Big Brother 20: Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 9, 2018

Hey y’all!

Well, let’s just make it official.  As I’m sure everyone knows, Tyler did use the veto earlier today.  He took Scottie off the block and Kaitlyn nominated Chris in his place.  The plan now is to get rid of Chris.

I remember that, when Kaitlyn first become HoH, she had a conversation with someone — maybe it was Tyler, I can’t remember for sure — where she said that it was “really difficult” to backdoor someone.  Of course, that’s not true.  Backdooring someone is probably one of the easiest things to do in the house.  That’s why it happens over and over again, every season.  That’s why even a complete ditz like Kaitlyn can pull it off.

Despite what a lot of people were expecting, Chris has not been throwing a fit over being nominated.  Bayleigh’s upset because she feels that targeting Chris is the same thing as targeting her but, to be honest, Bayleigh will probably be in a better position without Chris in the house.  Right now, the only reason that Bayleigh is seen as a threat is because she’s so close to Chris.  Without Chris around, Bayleigh suddenly becomes a lot less of a threat.

Chris is trying to campaign to stay.  He’s not just giving up.  Even though neither Haleigh nor Angie told him that he was going to be nominated, it appears that he knew that it was going to be a possibility.  So, instead of running around and talking about himself in the third person, he’s been trying to flip votes.  He’s been pointing out that Winston could potentially be a much bigger threat than he is.  It’s not a bad strategy, though it probably won’t work.  For now, Level 6 is looking pretty strong and united.  Things could change, of course.  Winston is often his own worst enemy when it comes to the other houseguests.

As for Kaitlyn, she’s been crying a lot.  She keeps telling everyone that her “intuition” told her that she had no choice but to nominate Chris.  (Her intuition, of course, is named Tyler and has really pretty hair.)   Faysal earlier whispered to Chris that he’s going to try to guilt Kaitlyn into switching targets.  Normally, I’d say that there’s no way that strategy would work but with Kaitlyn, who knows?

When last I checked, Chris was in the HoH room, talking to Kaitlyn and Tyler.  He seems to be trying to convince Tyler to flip, telling him that Level 6 will come after Tyler next.  Tyler, meanwhile, is trying to turn Chris against Haliegh and Angie by telling him that both of them knew about the plan.  As for Kaitlyn, she just told Chris that she would send him a check for $5,000 if he gets voted out on Thursday.  I’m not sure why.

It’s sure to be a dramatic week but right now, it looks like Chris is going to be leaving on Thursday.  If you want to watch the drama and you still don’t have the feeds, here’s the link for ordering them!  Remember, ordering feeds from this site helps Bill pay for this blog!

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We’ll see what happens this week!

Lisa Marie

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