Big Brother 20: “It’s what we’re good at.”

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 4, 2018

Hi y’all!

Well, despite some of the doubt that Tyler and Angela expressed about keeping Haleigh last night, it would appear that they’ve decided to just stick with targeting Scottie this week.  Kaycee was just up in the HoH room with them and she asked them point blank if they were going to blindside Scottie this week.

Tyler replied, “I guess.”

“It’s what we’re good at,” Angela agreed.

So, it would appear that Scottie is about to head back to the jury house.  He’s been told that he’s just the pawn this week and that Haleigh is the target but Scottie is still campaigning to be kept in the house.  From what I’ve seen today, he’s been focusing most of his efforts on Brett and JC.  Scottie has been telling both of them about how Haleigh had deals with everyone in the jury house and that, if she manages to get to the end, all of the former members of the Hive will vote for her.  He has a point but I think everyone feels that they can get rid of Haleigh any time that they want.

(Angela is also convinced that, even if Haleigh wins HoH on Thursday, Sam will be Haleigh’s target.)

JC, for the record, did flat out ask Scottie if Faysal said anything about who had convinced him to target Scottie in the first place.  Scottie replied that Faysal tried to blame JC but Scottie assumed that he was just lying to protect Haleigh.  Now, I doubt that Scottie really believes that but obviously, he’s trying to stay on JC’s good side.

Not surprisingly, everyone in the house has been asking Scottie about how Bayleigh and Rockstar feel towards the rest of them.  Apparently, despite all of the nasty goodbye messages, the houseguests do realize that there is a risk of getting a bitter jury.  According to Scottie, Bayleigh is okay with everyone while Rockstar is apparently still angry and still talking about spoiled and entitled Angela is.  Of course, Scottie has continually been reminding everyone that all three of the current jury members would probably vote for Haleigh to win the game.

For what it’s worth, I do think that Haleigh could still make it to the final two.  Though the plan is to evict her next week, Haleigh could always win HoH and there are some cracks starting to form in the Level 6 alliance.  As Margie pointed out in the comments under the last post, Brett is feeling threatened by the relationship between Angela and Tyler and he’s considering breaking off and forming a new alliance with Haleigh, Sam, and JC.  If Brett makes that move, it could lead to so much fighting among the members of the Level 6 that they might forget about Haleigh and she could conceivably sneak her way into the finale.

Will Scottie be blindsided or will the house realize that, even if she isn’t a challenge threat, Haleigh is a threat if she makes it to the final two?  We’ll find out soon!

Lisa Marie

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