Big Brother 20: What Happened Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 9, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, I know that some of you haven’t gotten to see the show yet because of the football game.  Down here in North Texas, they broadcast the show on a different channel but I know some people are going to have to wait until 2 in the morning to get a chance to see it.

So, if you haven’t seen the show yet, this post is a spoiler.  If you want to be totally surprised by what happens tonight, stop reading now.



Anyway, it wasn’t a surprise that Bayleigh was voted out tonight.  What was surprising was that it was a 6-1 vote.  As well, Bayleigh didn’t go off on anyone in her speech and Rockstar didn’t call anyone out for being white and rich so I guess she abandoned that plan.  I’m going to guess that Bayleigh finally decided that there wasn’t any point in continuing to try to stay in the house, so she asked Sam, Fessy, and Scottie to vote her out.  After Julie revealed the vote, Bayleigh muttered something about everyone being scared of her and then she hugged everyone and left the house.  Once Bayleigh talked to Julie, she was back to being her usual angry self.  In fact, during her exit interview, it was pretty obvious that Bayleigh was extremely mad about being voted out.  But I guess she put her pageant training to good use and she managed to leave the house without yelling.

Only Sam voted to keep Bayleigh and I’m not sure why.  According to a few online sources, Sam went into the diary room 45 minutes before the show was set to start and she announced that 1) she wasn’t going to vote anyone out and 2) she wanted to self-evict.  Apparently, they managed to talk her down from that ledge but Sam still went against the house and voted to evict Rockstar.  When last I checked, Sam had let everyone in the house know that she voted for Rockstar and that she did it because she wasn’t sure what the plan was.

Haleigh is the new HoH and it’s reasonable to think that she’ll go after Angela and Tyler.  (She’s still mad at Sam for nominating her so Haleigh might return the favor, you never know.)  Haleigh is safe this week but, at the same time, she only has two or three votes  on which she can really depend.  Fessy and Rockstar will vote however Haleigh wants and Scottie might but, then again, he might not.  So, Haleigh’s going to have to do some deft maneuvering and either win or get Fessy and Rockstar to win some comps if she truly wants to control the house this week.

I could see her trying to backdoor Tyler.  I could easily see Tyler taking his chances at the nomination ceremony and hoping that, if he did get nominated, he could either win the veto or convince the veto winner to take him off the block.  He has to be thinking that Haleigh might try to backdoor him so, if I was him, I would take the chance of not using he power before the nomination ceremony just so I’d still have the power if I needed it before the veto ceremony.  We’ll see what happens with that.

Plus, we have another hacker comp to deal with!

So, this should be an exciting week!

Lisa Marie

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