Big Brother 20: About Tonight

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 6, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, there was a lot of fanfare and excitement when Scottie returned to the house.  And now, one week later, Scottie has once again exited the house.  Every single houseguest — even Sam — voted to evict him.  By a vote of 5-0, Scottie was evicted for second time.  He entered with a bang and left with a whimper.

Before he left, Scottie used his eviction speech to make a comment about Angela giving Tyler “lots of Hilton Head.”  I’m going to guess that 1) Scottie was informed, shortly before the show, that he actually wasn’t the pawn and that 2) Scottie is probably going to be a bitter juror.  Tyler’s goodbye message to Scottie — in which he bragged about never using the power app and then asked Scottie to pass that information along to his friends on the jury — felt incredibly smarmy.  All in all, this was one of the more unpleasant evictions that we’ve had this season.

As for the HoH comp, it was won by Kaycee!  Kaycee has really been coming on strong these past few weeks.  She’s won hacker, she’s won two vetoes, and now she’s won HoH.  She’s actually putting together a pretty good resume for herself.  It’ll be interesting to see if the other members of Level 6 start to view her as being a possible threat to their own game.

Anyway, Kaycee is now HoH and, since she’s a loyal team player, I assume that her target with Haleigh.  Who will she put on the block next to Haleigh?  JC seems like the obvious choice, since he’s the only person in the house who hasn’t been nominated so far.  Sam’s the other possibility but I don’t think anyone wants to spend the entire week dealing with an angry Sam.

Now, it all seems pretty simple but you have to remember that Brett is getting paranoid about Tyler and Angela.  If he tries to make a move this week and convince Kaycee to blindside Tyler and Angela, it could get interesting but I get the feeling that Brett will probably play it safe and wait until after Haleigh’s been evicted before he tries anything.

Finally, next Thursday is going to be the season’s only double eviction!  It’s about time!

Lisa Marie

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