Big Brother 20: Short and Sinister

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 2, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, after last season, there really wasn’t any question about whether or not TMZ would eventually end up writing an article about bad behavior in the house.  It was just a question of who would be the first HG to be written about.  Some of people thought that it would be Chris and his high opinion of himself.  Some thought it would be about Kaycee and her insistence that Chris is actually gay.  Some thought it would be Sam and her anger over having to be a robot.  Some thought it would be about the Kaitlin-Haleigh-Faysal love triangle.

However, all of those people were wrong.

If you thought JC would be the first one to get written up, congratulations!  You were absolutely correct!

It’s not really a surprise.  Though the CBS hasn’t mentioned it and JC hasn’t really talked about it in the house, it only takes one quick google search to discover that JC’s previous claim to fame was appearing in amateur porn.  Apparently, JC was recruited for the show, on the suggestion of his good friend Jozea.  You may remember Jozea as the self-described “Big Brother Messiah” from Big Brother 18.

Anyway, the show has been going out of its way to portray JC as being quirky and cute but, if you’ve got the live feeds, you’ve seen a totally different JC.  From the moment that the feeds went live, JC’s behavior has been more than a little problematic.  From pressuring the women to flash both him and the cameras to trying to grab Tyler’s private parts, JC has been behaving in ways that have made some viewers wish Sam would take her little robot and run him over.  Lately, JC has become obsessed with chasing after people with an ice cream scoop.  Apparently, he was called to the diary room earlier today and I’m seeing a lot of speculation that production may have told him to tone it down.  We’ll see if that happens.

As for the other big drama in the house — well, Kaitlyn’s upset.  She told Chris that she’s upset about Faysal spending so much time with Haleigh when he apparently should be spending that time in the hot tub with her.  Chris, of course, told Haleigh about it and Haleigh’s is now upset at Kaitlyn for being upset with her.  Haleigh says she can’t understand why Kaitlyn’s upset which I don’t buy for a second.  Haleigh knows exactly why Kaitlyn’s upset.  If anyone seems to be clueless about the whole situation, it’s Faysal.  (Then again, I get the feeling that Faysal may not be the smartest person to ever enter the house.)

There are two alliances right now.  There’s Level 6, with Winston, Brett, Kaycee, Angela, Rachel, and maybe Tyler.  (It’s hard to know where Tyler’s head is at.  He’s very good at playing both sides of the house.)  Then there’s the other alliance, the one with the stupid name.  That’s Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Chris, Bayleigh, Faysal, and Angie.  Both alliances are currently led by two self-styled, extremely cocky alpha males. Chris and Winston.  And both alliances are probably going to self-destruct in another week or so.  It’s just a question of which is going to go first.  The current Haliegh/Faysal/Kaitlyn triangle leads me to suspect that their alliance will be the first to go.

But, honestly, both Winston and Chris are alienating almost everyone in the house.  They’re both way too cocky and full of themselves.  So, right now, I would say that shouldn’t expect any of these current alliances to last.  As opposed to last season, when everyone just wanted to work with Paul, it seems like almost every alliance could fall apart and realign at almost any minute.  Two weeks in and Big Brother 20 really does feel like it could be anyone’s game.

Lisa Marie

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