Big Brother 21: Is This Season 19 All Over Again?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 7, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Today, I looked over the current season of Big Brother 21, I couldn’t help but start to think about season 19. There’s so much about BB21 that reminds me of that misbegotten season.


Once again, you have a beareded bully running the house. Just as with Paul, everyone agrees that Jack is a threat to their game but no one seems to be willing to do anything about it.

Once again, you have a host of problematic comments and bad behavior. On BB19, you had Paul ordering people to shun Cody and Jessica. On BB21, you’ve got Jack ordering people not to talk to Ovi and David. On BB19, you had Paul accused of being racially insensitive. On BB21, you’ve got Jack walking around like a monkey and then saying that he was imitating David.

And, once again, we’ve got showmances. BB19 was a season of showmances and BB21 is shaping up the same way. The least likable people in the House are falling for each other. As we saw on tonight’s episode, Jackson and Kathryn had a thing early on in the season but Jackson has now moved onto Holly Meanwhile, Nick and Bella are the 2nd showmance. And finally, Jack and Analyse are now an item and have been “enjoying” the HoH room since at least last night.

The other big similarity between this season and season 19 is that, despite how much the viewers dislike him, Jack keeps winning stuff. Not only is he HoH but, as we saw tonight, he won the second Whacktivity comp. Fortunately, the Chaos Power is nothing special. Apparently, he can use it to force the HoH and one of the nominees to do a redraw during the veto player selection. I mean, compared to what Ovi had with the Nightmare Power, that’s nothing.

The other big news today is that Sam got news that his grandfather had died. While he broke down a cried in the living room, everybody in the House comforted him. Sam’s really upset about it and says that he had a feeling that his grandfather was going to die ever since the season began. Because he’s in the House, Sam won’t even be able to attend the funeral.

As for who is going to be sent to camp comeback on Wednesday, it’ll probably be Kemi but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the target shift over to Jessica. The men in the House are extremely paranoid about the prospect of an all-girl’s alliance forming. That said, Jack has been talking about getting Kemi out for two weeks now and with him as HoH and with Sam unlikely to use the veto, it seems like this is going to be the week that Jack gets his wish.

We’ll see what happens! The veto meeting is tomorrow.

Lisa Marie

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