Big Brother 16 — Let’s Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 20, 2014

Hi, y’all!

Well, eviction night is quickly approaching so I’m going to go ahead and open up the diary room.  Who do you vote to evict?

Do you vote for…

Cody, the nice guy who is hot no matter what he’s wearing (except, of course, when he’s got Christine wrapped around him)


Zach, the unemployed jerk who, at the very least, is willing to admit that he’s an unemployed jerk?

You can cast your vote over on the right side of this page or in the comments section below!  

And, after you’ve decided between Zach and Cody, ask yourself if tonight’s eviction is really going to matter.  As we all know, the evicted houseguest is going to have a chance to reenter the house as soon as he leaves it.  He will be competing for that chance with Jocasta, Hayden, and Nicole.  

Whichever one of them reenters the house will be safe for at least a week.  In theory, that should give them a chance to stir up some trouble.  Or it might just give Derrick a week to tell them what to do.

So, who do you want to reenter the house?  And do you think it will make any difference to the overall game?

Myself, I voted to evict Zach.  I’m kind of over Zach and, quite frankly, I’d rather spend the rest of August and September looking at Cody.  As far as the returning juror, I really do hope that Nicole reenters the house.  In a perfect, Lisa-scripted world, Zach would be evicted, Nicole would reenter the house, and Victoria would win HoH.  (Yeah, why not?  It would totally freak everyone out if Victoria was suddenly in power and it might be fun to watch.)  Nicole, Victoria, and Donny would form a final three alliance.  Frankie, Christine, and Caleb would be evicted, one after the other.  The final battle for house supremacy would come down to Cody and Derrick vs. Nicole, Victoria, and Donny.

Okay, it probably won’t happen.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Rest In Peace, Pink Hat

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 19, 2014

Hi everyone!

Well, first off — WOW!  You know that there’s not much happening in the house when the big news of the day is that one of the houseguests destroyed her own property.  

But that’s what happened today and right now, over on twitter, just about everyone is debating whether or not Victoria was right to destroy a pink hat that she bought at Wal-Mart before entering the house.  Zach, as he tends to do, decided that he liked the hat and that it therefore belonged to him.  So, he’s been walking around the house, wearing that pink hat.

And the hat has become very, very popular.  It has its own twitter account!  During every live show, various Zach fans squeal at the sight of him wearing that pink hat.

Well, the hat is dead.

After spending almost her entire time in the house taking Zach’s nonstop abuse, Victoria decided to get her revenge by reclaiming the pink hat and then cutting it into little pieces.  When last I checked, Zach was still searching for his hat and it would appear that everyone knows that Victoria destroyed it, except for him.  Zach definitely knew that Victoria had done something to the hat but he does not know that the hat is no more.  By the time I finish this post I click on “publish,” that could very well have changed.

What’s interesting is how many people are upset with Victoria for destroying the hat.  It was her property!  She paid for it!  Zach did ask if he could wear it and Victoria did say yes but ultimately, it was her hat.  And Zach has not exactly been nice to Victoria inside the house.  It always amazes me how Zach’s fan will happily make the silliest of excuses for Zach’s behavior but apparently, they are just outraged that Victoria would actually strike back!

And, honestly, Zach should have more important things to worry about than his hat.  The entire house (with the exception of the members of Team America who framed him) think that he’s a thief.  He’s on the verge of getting voted out.  (True, he’ll have a chance to reenter the house but he doesn’t know that.)  His best friend in the house has betrayed him.

Zach has a lot more to worry about that than his hat.

(The pink hat, by the way, was so popular that I have to wonder if Victoria would have more fans if she had held onto the hat and worn it herself.)

Zach does have one thing to be happy about.  Earlier, a bunch of fans managed to gather outside the Big Brother House and started to yell that they hated Beast Mode Cowboy, they loved Zach, and that Frankie was disgusting.  Frankie has been pretending that it didn’t bother him but it’s really obvious that it did.

Speaking of Frankie, I turned on the live feeds earlier tonight and it was just in time to hear Frankie talking about how he intentionally forgets his ID whenever he goes to a club just so he can 1) tell them to google him or 2) so he can point to random strangers and say, “You — do you know who I am?”  

Wow, Frankie, you’re really cool.

Around the same time, Caleb said that when he gets out of the house, he’s going to tell everyone he meets to just “google Beast Mode Cowboy.”

Yeah, Caleb, you might want to rethink that…

And that’s pretty much what’s going on tonight.

R.I.P., Victoria’s pink hat.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — SHOCKER!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 18, 2014

Hi y’all!

Well, as some of you know, Monday is my busiest day of the week.  I’ve been out working, dancing, and running around and, as a result, I haven’t gotten to watch much of the live feeds today.  And that’s a shame because something interesting finally happened!

Today was the veto ceremony.  Frankie used the veto and he took Caleb off the block.  And he replaced him with … ZACH!

Now, I know that this was not unexpected.  I know that Frankie had been saying that he was going to put up Frankie.  I know that Derrick had talked Frankie into doing it.  And I even knew that Frankie had told Zach that he was probably going to end up being nominated as a replacement.

But, somehow, I didn’t think Frankie would actually go through with it.  And really — it makes absolutely no sense.  As far as his allies in the house go, Zach has always been pretty loyal to Frankie.  The only time that Zach ever turned against Frankie was during that time when literally everyone in the house had turned against him.  Frankie is convinced that Zach is hurting his game but, if Frankie would just think logically, he would realize that keeping Zach around would 1) keep his strongest ally in the house and 2) ensure that there would always be a bigger target than Frankie in the house.

I was honestly expecting, for all of Frankie’s talk, that Frankie would end up nominated Victoria after all.  

But no, Zach is up on the block now and it looks like he might finally be getting evicted.  However, Zach fans have reason to be hopeful because as soon as Zach walks out that door, he’ll have a chance to reenter the house.  And if Zach can actually control his emotions during the competition and concentrate (which appears to be a real challenge for Zach), I think he actually has a pretty good chance of beating Nicole, Hayden, and Jocasta.

(What worries me is that, even if Zach reenter the house, he’s just going to go back to being Frankie’s little acolyte.  Even after being nominated by him, Zach doesn’t seem to be as angry with Frankie as just about anyone else in his situation would be.)

As you can guess, Zankie’s twitter fans (led by Ariana Grande) had a collective fit over Zach’s nomination.  In the hours leading up to the veto ceremony, a lot of them got it into their head that Frankie only told Zach that he was going to be nominated because of an obscure Big Brother rule that states that the HoH cannot reveal who she or he nominated until the nomination ceremony.  Since Frankie broke that rule, that should make Zach’s nomination invalid.  So, the theory went: Frankie was intentionally breaking the rule so that he could get away with not nominating Zach.

And while that rule may exist, the fact of the matter is that it has rarely been enforced.  It certainly hasn’t been enforced this season, despite the fact that numerous other HoHs have broken it.  And, to the disappointment of the Zankie groupies, it was not enforced today.  

I guess what I found amusing was that all of these people were convinced that Frankie — despite the fact that Derrick has been manipulating him from day one — was actually a strategic genius who had found a way to protect both himself and Zach.

What’s less amusing is that, thanks to Team America, everyone in the house is convinced that Zach is a thief who has been stealing all of their clothes.  That’s not good news for Zach, who is fighting for his life in the house.  If Zach is evicted, he will join Judd and several others as players who were evicted partially as the result of an unneeded production twist.

And that’s it for now!

Stay supple,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — The Frankie Show

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 17, 2014

Hi y’all:

First off, sorry for the late update.  I know that most of y’all probably already know what I’m about to report but I wanted to give everyone a new post before tonight’s show.

So, here’s the situation in the house:

Frankie “I am NOT a millionaire except that I am” Grande is currently the head of household.

Following Donny’s upset victory at the Battle of the Block, the two nominees are cute guy Cody and Beast Mode Jackass (a.k.a. Caleb).  However, yesterday, they had the POV competition.  Zingbot came by to host and apparently, he brought Kathy Griffin with him.  I imagine that all the houseguests will pretend to be as excited about seeing Kathy as Caleb, Frankie, and Christine pretended that they were about meeting Jerry Jones.  Personally, I think Kathy Griffin’s gotten kinda boring and overexposed but then again, that’s the same way I feel about Zingbot…

The Zingbot zings:

He told Derrick that he was ugly.

He told Donny that his social game sucked.

He told Christine that her husband is probably going to leave her.

He told Victoria that nobody remembered she was in the house.

He told Zach that he was a loser because he’s unemployed.

He told Caleb that he was wearing too much makeup.

And then he told Frankie that … Frankie has a good tan despite always standing in the shadow of his sister?


So, apparently, Zingbot is only there to zing the houseguests who are not production favorites.  Calling Derrick ugly is a 100 times worse than reminding Frankie that he has a famous sister.  It sounds like Zingbot’s routine was essentially: “He sucks, she sucks, and Frankie, I love your sister.”

ANYWAY!  They fought for the POV and guess who won?


That’s right — Frankie has now won his third competition in a row.  He has the power of veto and the question is: What will Frankie do with it?  Originally, the plan seemed to be to take Caleb off the block and then backdoor Victoria.  

(Because, after all, Victoria’s a girl and all the boys in the Big Brother house seem like the type who would all hang out in a tree house with a big “NO GIRLS ALLOWED” sign posted over the front door.)

However, Derrick wants to keep Victoria in the game, for much the same reason that Dan Gheesling kept Danielle in the game during Big Brother 14.  Derrick knows that Victoria is a loyal vote and he also knows that if he does find himself in a final two situation with her, he’ll easily win.

So, Derrick has been in Frankie’s ear and he’s been doing his little manipulation routine and, believe it or not, Frankie now appears to be on the verge of backdooring Zach!

(It’s funny that so many people are talking about how much they love Zankie but really, it appears to be pretty much a one-sided relationship.  Zach is essentially dependent on Frankie’ and constantly trying to win his approval while Frankie spends all of him time scheming to get Zach voted out of the house.)

So, do you think it will really happen?  Will Frankie now backdoor his most loyal supporter in the house?

We’ll find out tomorrow at the veto ceremony!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Donny Makes A Comeback

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 15, 2014

Hi y’all!

Well, here I was completely and totally ready to dismiss Donny as a player and then today happened!

Earlier today, our two HoHs — Frankie and Derrick — made their nominations.  Derrick nominated Donny and Christine.  Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody.  The plan, apparently, was for Christine to throw the battle of the block, therefore keeping her and Christine on the block, allowing Derrick to be HoH, and then eventually getting Donny out of the house.

Frankie apparently was totally okay with not getting to be HoH this week.  After all, he’s already been head of household and we all know how paranoid Frankie is about getting blood on his hands.  Plus, just by co-winning the HoH competition with Derrick, Frankie already got some more pictures of his sister, as well as her latest CD.  If you checked out what CBS considers to be the highlight of today’s live feeds, you would have seen a clip of Frankie taking a bath and crying while looking at a picture of his sister.

And why shouldn’t he be crying?  Frankie owes his entire “career” to Ariana.  She’s certainly the only reason that he’s on Big Brother.

Anyway, Frankie did take a short break from obsessing over his sister so that he and Derrick could announce the nominations.  No one was that surprised by the nominations.  Caleb and Cody weren’t particularly happy about being nominated but they both knew that Christine would throw the BOTB and that they would both be safe as a result.

When the Battle of the Block rolled around, Christine did throw it.  She didn’t throw it as a blatantly as Caleb did last week.  Instead, she participated.  She just didn’t try very hard.  From what they’re saying on the live feeds, it sounds like the Battle of the Block was one of those things where you had to be the first to find a certain number of objects in the backyard.  Christine didn’t find a single one.

But it didn’t matter.

Donny, essentially on his own, won the Battle of the Block!

And now, Donny and Christine are safe for the week.  Frankie is Head of Household.  And Caleb and Cody are both nominated for eviction.  

And the house is in shock.

Tomorrow, they’ll be playing for the veto.  Apparently, Zingbot will be joining them.  (BLEH!  I’ve never been a big Zingbot fan.  First off, I always struggle to understand what he’s saying.  Secondly, he speaks way too slowly and mechanically, which is a problem because 90% of a good joke is all about timing.  Finally, his jokes are either extremely cruel — you can bet he’ll say something really mean to Victoria — or else really weak.  You can be sure that Zingbot will not be making any jokes about Ariana Grande.)

Let’s say either Caleb or Cody win the veto. 

If that happened, Frankie would have to choose between Derrick, Zach, and Victoria as a replacement nominee.  I have a feeling that he’d go with Victoria since she’s not a Detonator but you can never tell.  If the Houseguests suspect that a juror might be reentering the house on Thursday, it would be smart to evict a strong player who could potentially be used to make sure that neither Nicole, Hayden, or Jocasta gets to reenter the house.

But, for now, let’s just congratulate Donny.  Donny’s not much of a strategic player but at least he can win challenges.

Stay supple,

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 16 — Another Predictable Thursday Show

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 14, 2014

Hi, everyone!

Well, Thursday’s show started out with the announcer calling Nicole “Christine’s fellow four-eyed friend” and it ended with Rachel Reilly laughing like a hyena.  And what happened in between wasn’t much better.  We got yet another unanimous vote, with Nicole being evicted by a vote of 6-0.  And then, at the HoH competition, it was yet another Detonator victory with Frankie and Derrick winning the HoH competition.

As of right now, it appears that we’re going to do the usual.

Zach and Donny will be one set of nominees.

Christine and Cody will be the others.

Zach will throw the BoTB, ensuing the he and Donny remain the nominees.  I think that the plan is for Derrick to nominated Zach and Donny, so that way he’ll finally get to be HoH.  It also means that Frankie won’t have to get any blood on his hands.  And I suppose the ultimate plan is to get Donny out of the house.

Because, of course, a guy who spends most of his day sleeping is a real threat.

What’s really interesting is that it appears that Victoria is going to avoid being nominated yet again.  It really wouldn’t surprise me to see a player like Derrick take Victoria to the end.  Everyone in the house feels that they can beat her in the end.  It would be funny is a super bitter jury responded by giving Victoria the win.

In other news, the double HoH will end next Thursday.   And, of course, one member of the jury will be allowed to reenter the house.  I imagine that, much like last year, they’ll do a competition where the winning HG gets to be HoH and the winning jury member gets to reenter the house and hopefully will have immunity for his or her first week in the house.

So, out of the jury, who do you think will be the most likely to win a competition to reenter the house?

Definitely not Jocasta.  Knowing Jocasta, she might be too ill to even compete.

Was Hayden good at challenges?  It’s hard to remember.  He certainly has a better chance to reenter the house than Jocasta.

But I think that Nicole could very well be the juror to watch.  If nothing else, she mentally seemed to want to be in the house more than either Jocasta or Hayden.

Of course, they’ll all be competing against a fourth juror. 

So, we’ll see what happens!  As of right now, it looks like it just going to be another boring Detonator-dominated week in the Big Brother house.

Stay supple,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — We Might As Well Open The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 13, 2014

Hi y’all!

Well, seeing as how there is nothing new going on in the Big Brother House, why don’t we go ahead and open up the diary room?  Who would you vote to evict?

Would you vote for…

Donny, the bearded one


Nicole, the nice one?

Cast your vote over on the right side of the page and let us know how you voted in the comments section below!  And then, be sure to watch the live show on Thursday night!

As for me, it’s not easy to decide between Donny and Nicole.  They’ve actually got a bit in common.  They’re both very likable.  They both seem to be genuinely nice.  They’ve both got strong followings on this blog.  And, quite frankly, neither one of them has been as strong a player as we would have liked them to be.

Donny, for instance, is a self-described “super fan” and is probably the nicest guy in the house but, as a player, he’s been oddly passive.  Other than winning a few vetoes, Donny really hasn’t done much in the house and, if he stays, it’s hard to believe that he’s going to do much.  He hasn’t made any alliances and it seems pretty obvious now that he no longer cares that much about being a member of Team America.  Donny seems like he’d be a great neighbor but what exactly has he done in the house?

Nicole, on the other hand, would seem to be a strong player.  She’s won three HoHs, she was one of the first HGs to realize that Frankie’s a threat, and it’s hard not to be upset at the way that Christine stabbed her in the back.  Nicole may be playing hard but that doesn’t mean that she’s played well.  During the one week when her nominees actually ended up in the block, she not only failed to get rid of her target but also helped to get her ally Hayden evicted as well.

So, it’s difficult to really say that either Donny or Nicole deserves to be in the house more than the other.  So, I know I’ll be curious to see who the majority of our readers would vote for.  I cast my vote to evict Donny, just because I’d love to see Nicole stick around, win the HoH, and hopefully put both Christine and Frankie on the block.  Add to that, I don’t think Donny’s ever going to really wake up and be an effective force in the house.  Nicole, meanwhile, still has a chance of reaching her potential.

Of course, it’s not going to be easy to reach that potential if she’s sitting in the jury house.  But, at least she’ll get to spend time with Hayden…

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Poor Nicole

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 12, 2014

Hi, everyone!

Well, not much to report from the Big Brother house.  It would seem that everyone has gotten the memo that Nicole is going home this week and now, they’re just waiting for Thursday.  When last I checked with the live feeds, Nicole was campaigning to stay and she was making some pretty good points about how Frankie is basically controlling the house and that the guys are essentially picking off the girls one-by-one.

These were arguments that probably would have swayed anyone intelligent but, unfortunately, Nicole was talking to Christine.  And while Christine did indeed spend the whole conversation nodding and telling Nicole that she wouldn’t mind seeing Donny go and that she does realize that the guys are controlling the game, we all know that it means nothing.  Christine promised to go talk to Derrick and Cody on Nicole’s behalf.  Even if Christine was serious about keeping Nicole, we all know that Derrick and Cody could easily convince her to change her mind.

I feel bad for Nicole.  It took her a while to wake up and actually start playing the game but, once she did, she actually proved herself to be a stronger player than anyone gave her credit for.  And, if the other houseguests were smart, they would keep her and they would make an effort to get rid of players like Frankie and Derrick.  However, it looks like Nicole is going to be evicted on Thursday and the only real question is how long will it be before Christine follows her out the door.

A lot of people on twitter are saying that they hope either Donny or Victoria wins HoH on Thursday, presumably because they’re the last two non-Detonators left in the house.  However, Victoria has already promised that, if she wins HoH, she’ll do whatever Derrick tells her to do because she’s convinced that Derrick kept her safe this week.  As for Donny — well, who knows where his head is at?

(That said, Donny better get out there and fight for the HoH because he’s definitely the number one target for next week.)

Finally, on a lighter note, a group of fans somehow managed to gather outside the Big Brother House last night.  (I’m not sure how they escaped the notice of security.)  They started to chant, “WE LOVE ZACH!” while almost all of the HGs were in the backyard.  The HGs were ordered back inside and the house was put on lockdown.  However, it’s been hilarious watching the reactions of Frankie and Christine, both of whom are convinced that America loves them.  (Frankie, at the very least, made it into Team America.  I’m not sure why Christine thinks she’s got fans.)  Frankie has been rolling his eyes a lot, while Christine spent a lot of time today talking about how the whole thing was “disgusting.”

If only Christine could see what people have been saying ever since they found out that she nominated Nicole for eviction!

Stay supple!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Is Christine Just Stupid?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 11, 2014

Hi, y’all:

So, they had the veto meeting earlier today.  Zach took himself off the block.  And guess who Christine nominated in his place?


That’s right.  There were three people in the house who would have, at one time, perhaps been willing to take Christine to the final two with them.  Hayden was one of them.  Nicole was one.  And the other could well have been Donny because, after all, he’s one of the few people left in the house who hasn’t made a final two deal with anyone as of yet.

So, what did Christine do?

She helped to get Hayden evicted from the house.  She nominated Donny for eviction and let everyone know that she was okay with him being the target for this week.  And now, she’s gone and nominated her former BFF, Nicole.  Christine had been planning on nominating Victoria but, after having conversations with both Derrick and Frankie, she changed her mind.

So, is Christine just an idiot?  To be honest, that’s the only solution that really makes sense to me.  It’s true that Nicole was mad at her but, at the same time, Nicole also needed an ally in the house.  Christine could have apologized for her part in Hayden’s eviction, she and Nicole could have worked together as far as their nominations were concerned, and Christine could have started her own alliance with Nicole, Donny, and Victoria.

Instead, Christine seems to think that Frankie is going to take her to the end.  Christine also seems to think that Frankie is going to help her husband become a big star.  What Christine doesn’t seem to realize is that she may be a member of the Detonators but, once all of the outsiders have been evicted from the house and the Detonators start to evict each other, chances are that she’ll be the first one to go.  

And I know that a lot of us are going to enjoy watching her walk out the door.

So, the situation now is this:

Christine is the HoH.

Donny and Nicole are nominated for eviction.

At first, it seemed like Donny’s days are numbered but, now that Zach has come off the block, Nicole appears to be the new target.  So, Donny will get another week to be the house’s oddly passive nice guy.  Nicole, meanwhile, will get to go see Hayden in the jury house.  And, as for Christine — well, she’s pretty much alone now.  She’s just too stupid to realize it.

By the way, speaking of being alone, Christine got a letter from her husband when she became HoH but we didn’t hear her read it on the show.  That’s unfortunate because I know that a lot of us have been curious about how her husband has been reacting to Christine closeness with Cody.  (Interestingly enough, that’s a huge factor in the game that — if you only watched the CBS show — you would never know was going on.)  Well, for those of you who are curious, here is Christine’s letter from her husband:

Dear Stiners, 

I want you to know first off that I am so incredibly proud of you. You’re the love of my life and my best friend. I am the most blessed man on Earth that I get to call you mine. 

You’ve been in that house for a while now, and every time I think I can’t miss you any more, you always find something cute to do or say that make my heart swell.

I’m counting down the days until I get to kiss you again. 

Just remember that whenever you feel stressed out or sad, that I’m out here sending my best wishes and praying for you every day.

You’re my best friend and the love of my life. You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I miss hearing your laugh in real life. 

Win us some money and don’t forget about me okay? 

I love you. 

Your loving husband, 
Tim aka “Sweetpea”

Your loving blogger,

Lisa Marie aka “LM”



Big Brother 16 — Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 10, 2014

Hi y’all:

Well, let’s give credit where credit is due.  I’m like a lot of people in that, before I saw Sunday’s episode, I naturally assumed that production must have helped Frankie win that Battle of the Block.  And, after having seen Sunday’s episode, I still think that Frankie is clearly the production favorite and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he’s as much Alison Grodner’s favorite as both Amanda and Frank were during the two previous seasons.

But, having now seen the Battle of the Block, it’s hard to see how that competition could have been fixed.  Frankie won that by himself and he won it fair and square so I will give Frankie full credit for ensuring his own safety for this week.  Frankie deserved the victory.  If Zach has just calmed down a little and was capable of actually working as a member of a team, he and Donny could probably have won that comp.  But, as usual, Zach was his own worst enemy and now, it looks like Donny is going to have to suffer as a result.

They played for the veto on Saturday and yes, it was the OTEV competition.  (Can Zingbot be far behind?  And is Zingbot actually going to be funny this year or is it going to be usual stuff?  These are question for the future…)  Zach won the veto so he will be coming down off the block and Christine will be nominating a replacement.  As of right now, it appears that Victoria will be the replacement.  And that’s not surprising because Victoria is always the nominee and Christine doesn’t have the guts to break with tradition.  With Christine, we should definitely Expect the Expected.

And, though it will definitely upset a lot of people on twitter and Facebook, Donny will probably be going to the jury house.  I have mixed feelings about Donny.  On the one hand, he does seem to be a really nice person.  He’s likable and he seems to be genuine and that sets him apart from the rest of the house.  But, at the same time, Donny has not been a strong player in the house.  He has not made the alliances that he should have and, far too often, it seems that he’s expected his membership in Team America to keep him safe.  Socially, everyone in the house seems to like Donny but none of them seem to feel that they really know him.  He may be likable but he tends to keep to himself and the strain of constantly being on the block has definitely caused him to withdraw even more from the rest of the house.

Finally, a few thoughts after watching Sunday’s episode:

1) If I never hear the term “dingus” again, I will be happy.

2) Zach is obviously terrified of women.

3) It was enjoyable seeing Frankie actually worried for once.  He usually acts so entitled that it was nice to see him actually realizing that he could be voted just as easily as anyone else in the house.

4) Derrick is still my favorite player, if only because he’s one of the only people actually playing in the house.

5) The whole “Victoria-Sucks-At-Everything” thing is getting old.  At first, the show acted like she wasn’t even in the house.  Now, she’s constantly shown in a way to encourage viewers to ridicule her.  If you’ve watched the LFs recently, you’ve seen some hints that, while Victoria may not be a strong player, she’s still nowhere as close to being as useless as she’s portrayed on the show.  However, those clips will never be shown because it seems like any extra space on the show has been reserved for Frankie.

6) Frankie’s whole “This was for you, Grandpa!” thing was a bit overdone.  Also, how can he claim that he was keeping his sister a secret when, after winning the BoB, he shouted, “That was far you, Ariana Grande!”  I don’t think Frankie was really keeping it a secret as much as I just don’t think that the majority of the house had any idea who Ariana was.

7) And finally, how great was Caleb’s conversation with Frankie?  I’m not a big Caleb fan — and I thought it was a little bit alarming to see him wandering around with a knife in his hand — but good for him for actually doing what he said he was going to do.  That said, if he was really going to throw the competition, he should have grabbed the other chain and kept randomly shaking it.

Anyway — veto meeting is tomorrow!

‘Til Then,

Lisa Marie