Big Brother 20: That Was The Greatest Episode In Years

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 2, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, what can I say about tonight’s episode?

Seriously, that was one of the best episodes that I’ve seen in years!  It had everything that we want when we watch a Big Brother live eviction episode!  It had suspense!  It had a great blindside!  It had an awkward interview between Julie and the evicted houseguest!  It had a great HoH comp that literally pitted the two sides of the house against each other!  If not for that filler segment of Chris meeting Bayleigh’s family, it would have been the perfect episode.

For the record, the blindside of the season was pulled off.  After spending a week talking how she was the queen of the house, Bayleigh watched as her HoH went down in flames.  Targeted twice, Brett has now survived twice and he has once again managed to blow up someone else’s game.  In his eviction speech, Brett let everyone know about Bayleigh’s power.  (He also threw in some nonsense about Rachel being the head of an all-girl’s alliance.)  As for Rachel, she was totally blindsided when she was evicted on a 5-4 to vote.  She stormed out of the house, missing her opportunity to blow up everyone’s game before leaving.

I felt a little bit bad for Rachel when she was being interviewed by Julie Chen.  To be honest, I kind of felt that they should have held off on showing her the goodbye messages.  It’s been a while since I’ve see anyone that shocked and hurt about being voted out of the house.  But, at the same time, Rachel really doesn’t have anyone to blame but herself.  If she hadn’t allowed herself to get so rattled over being nominated, Level 6 probably would have voted out Brett.

The HoH comp came down to a tie breaker between Angela and Rockstar.  That’s right.  The Hive found themselves depending on Rockstar’s ability to solve a math problem.  You can guess how that went.  Rockstar discovered that 60 x 30 does not equal 1200 and Angela is the new HoH!

So, that’s where we are now.  Angela is HoH.  Faysal is walking around, confused.  Rockstar is sobbing in the supply room.  Bayleigh still has her power but will she use it?  Or will she save it for another week?  If she’s smart, she’ll save it until she feels that she really needs it to avoid being nominated.  If she can convince Angela to put up two other members of The Hive, then Bayleigh can hold on to her power for a little bit longer.

It was a great night of Big Brother and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Lisa Marie

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