Big Brother 20: Kaycee’s Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 7, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, as you’ve probably either heard or seen, the feeds were down for several hours today.  There was a lot of speculation that someone might have self-evicted or maybe JC had been kicked out but instead, it turned out that a bunch of former HGs showed up at the house, including Nicole and Victor.  Victor asked Nicole to marry him and she said yes.

I imagine that the majority of Sunday’s show will be taken up with the whole Victor/Nicole thing, kind of like when Jeff and Jordan returned to the Big Brother House to get engaged.  So, if you’re a fan of Victor and Nicole, you might enjoy it.  Myself, I’m just cringing because I’ve heard that Paul and Josh were among the former houseguests who showed up at the house today.

Anyway, once all that was taken care of, Kaycee made her nominations and they’re not a shock at all.  I did think that Kaycee would nominate JC instead of Sam but no.  Instead, Sam and Haleigh are up on the block together and this time, Haleigh is definitely the target.  Depending on what happens with the veto, I imagine that this week will be full of tears.  Haleigh already said that she was probably going to have a nervous breakdown if she had to go on the block again and Sam is always paranoid about being blindsided.

The veto’s tomorrow!  If Haleigh doesn’t win it, she’ll be the first one voted out on Thursday.

Lisa Marie

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