Big Brother 20: Get Ready For The Second Best Week Ever!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 4, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, I know that a lot of people were upset yesterday when Haleigh won the hacker comp and promptly took Scottie off the block and nominated Tyler in his place.

Tyler was especially upset.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen him more upset than he was last night.  It was obvious that he knew that, if he was sitting on the block on Thursday, he would go home.

Well, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  They played the veto comp earlier today and…


Angela has already told her alliance that she’s going to use the veto to take Tyler off the block and replace him with Bayleigh.  Even with Haleigh having the power to nullify one person’s vote on Thursday, it doesn’t matter.  Level 6 has the votes necessary to get Bayleigh out of the house.

As for the veto comp, it was one of those comps where, whenever anyone dropped out of the comp, that person would get a prize and then the next person who dropped out could either get a new prize or steal someone else’s prize.  The prizes went as follows (thank you to Judy Carr for posting these in the Big Brother Blog FB group):

Scottie — $5,000

Tyler — Trip to Hawaii

Kaycee — Has to wear a costume

Brett — Has to wear a costume

Angela — Veto

Rockstar — ????

Apparently, at one point, Tyler could have taken the veto from Scottie but instead, he chose to take a trip to Hawaii away from Brett.  That left Angela in the position where she had to give up $5,000 and take the veto away from Scottie.  Needless to say, Brett wasn’t happy about this but Tyler told Brett that he had to do that so that no one would suspect that the two of them are working together!

(I’m not sure how angry Brett really is.  Before the veto comp, Brett told the members of the Level 6 that he was going to pretend to be upset if any of them won the veto, just to keep people wondering if maybe he an Rockstar really are a team.)

Scottie apparently knows that the power in the house has shifted because, after the veto comp, he told Angela all about how Bayleigh’s been targeting the other side of the house. Angela is already convinced that Bayleigh was the hacker.  (Actually, though it won’t be officially confirmed until the show airs on Sunday, it appears that Haleigh’s the hacker.)     Angela now seems to be pretty determined to take down Tyler and put up Bayleigh, which means the feeds are going to be crazy this week.


Lisa Marie

P.S. As hacker, Haleigh has the power to pick on veto player.  The smart thing would have been to pick Faysal, since he’s the only Hive member who is good at challenges.  Instead, it appears that she picked Kaycee.  I imagine Haleigh didn’t want anyone to know that she had the power but, by picking Kaycee, she basically created a situation where Rockstar had to win the veto.  (Scottie had already said that he would take Tyler down if he won.)  Of course, Rockstar sucks at comps so she was the first one out.

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