Big Brother 21 — The Six Shooters Are Still Breaking Down

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 4, 2019

Hi, y’all!

So, for perhaps for the first time this season, I actually enjoyed watching Big Brother tonight. Even though I already knew what we would be seeing, it was still wonderful to watch the Six Shooters fall apart so dramatically. The Six Shooters went from being one of the most dominant alliances in Big Brother history to being a complete mess and it all happened within 24 hours.

And, here’s what’s really great about it: The week’s not over!

So, here’s the situation in the house right now:

Jack and Jackson are on the block.

Jessica has won the power of veto.

Jessica is absolutely not going to use the veto. Christie tried to convince her to use the veto to take down Jackson and to put up Nick. Nick tried to convince Jessica to use the veto on Jackson and to put up Tommy. Both of them argued that taking Jackson off the block would ensure that Jack went home. (Christie, however, was lying and basically wanted to blindside Nick.) Jessica considered both ideas but, as of right now, she is not using the veto.

So, come Thursday, either Jack or Jackson will be going to the jury house. Here’s how the vote is breaking down right now:

Holly, Cliff, Kat, and Nicole are all planning on voting to evict Jack.

Christie, Tommy, and Analyse want to evict Jackson.

Nick is kind of a floater. He’s said that he’ll vote however Jessica tells him to vote and Jessica wants Jack gone. So, if Nick votes for Jack, it would be a 5-3 vote to evict Jack.

So, right now, Jack and his allies are hoping to convince Nick and one other houseguest to flip their votes. Earlier today, Jack tried to approach Kat but he made the mistake of being his usual condescending self in their conversation and now Kat appears to be more determined than ever to vote him out. So now, Jack and company are planning on focusing their efforts on Cliff. They’re going to try to convince Cliff that Holly and Kat are friends outside the House and they think that, if they get Cliff paranoid enough, Cliff will flip.

If all of that happens and Jack is not evicted, the plan is to then bring Cliff and Nick into a new alliance with Jack, Christie, Tommy, and Analyse and to then target Kat and Holly for eviction.

It’s a big plan and it probably won’t work because everyone in the House hates Jack. Even Chrisite and Tommy have privately told each other that, if it looks like the votes can’t be flipped, they’ll go ahead and vote to evict Jack. Analyse appears to be the only person who is firmly committed to not out of Jack.

For his part, Jack seems to know that he’s going to voted out on Thursday. Just about an hour ago, he pulled Nick aside and made Nick promise to evict Analyse next so that Jack can have some company in the jury house.

What a guy, right?

Anyway, I can’t wait until Thursday! It should be fun!

Lisa Marie

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