Big Brother 21 — Never Assume You Can’t Be Heard In The Big Brother House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 9, 2019

Oh, Cliff.

After getting nominated last week and then managing to avoid getting put on the block this week, Cliff seemed like he was doing a pretty good job of staying in the background and not making himself into a target. He may not have been a member of the main alliance but no one in the House viewed him as being a threat. In fact, many of them talked about how he reminded them of their own fathers. Cliff seemed like he was in a good position to go far in this game.

It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

Ever since the feeds went live, Cliff has been talking to the feedsters. Every morning, he ducks into an empty room and talks about his game and the other houseguests and what his plans are. He’s always assumed that everyone else was asleep and therefore, he didn’t have to worry about anyone overhearing.

This morning, though, someone was awake. Christie was on the other side of the door, eavesdropping on every word that Cliff said. Cliff said that he was in an alliance with Ovi and Nicole and that their plan was to bring in a few more people — Christie, Tommy, Bella, Nick, and Sam were the ones that he mentioned — and then they could break up the couples in the House. Cliff also said that it was unfortunate that Nicole was probably slated to go after Kemi and Jessica but that, once she was gone, he would be a free agent.

Well, of course, Christie ran back to the bedroom, where she let Tommy, Holly, and Jackson know about what Cliff was saying. Jackson then went outside and told Jack about what Christie heard.

Now, even before Jackson approached him, Jack was already feeling paranoid. Last night, Kemi went to him and told him that Bella was the one who wanted to set up the all-girl’s alliance and that Bella has essentially been playing both sides. Now, after hearing what Cliff said, Jack is worried that Bella and Nick are conspiring to get rid of him. Jack went on to say that, after this week, the new targets are going to be Bella, Nick, and Cliff (in that order).

Obviously, that’s good news for whichever one of the nominees manages to survive this week. Originally, the plan was for Kemi to go this week and then Jessica but now it sounds like the G8ful alliance will be too busy turning on each other to go after either Jessica or Kemi next week.

Right now, Cliff still doesn’t know that he was overheard. Jackson’s been thinking about saying something but he doesn’t want to say that Christie was the one who overheard.

We’ll see what happens but, right now, things are not looking good for Cliff Hogg III.

Lisa Marie

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