put him on the block. Nicole and Cliff have decided that Holly will probably be bitter but Jackson will “respect the game move.”

Yeah …. I don’t think so. I see Jackson getting pretty mad about it, actually. But, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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