Big Brother 20: Sam Has The Power

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 1, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, you probably already know all of this if you’ve been reading the comments below the previous post or if you’ve been checking in with the Big Brother Blog Facebook Page but let’s just make it official:

They had the veto meeting earlier today.  Faysal did not use the power of veto.  Sam and Steve are still on the block and everyone appears to be planning on voting out Sam.  That could change, of course.  Neither Sam nor Steve are really fitting in with the other HGs.  Sam’s been stuck in robot form and Steve just doesn’t seem to have much in common with the other HGs, other than maybe Scottie.  (Scottie and Steve are both are into movies.)  So, it looks like the plan is to vote out Sam…

However, the joke is on them!  As we saw on tonight’s episode, Sam received the Power App!  Even if everyone in the house votes for her, Sam is not going to leave the game.  Basically, for the first three weeks, Sam has the power to bring back any evicted houseguest.  If she doesn’t use the power within the first three weeks then whoever is voted out during the fourth week will automatically return.

So, basically, one of the first four evicted houseguests will turn around and immediately reeneter the house.  It’s just up to Sam to determine who.  And right now, it definitely looks like it will be her.

Otherwise, tonight’s episode was mostly filler.  We got to see the start of Chris’s showmance with Bayleigh and we also saw how Winston, Brett, and Scottie all become have nots (they volunteered).  This season’s Have Not room doesn’t look that bad and, on the live feeds, Winston and Brett have been talking about how easy it is to sleep in there.  (That’s fine by me.  I’ve never really been a huge fan of the whole Have Not thing.)  We won’t be seeing the veto competition until Wednesday and then the first eviction will be on Thursday.

Earlier today, there was some fun on the live feeds when Faysal couldn’t find the veto necklace.  He’s been wearing it nonstop ever since he won it and last night, Kaitlyn hid it from him.  When Faysal woke up and couldn’t find it, he went into total panic mode.  He was convinced that the veto had been stolen by “America’s player” or a saboteur.  He even wondered if he could still use the veto power if he didn’t have the necklace.  The producers apparently took some sympathy on him because, after Kaitlyn was called to the diary room, the veto was returned to Faysal.

That’s it for now!  I can’t wait to see the veto comp on Wednesday because, supposedly, it was intense!  And, with everyone apparently planning on voting to evict Sam, I can’t wait to see their faces when she turns around and reeneters the house.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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