Big Brother 21 — Moving On Is Hard To Do Unless Your Nick and Analyse

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 13, 2019

Hi y’all!

So, judging by all the cuddling that’s been going on over the past few days (and especially last night), it would appear that we may have a new showmance in the House. Nick and Analyse may very well now be a couple!

Of course, just three weeks ago, Nick was crying about how much he loved Bella. And Jack’s only been gone for about four days but I guess things move quickly when you’re stuck in a house with a group of people and you literally have nothing else to do. After apparently watching Nick and Analyse spend last night cuddling, Bella has posted on twitter that she and Nick are officially broken up but that she might be willing to talk to him after the show. (Translation: “We’re broken up unless he leaves the House with $500,000.”) Jack, meanwhile, is at the Jury House and presumably doesn’t have a clue.

That’ll probably change come Thursday, when Kat will be joining him and will undoubtedly have some stories to tell. As of right now, it appears that Kat’s going to be the one evicted on Thursday. Even she has said that, while she’s not going to stop campaigning, she now knows that she’s probably going. Cliff apparently hurt his leg during the veto comp and, for the past few days, he’s really been playing it up. As a result, no one things Cliff is a threat to win the next HoH whereas everyone is worried about what Kat might do if she stays and wins.

Right now, Jackson and Holly seem to be almost everyone’s target for next week’s double eviction. Nick, who has convinced himself that he’s a puppet master, has especially been pushing for a new six-member alliance, made up of himself, Analyse, Christie, Tommy, Nicole, and Cliff, specifically so they can go after Jackson and Holly. Meanwhile, Christie and Tommy are still pushing their theory that Holly and Kat know each other outside of the House and have been secretly working together.

What’s funny is that, earlier today, Christie and Tommy were talking to Cliff and she let slip just how close she lives to Tommy. Cliff laughed and made a comment about how Christie and Tommy have probably run into each other outside of the game without even realizing it. Tommy was smart enough to laugh but Christie got an extremely panicked look on her face. Christie has never been as good at this game as she thinks she is.

And that’s life in the Big Brother House right now.

Lisa Marie

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