Big Brother 20: Rockstar’s Plan

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 7, 2018

Hi y’all!

Well, Bayleigh is now officially angry over being nominated.  She’s convinced that she’s been unfairly targeted and she’s told Haleigh that ratings for the show will crash once she’s voted out.  That’s right, Bayleigh has figured out that the only reason people watched Big Brother was for her!

Excuse me while I roll my eyes…

Anyway, Rockstar has come up with a plan and it certainly is a stupid one.  It would appear that Rockstar has figured out that 1) she’s not going to win Big Brother and 2) she’s probably going to be nominated again next week.  So, Rockstar figures that this week would be a good time for her to use her eviction speech to attack everyone in the house for being rich and basically beg them to vote her out.  That way, Rockstar can head over to the jury house and Bayleigh can stay behind and win the season and “make a big social statement.”

Yes, that is what Rockstar is seriously planning on doing.  And, honestly, that plan is so stupid that I almost want to see her get voted out just for coming up with it.  Since this season began, Rockstar has been going on and on about how she deserves the money because she’s a stay-at-home mom.  But now that it’s become clear that the Hive isn’t going to dominate the house, Rockstar wants to give up.  But she doesn’t even have the guts to admit that she’s giving up!  Instead, she wants to frame it as being some sort of political protest.

Are you kidding me!?

Add to that, even if Rockstar’s plan did work, it’s not as if Bayleigh wouldn’t just get voted out the next week.  Rockstar is seriously overestimating Bayleigh’s potential in the game.  Bayleigh has managed to alienate everyone in the house, including the members of her own alliance.  Strangely, the only person who is really still loyal to her is the one that Bayleigh treats the worst, Rockstar.

(Of course, what’s truly funny about this is that Rockstar claims that she hates rich people but, of all the houseguests, Bayleigh comes from the wealthiest background.  For the record, Bayleigh told Rockstar not to throw away her game.)

As for the rest of the house, Sam made the mistake of trying to give Bayleigh a pep talk, which of course led to Bayleigh snapping at her.  Meanwhile, Angela is still convinced that Bayleigh is the hacker.  Earlier today, she explained to Haleigh why Bayleigh had to be the hacker.  Haleigh just smiled and nodded alone.

So, will Rockstar’s plan work?  Or will she get smart and abandon the whole idea?

We’ll find out on Thursday!

Lisa Marie

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