Big Brother 21: Veto Ceremony Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 30, 2019

Hi, everyone!

So, this morning, they held the veto meeting. As expected, Sam used the veto and took Cliff off the block.

Up until yesterday, it seemed like Kemi was going to be the replacement nominee. However, last night, Christie changed her mind and decided that she didn’t want to put Kemi up. Christie didn’t want to be seen as just being Jack’s pawn and she also felt that Kemi was someone who she could work with down the road. Christie decided that she’d rather see Kathryn leave the house and she even asked Sam not to use the veto.

Sam, however, said that he had already promised Cliff that he would use the veto and he went on to suggest that Ovi would probably be a safe replacement because Jack doesn’t like Ovi. Christie took Sam’s advice and that’s why Ovi is now on the block.

(Of course, if Christie really wanted to make a big move, she should have just nominated Jack. The only person in the house who wouldn’t be okay with that would have been Jackson. But I guess Christie is worried about nominating a member of her alliance, even though that alliance has already pretty much fallen apart.)

So, now Ovi is on the block. Does that mean that Ovi’s going to be evicted on Wednesday? Not necessarily. While things don’t look good for Ovi right now, Kathryn is not doing herself any favors. She’s been crying ever since she was nominated. Even when told that she’s not target, Kathryn has continued to cry. Lately, Kathryn’s been telling everyone that she just wants to go home. In short, people are getting tired of having to constantly comfort Kathryn and no one views her as being a strong ally.

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kathryn gets on everyone’s nerves to the extent that they vote her out instead of Ovi.

We’ll see what happens! Speaking of which, tonight on the CBS show, we’ll find out which HG has won a secret power. Then, on Tuesday, we’ll see the veto comp and the veto ceremony. Then on Wednesday, we’ll have the first live vote of the season!

After that, Big Brother will settle down to its usual schedule — Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

So, to recap, Cliff is now safe and either Ovi or Kathryn will be evicted on Wednesday.

Lisa Marie

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