Big Brother 20: A Crazy Day In The Big Brother House (Nomination and Hacker Spoilers)

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 3, 2018

Hi y’all!

Well, it’s been a crazy day in the Big Brother House.  Check this out:

First off, last night, Bayleigh basically went crazy and started accusing Rockstar of secretly working with Brett and flipping her vote to keep him safe.  Rockstar, of course, denied it but Bayleigh didn’t believe a word of it.

After speaking with Angela, Bayleigh decided not to use her power app.  Angela promptly nominated Scottie and Rockstar for eviction.  Though Bayleigh doesn’t seem to suspect anything, Angela has told the members of Level 6 that her plan was to backdoor Bayleigh this week.

So, after the nominations, it was pretty much a typical day in the Big Brother House.  Rockstar was crying.  Bayleigh and Haleigh were talking about how much they dislike working with Rockstar and how she’s just dead weight and they’re sick of her always demanding the everyone feel sorry for her.  Typical stuff.

For some reason, around 11:00 their time, the cloud symbol briefly flashed on the TV screen.  A lot of viewers assumed that meant that Tyler has used his power but it now appears that it was a production mistake.  Basically, someone in the control room pressed the wrong button.  That still hasn’t kept the Houseguests from trying to figure out what the cloud meant.  Every time they start to talk about it, the feeds go down.

Finally, after all this, we had the hacker comp.  Apparently, it involved doing something on a computer.  The winner gets a lot of power: the ability to take someone off the block and replace them with another houseguest and the power to steal someone’s vote on Thursday.

The feeds went down for the comp and the hacker’s identity is supposed to remain a secret.  So, we don’t know for sure who won.  However, VegasForSure — who has posted several spoilers that subsequently turned out to be correct — swears that the comp was won by Haleigh.  Regardless of whether that’s true or not, it now appears that the hacker took Scottie off the block and replaced him with Tyler!

(The fact that Tyler was nominated is how we know that he didn’t play his power and the cloud on the tv screen was just a production mistake.)

So, to recap:

Angela is HoH.

Rockstar and Tyler are the nominees.

And Haleigh might be the hacker.

We’ll find out for sure who won the hacker comp on Sunday!

Tomorrow, we have the veto!

Lisa Marie

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