Big Brother 20: Kaitlyn’s Plans

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 6, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, I’m doing today’s update a little bit early.  Usually, on a Friday, I liked to hold off until the nominations have been officially made but I’ve got plans for tonight.  Fortunately, it sounds like Kaitlyn has decided upon her nominations.

Kaitlyn, of course, is HoH and she’s just made her first appearance on TMZ.  After Kaitlyn won HoH, Scottie told her that she had gone from “zero to 100.”  This was a reference to the fact that Kaitlyn was moving from the Have-Not room to the HoH room.

“Yeah,” Kaitlyn agreed, “I went from zero to 100 on a n****r.”

Now, technically, Kaitlyn was quoting O to 100/The Catch-Up, a song by Drake.  After Kaitlyn said the word, she went, “whoops” and then started singing the song under her breath.  Needless to say, twitter exploded as soon as she dropped the n-word and, for the third time this week, Big Brother was one of the top stories on TMZ.  Since production had earlier shut down the feeds so that they could tell the houseguests to watch what they say in the house, I can only imagine the panic in the control room after Kaitlyn said what she said.

(Speaking of which, production apparently also told JC to tone down the sex talk, which he did for a day or two.  Of course, it didn’t last and JC is once again back to being his typical pervy self.)

So, Kaitlyn is now HoH and she did the whole thing where she relaxed in her HoH room while each houseguest came by to kiss her ring.  With everyone now knowing that she was the one who flipped on Steve, Kaitlyn really doesn’t have an alliance.  The Swaggy group doesn’t like her and Level 6 doesn’t trust her.  Kaitlyn doesn’t seem to realize that, of course.

Anyway, from whatching Kaitlyn as HoH, it’s become apparent that she is one of the most paranoid houseguests in the history of Big Brother.  She’s convinced that everyone in the house has been talking about her behind her back.  When she met with Faysal, she spent the whole time claiming that Bayleigh has been plotting against her.  When she met with Sam, Kaitlyn made it a point to tell Sam that Sam wouldn’t be in the house if not for her vote.

Anyway, Kaitlyn has said that she wants to get Chris out of the house but her plan is to backdoor him.  So, it appears that she’s going to nominate Winston and Scottie for eviction and hopefully use to veto to put Chris on the block.  She’s also said that if Chris wins the veto than Scottie will be the target.  According to Kaitlyn, Scottie has never “talked game” with her and therefore, cannot be trusted.  For his part, Winston says he doesn’t mind being nominated because he’s sure that Sam would use her power to save him!  (I’m not sure where Winston got that idea.)

So, as of right now, it appears that our nominees will be Winston and Scottie, with Chris as the actual target.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


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