Big Brother 20: The Latest Power APP

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 8, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, as was finally revealed last night, the power of veto was won by Tyler.  So, the plan right now is for Tyler to use the power to save Scottie and then Kaitlyn will nominate Chris as a replacement.  Kaitlyn ws doing a pretty good job of tricking everyone in her former alliance into thinking that her actual target was Angela but, as of today, she’s told Faysal and Haliegh that Chris is real target.  And Haleigh, of course, ran off and told Angie.

I guess Kaitlyn is trying to do some preemptive damage control but it’s all backfiring on her.  Even though she told Haleigh that she managed to get Winston and Brett to agree not to nominate Haleigh and Angie in return for Kaitlyn backdooring Chris, Haleigh and Angie are both furious about Kaitlyn’s plan.  (As well, Kaitlyn is lying about getting safety for either of them.)  Haleigh and Angie are both convinced that Tyler is the one pushing Kaitlyn to go after Chris and both of them are adamant that, if they win the next HoH, they’re coming after Tyler.

Speaking of Tyler, he did indeed win this week’s Power APP.  On tonight’s episode, we found out what exactly he got.  He selected The Cloud.  If he plays the app before a nomination or a veto ceremony, he will be safe during that ceremony.  It’s good for 8 weeks.  It sounds like a bigger deal than it actually is.  It’s only good for one time and it has to be played before the ceremony.

So, if Tyler is nominated, he can’t suddenly use the power to take himself off the block.  And if Tyler gets paranoid, he could actually waste the power by using it at a time when no one’s planning on nominating him.  It’s a bit like a Big Brother version of a Survivor immunity idol.  It has the ability to be helpful but you have to be careful how you play it.

One thing I’m not sure about is whether the immunity would cover the entire week or just that ceremony.  For instance, if Tyler played his power before a nomination ceremony, could he still be nominated as a replacement after the veto competition?  I’m not sure.

(Honestly, out of the choices that Tyler had, I probably would have picked either Upgrade or Redraw.  The Cloud had a nice graphic of a guy sitting on a cloud but really, it’s not as big a deal as it seems.)

As for the rest of the house, Kaitlyn is really enjoying be HoH.  She’s even walking around in her HoH robe.  She’s letting everyone know that she’s the most powerful person in the house, though she’s actually destroying her game.  Her old alliance wants nothing to do with her.  Meanwhile, Winston is mad that the plan is to veto Scottie instead of him.  (Kaitlyn thinks that using the veto on Winston will make it too obvious that she’s working with Level 6 to take out Chris.  But now that she’s told the other side of the house that she’s working with Level 6 to take out Chris, I’m not sure what she thinks she’s trying to hide.)  When Kaitlyn’s HoH reign finally ends, I imagine she’s going to be in for a rude awakening as far as her position in the house is concerned.

As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

P.S. Earlier today, Kaitlyn also demanded that Faysal apologize to her.  Apparently, she had a dream in which he was rude to her.

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