Big Brother 20: Double Eviction Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 13, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, let’s just make it official.  If you haven’t seen tonight’s Double Eviction episode, this will be a spoiler!  So, if you don’t want the results spoiled until you can watch it for yourself, stop reading now.

Tonight was the first and only double eviction episode of the 20th season of Big Brother.  First, Haleigh was voted out by a vote of 4-0.  No one was surprised to see her go and now, every member of the Hive has officially been voted out of the House.

After Haleigh was voted out, it was time for Operation Backdoor Brett.  Earlier this week, Brett made the mistake of telling Tyler that he felt Kaycee and Angela were getting too close and that it might be time to vote Angela out of the house.  Since Tyler is now in love with Angela, that meant that Brett’s days in the House were numbered.

First, Tyler won HoH.  As soon as Tyler won HoH, he assured Brett that either Kaycee or JC was the target (I’m not totally sure which name he said) and then told Brett to throw the POV.  Tyler said that he would happily get all the blood on his hands.  Brett looked confused by the request.

Tyler nominated JC and Sam for eviction.  Then, Angela won the veto.  Even when Brett congratulated Angela after the win, Angela told him that there was no way that she was going to use the veto and he was safe.

Exactly six minutes later, Angela used the veto, Tyler nominated Brett, and Brett was evicted by a 3-0 vote.

It was an exciting episode but you know what?  Tyler blew it.  Yes, he got out his target.  But he and Angela were so cold-hearted about it that they may very well have lost Brett’s vote.  When Angela used the veto, she smirked and said that she was staying “one step ahead.”  Then, when Tyler nominated Brett, he said that he was staying “two steps ahead.”  It was unnecessarily smug and not a smart way to treat someone heading to the jury.

What’s funny is that Tyler wouldn’t have made that mistake in the past.  He would have made it sound like the House was forcing him to put Brett up.   But ever since Tyler got involved with Angela, his social game has been slipping.  It’s like he wants to show that he can be just as cold and ruthless as Angela.

So, Brett is now gone.  Our final five are Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, JC, and Sam.  And now, we’re just waiting for the results of the next HoH comp!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the season:

The next eviction will be aired on Wednesday.  Then, on Thursday, someone else will be evicted.  Then the final three will battle it out for the final HoH and a winner will be selected on the 26th!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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