Big Brother 17 starts in…

by BBBlogger on September 30, 2014

So before we get to Big Brother 17, let’s sum up Big Brother 16!

End of the day we got what we wanted. 16 new house guests. 16 diverse people. 16 people to either love or hate and watch all summer long.

We saw another rise to the top like Dr. Will and Dan G. of Big Brother past. Derrick was an amazing player and did something no one else could do…he was never nominated! He was one of the ones who could have been eliminated after the final HOH but that does not mean he was nominated to be there and on the block.

We found the twists…weird. Team America was fun and the people in it were fun. The Big Brother Rewind was weak at best.

I liked the BOTB and the dual HOH and the 4 noms twist. That at least kept us on our toes and gave opportunities never before present.

One by one we saw the females get voted out and then there was only one left who everyone was “carrying” to the finals. My prediction of a female winning was way off. I also selected Christine as my winner without knowing anything about them…boy was I way off! LOL

I did fall a little for Brittany…as of this blog post she still has not reached out! (please call or post in the comments!! Would love to connect!!) :-)

So overall it was not the worst season and I feel like it was solid.

Here on the blog…89 posts for this season.

We are at 79,641 Comments for the entire life of this blog! (amazing really!)

I truly owe you all a ton for keeping this blog alive, active and fun.

So next season, we might all be here or we might be on the new blog I am building at but I am still torn.

For now, we are at where Lisa Marie is going to be posting for us weekly and also posting at once I get her setup over there!

If you want to donate, to keep this and other blogs going, it would mean the world to me. If not, no worries. I am glad you were here and glad you could hang out.

If you need to contact me I am at and would love to hear from you.

I hope to see you down the road!

Peace, BBBlogger

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PPS: Have a great 8 months off. Big Brother 17 will be back before we know it. I might even bring back the big countdown clock! :-)

PPPS: Hope to see you on my other blogs and web properties! ~ Bill aka BBBlogger


Big Brother 16 — Here’s How The Story Ends…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 24, 2014

Hi y’all!

So, obviously, if you haven’t seen the finale of Big Brother yet, read no further.  Because this entire post is going to be spoiler.  In fact, I’m writing it as I watch the show, so please excuse any typos.  I’m just trying to keep up.

Before the show actually begins, allow me to make me predictions — Cody wins the final HoH.  Cody evicts Victoria.  Derrick wins the game by a vote of 8-1.  America’s favorite player goes to Frankie.  (Bleh!)

Before the show began, we got a live commercial for it during Survivor.  We got to see Donny sitting back stage.  He smiled and gave everyone that patented Donny wave.  Is it just me or do you sometimes want to wave back whenever you see Donny wave?  I’m actually really surprised that Julie didn’t talk to Frankie during the commercial.

8:31 pm — And we’ve begun!  Julie just said that this was the most “twisted summer” in Big Brother history.  Uhmm, no, Julie.  It really wasn’t.  Now, they’re doing a recap — which might as well be called, How Derrick Ran The House. 

8:34 pm — And again, we see that stupid clip of Zach yelling about Frankie playing for charity.

8:36 pm — Watching the opening credits of Big Brother 16 for the final time and thinking, “Thank God I don’t have to see any of these jerks every again…”

8:38 pm — And they are now showing the first part of the HoH competition.  I already know that Cody is going to win this and Victoria is going to fall first so, instead of concentrating on that, I’m going to comment on something that Julie said when she introduced the final three.  In her snarky way, Julie said, “Victoria floated her way to the final three.”  You know what?  Being a floater is a totally legitimate strategy and if it works, it works!  This whole anti-floater thing was started by Rachel Reilly, who — let’s be honest — only won Big Brother because her second season was pretty much set up for her to win.

8:42 — Yay!  Julie just introduced Dr. Will Kirby!  Now that’s a player!

8:45 — Cody has a good-looking family.

8:46 — We’re now watching the second HoH competition, which has an ancient Egyptian theme. If I remember correctly, it took production forever to build the sets for this comp and you can really see why.  The set looks good and the comp looks like a lot of fun.  Of course, we already know that Derrick is going to win.

8:51 — Dr. Will is talking to the jury.  The jury all says that they’re expecting Caleb to the be the next juror and yes, he is.  “Woooow,” Frankie says while shaking his head.  Jocasta is telling Caleb that he shouldn’t have gotten rid of Frankie.  Frankie is whining.  Caleb is arguing with Frankie.  I’m over both of them.  Shut up, Frankie.  Shut up, Beast Mode.

Best of all, Dr. Will is over them as well.  He just interrupted their fight to say, “Guys, this is fascinating but let’s move on.”

Frankie just brought up his dead grandfather so it’s time to play the BB16 drinking game and get drunk.

Jocasta is upset because Derrick “fake prayed” with her.  Jocasta’s problem is that she thinks she’s more interesting than she actually is.  However, that’s kind of the problem that the entire jury has.

Oh my GOD!  Jocasta is not wearing a bowtie.

The jury has agreed that Derrick is a good player.  They all like Cody. They all hate Victoria.  And Dr. Will just pointed out that the jury is all in the jury house and Victoria is still in the house.  What I love about this is how little respect Dr. Will has for any of these jurors.

Both Jocasta and Caleb just said that they would vote for Victoria if she makes it to the final two.

I always take these jury conversations with a grain of salt.  Obviously, they have to make it sound like anyone could win the game.  But I think that Derrick is pretty much guaranteed a win here.

 9:05 pm — Derrick and Cody just competed in the third part of the HoH competition and Cody won!  It was a close competition and Derrick and Cody were tied for most of it.  So, in the end, they had to guess a number and Cody’s guess was the closet.

9:12 pm — Apparently, Frankie Grande is going to be a guest on The Talk tomorrow.  Come on, CBS — haven’t you forced that guy on us enough?

9:14 pm — Cody evicts Victoria, which pretty much guarantees Derrick his victory.  Victoria goes outside and everyone cheers for her and I imagine Christine’s heart is breaking a little as she realizes that she’s the only one who is going to get booed this season.

I think I just spotted Ariana sitting out in the audience.

9:20 pm — Here come the jurors.  Zach, Donny, and Nicole got a lot of applause.  The applause for Frankie was kinda lukewarm.  Julie is explaining how the voting works and also says that the jurors will get to ask three questions for each finalist.

Christine asks Derrick if he’s responsible for sending all of this home.  Derrick says that he always had influence and it’s the right answer.  That’s how you win the damn game.  You send people home.

Frankie asks Cody if he was just Derrick’s puppet.  Frankie seems nervous tonight.  Cody’s answer is a bit snarky towards Frankie, as he basically says that he’s responsible for getting Frankie kicked out of the house.  Julie sounds a little bit shocked as she says, “Okay….”  

Sometimes, I wish Julie would just be quiet.  Her responses always tend to remind me of the fact that she doesn’t really pay much attention to the show.

Caleb asked Derrick if he used his family to manipulate the jurors.  Hayden asks Cody what his biggest move was.  I missed the answers because I was busy complaining about Julie.

Nicole asks Derrick why he deserves to win over Cody.  Derrick might as well just say, “Because I do,” but instead he mentions that he go through the entire game without ever being nominated.

Donny asks Cody why he should win over Derrick. Cody says that his social game as responsible for taking him and Derrick to the end.

“Alright,” Julie says.

Victoria asks Derrick if his plan was to remain loyal to the Hitmen over her.  Derrick says that Victoria will always be his friend.

Both Derrick and Cody handled the jury well.  The jury really didn’t seem all that bitter either.  I have a feeling that this is going to be either an 8-1 or a 7-2 victory for Derrick.  Christine and Donny might vote for Cody.

9:30 pm — Final speech time!  Cody goes first and he’s making a case that he was more than just a puppet.  Derrick points out that he was never once nominated.  Both of them gave pretty good speeches I think.  At this point, I’d like to point out that I predicted, before this season began, that Cody would make it to the finale.

Of course, that was mostly because he was hot.

Everyone’s voting.  Jocasta says, “Hi” and mentions the fake praying.  Just cast your vote and shut up, Jocasta.  Hayden votes.  “Zack Attack, you’re up!” Julie says.  Zack says the Rhode Island is where his heart is at.  Julie goes, “Don’t reveal your vote.”

Donny makes a comment about skittles as he votes.  It goes over Julie’s head.

Nicole votes and tells them they both did a great job as she votes.

Christine votes.  The audience does not boo.

Frankie sighs dramatically as he votes.  He tells Cody that he’s had better.  You’re recycling material, Grande.

Caleb votes and says both Derrick and Cody owe it all to the bomb squad.  Audience gasps at the bitterness.

Victoria votes for the person who has remained loyal to her since “day one in this game.”

I predict that Derrick is going to win on a 9-0 vote.

9:41 — The first few HGs to be voted out are on the stage now — people like Devin, Amber, Brittany, Joey, and others. Julie introduces them but she doesn’t actually talk to them.  That’s weird.  

Julie tells the jurors about Team America.  I’m over Team America.

Team America flashback montage is just going on and on.

9:46 — Derrick reveals that he’s a cop.  Frankie starts jumping up and down because he figured it out.  Can we just hurry up and reveal the damn votes?

9:50 — And then the votes are revealed and Derrick wins Big Brother 16 on a vote of 7-2!  To my shock, Jocasta and Donny both voted for Cody but everyone else voted for Derrick!

9:55 — Now, what we’ve all been waiting for!  It’s time to reveal America’s Favorite Player.  10 million votes were cast and the top three were … Zach, Nicole, and Donny!  (So much for that whole idea that Ariana’s tween fans would all vote for Frankie.)  And with 50% of the vote, Donny wins!  YAY!  Donny wasn’t much of a player but it’s still nice to see a nice guy win something!

Well, that’s it!  Another season is over!  It wasn’t the easiest season to get through but we made it!  Remember, to keep the bookmarked because I’ll probably be posting recaps of The Amazing Race and Survivor here (or, at least, I will until Bill gets the new Survivor site set up.)  

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting!  If you’re not already my friend on Facebook, feel free to become one.  Or you can follow me on twitter or you can always e-mail me if you have any questions or comments. :)

(And be sure to let us know what you think about the finale!)

Stay supple!

Love and Peace,

Lisa Marie Bowman


Hey Big Brother Blog faithful!

Thank you for another amazing year, a great season of 16 all new house guests and some fun times and some slow times! But overall, we saw Derrick rise to the top like Dr. Will Kirby, Evel Dick or Dan Gheesling. Some of the greats to play the game.

But will he finish the game and WIN IT ALL?

So here is what I want…because I think you all can script this better than CBS…give me these answers.

Who will win the FINAL HOH between Cody and Derrick?
Who will the winner pick to be with them in the final 2?
Who will win Big Brother 16 and what will the vote be?
Who will win America’s Choice (Americas Favorite Player)?

I look forward to your responses…lock them in the comments below before the finale and the person who is right (or closest to right) might win FEEDS NEXT SEASON compliments of Big Brother Blogger!

So…the diary room is open….cast your votes and who walks away with the 1/2 Million?

Peace, BBBlogger

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PPPPS: I love you all and thank you for another great season of Big Brother!


Big Brother 16 — Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 23, 2014

Hi y’all!

Well, tomorrow it’s all over!  Another season of Big Brother will be in the books!  We will have a final HoH, a final two, and then finally a winner!

Are you excited?  Are you sad that it’s over?  Or are you happy that the Frankie show is ending?

So, here’s what is going to happen tomorrow as far as this site is concerned.  Assuming that I’m not having laptop troubles, I will be watching the show and probably live-tweeting along with both it and the season premiere of Survivor!  And, then I will post one final Big Brother 16 recap on Wednesday night.  It might end up getting posted before the show airs on the West Coast so be careful of reading any updates from me tomorrow until after you’ve seen the show.

And what after that?

I know that a lot of you have asked about Survivor and the Amazing Race.  As of this time, I am still not sure whether or not Bloggergal will be writing about Survivor over at  If she isn’t, I’ll write a post a recap of it here on this site on Thursday morning.  If she is, then I won’t because nothing I can say that Bloggergal can’t say better. :)

As far as the Amazing Race is concerned, I’ll post a recap of that as well for anyone who is interested.  I’ll post it on Saturday and, for the rest of the season, I’ll continue to recap both the Race and maybe Survivor if nobody’s doing so over at the

So, if you’re interested in Survivor recaps, check the first and then check back here at  And if there’s any change in those plans, I’ll let everyone know.

Since the Big Brother season is ending, I’m not sure if the regular notification emails will still go out whenever I post about Survivor or the Amazing Race.  So, make sure you save the address, just in case you haven’t.

Sound good to everyone?

Well, as this season comes to an end, allow me to once thank all of you for reading and commenting.  This hasn’t always been the best season to watch but it’s definitely been a pleasure to write about!

See you tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 16 — A Quick Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 22, 2014

Hi y’all!

Well, I have once again been having laptop issues so I’m just going to make this update a quick one.  Luckily, we’re down to the final three and there’s never that much to report when the game gets to this point.  Everyone’s basically sitting around the house and waiting for finale night.

If you’ve been keeping up with the comments under the previous posts, then you already know this.  But, just to make sure everyone’s up-to-speed:

Cody won the first part of the HoH competition.

Derrick won the second part.

Cody and Derrick will face off in the third.

And Victoria is pretty much the third wheel.  Out of the running for HoH, her fate depends on whether or not she can convince Derrick or Cody to take her to the final two.  And, personally, I thought both of them would be planning to take Victoria just because they feel they can beat her.

However, both Cody and Derrick have told Victoria that they will not be taking her to the final two.  So, assuming that they are both telling the truth, then that means our final two on Wednesday will be Cody and Derrick.

Cody, I’m pretty sure, is telling the truth when he says that he’s not going to bring Victoria.  I’m still not totally convinced as far as Derrick is concerned.  I could easily see Derrick saying that he would take Cody to the final two just to try to get Cody to blow the final part of the HoH competition.  

But regardless, Derrick definitely has to be viewed as being the front-runner.  Cody might be able to get a vote from Christine but otherwise, I think most of the jury will be content to vote for Derrick.

Well, that’s it for now!

The finale is on Wednesday!  And so is Survivor!  Yay!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — A Reason To Vote!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 20, 2014

Hi y’all:

Well, if you really care about who wins America’s Favorite Player this year, I suggest that you get out there and vote as many times as you can because, about an hour ago, Ariana Grande went onto twitter and ordered all of her little tween fans to go vote for Frankie.  That’s right — a bunch of people who probably have never seen an episode of Big Brother are currently being encouraged to vote for America’s Favorite Player.

Joan Grande, Frankie’s mother, has also been on twitter asking people to vote for Frankie and getting pretty snippy about it too.  Her tweet read something like: “Yes, we will be tweeting support of Frankie, just like any other HG’s family would!  #NOTSORRY.”  Of course, the other HGs don’t come from wealthy families and actually need the money.

Normally, I really don’t care who wins America’s Favorite Player.  Ever since Frank Eudy won the title at the end of BB14, I’ve understood that America’s Favorite Player is basically another way of saying Grodner’s Favorite Player.  But, considering how Frankie was forced on us this season and the show that we love was pretty much pushed aside so CBS could promote the Grandes, I know that I would really love it if Frankie did not win America’s Favorite Player.

So, if you’re really concerned over who wins America’s Favorite, get out and vote and encourage any other Big Brother fans that you know to vote as well.  Because, otherwise, it’s going to be decided by a bunch of 12 and 13 year-olds who probably, five years from now, won’t even remember either Ariana or Frankie.

(Seriously, I was recently reading through my old diaries and I was shocked to discover how much I once loved the Backstreet Boys…)

Meanwhile, in the Big Brother house, they held the 2nd part of the HoH competition last night and — probably to the surprise of no one — Derrick beat Victoria.  That means that, not only has Derrick managed to make it all the way to the finale without once getting nominated, but Victoria has made it despite only winning on competition.

(And that win, to be honest, was largely due to Caleb.)

Anyway, the third part of the final HoH competition will be between Cody and Derrick and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.  I imagine if Derrick wins the final HoH, he wins the game.  If Cody wins the final HoH, it’ll depend on whether or not he’s smart enough to evict Derrick instead of Victoria.  

That’s it for now!

Don’t forget — if you really care about who wins America’s Favorite Player — vote!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Yay! The Dog showed up!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 19, 2014

Hi y’all!

So, what did everyone think of the Big Brother flashback episode?  I just finished watching it and I have to admit that it really didn’t too much for me.  First off, this is probably the most boring final three in recent history.  There’s no one in the group that I can’t stand and there’s no one that I’m super enthusiastic about.  Watching the three of them sit around and pretend to have a conversation was … well, it wasn’t very exciting.

As for the flashbacks they showed, there was definitely a little too much Frankie for me.  I find it interesting that, in the two episodes since he was evicted, a lot of footage has still been devoted to Frankie.  Considering that there’s only one episode left and Frankie will definitely be a major part of that, it’s hard not to feel that this entire season was pretty much set up to the Frankie Grande Show.

However, on a good note — we got to see the DOG!  And what a cute little dog he was!  I especially loved seeing him in the diary room.  The dog was undoubtedly the most likable houseguest of the season…

Anyway, as I sit here typing this, there are apparently holding the second part of the HoH competition,  It’s Derrick vs. Victoria and the winner will then face Cody!

What if Victoria wins part two?  A part of me hopes that she does, just because I know everyone would be so shocked and it would be nice for at least one unexpected thing to happen this season.

Anyway, with this season rapidly coming to a close, I went ahead and set up a new poll over on the right side of the page.  Who do you want to win Big Brother?  Derrick, Cody, or Victoria?  Vote in the comments or vote over on the right side!

Myself, believe it or not, I voted for Victoria!  Why?  Because it would be so unexpected.  Expect the unexpected!  Isn’t that what Julie Chen keeps insisting we need to do?  And if this is truly the most twisted summer in Big Brother history, then that means that Victoria should win.

If nothing else, a Victoria victory would upset the Grandes and that’s always a good thing.

Lisa Marie

P.S. Remember — you can’t spell Victori without Victoria!


Big Brother 16 — Preview of Friday’s Show

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 18, 2014

Hi y’all!

Well, good news on the personal front!  My laptop appears to be working a lot better!  Yay!

If you’re wondering why I’m going on about my laptop, it’s because there’s not a lot of new stuff to say about what’s going on in the Big Brother house.  Cody won the first part of the HoH competition.  We’re still waiting on the second part of the competition, which will be between Derrick and Victoria. 

The first part of the HoH competition was endurance.  The three HGs had to hang onto a hanger while the usual rainstorm was released over their heads.  Victoria was the first to fall and then Derrick and Cody talked things over and Derrick decided to “let” Cody win.  Normally, I would say that it’s insane to throw any part of the final HoH competition but Derrick has every reason to believe that he can beat Victoria in the second part.

Just in case you didn’t know, Big Brother is on Friday this week!  Apparently, it’s going to be the “memory show.”  This is the annual episode where the final three sit around the kitchen table and share some of their favorite, previously unaired memories.  These shows are usually kinda awkward, if just because they’re so obviously scripted.  The fact that Derrick, Cody, and Victoria are the least interesting Final Three in recent history probably won’t help.

However, we will still get to see some new footage!  And, for those of you who have been wondering when they’re going to show the dog, I bet they’ll show it tomorrow!

‘Til then,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Here’s Your Top Three!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 17, 2014

Hi everyone!

Well, before I get to the top three (which most of you probably know about already), I wanted to give everyone a quick heads up.  As you may have read in the previous post’s comments, I am currently having laptop issues.  Last night and earlier today, my laptop kept freezing up and crashing on me.  It seems to be working okay this evening but who knows how long it will last.  That’s the frustrating thing with laptops, no?

As far as updating this site is concerned, it’s not a huge deal.  I can always use my boyfriend’s laptop or I can borrow my sister’s.  Things should be okay but I did want to give y’all heads up because, as a result, I might be a little bit later than usual when it comes to getting comments out of moderation and/or replying to e-mails and comments.

Anyway, on to the important stuff: 

So, two takeaways from tonight’s episode.

First off, Caleb handled being evicted with a lot of class.  I’ve said a lot of negative things about him but he handled things well.  Especially when compared to Frankie, Caleb was a complete gentleman.  I also appreciated the fact that, when Julie asked him if he regretted putting up Frankie, Caleb said, “No.”  Caleb called Frankie out, which is something that very few people have been willing to do during the live shows.  

One interesting thing is this: Caleb never once called himself Beast Mode while talking to Julie.  In fact, Caleb came across as being pretty intelligent and well-spoken.  It’s pretty much an open secret that the HGs are coached to be as outspoken and over-the-top as possible in the Diary Room.  You have to wonder how much of Caleb’s whole “Beast Mode” attitude was really his and how much of it was the result of what he was told to say in the Diary Room.

Because, seriously, the Caleb that we saw talking to Julie was nothing like the Caleb that we were shown inside the Diary Room.

Secondly, I have to admit that I was not happy to see that — despite having been voted out — the first 15 minutes of the episode were still devoted to Frankie.  So, we got to see how Frankie reacted to learning he was going to evicted and Frankie, not surprisingly, proved himself to be the exact opposite of Caleb.

“If you vote me out, my million followers will come after you.”

Uhmmm, Frankie: I’ve visited you twitter account.  You don’t have a million followers.  Right now, Zack has more followers than you do.

Frankie then went on to say that he will picking the winner, apparently because he is so beloved by the jury that they’ll do whatever he says.  What’s sad about that, along with the level of Frankie’s arrogant self-delusion, is that both the jury and Frankie seem to have already decided that they’re voting for Derrick.  So, when Derrick wins, Frankie will probably take all the credit but really, Derrick pretty much won this game on his own.

If Derrick wins, I should say.

We are down to the final three.  The final HoH competition is always a three-parter.  Cody has won the first part so the second part will be between Derrick and Victoria and then the second winner will face Cody.  

So, let’s say that Cody wins the third part and is the final HoH?  Would he take Derrick with him to the final two or would he take Victoria?  It seems obvious that Derrick would take Victoria and I think Victoria would take Derrick because she doesn’t really seem smart enough to realize that she’d have a better chance of beating Cody than Derrick.

But is Cody smart enough to realize that Derrick is unbeatable?  Cody, I think, is smarter than he’s often given credit for being but I don’t know.  I think Derrick has fooled both Victoria and Cody to such an extent that he may have guaranteed himself a spot in the final two, regardless of who wins the final HoH.

We’ll see!

Lisa Marie




Big Brother 16 — Are We Happy?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 16, 2014

Hi y’all!

Are we happy?

I have to admit that I’m pretty happy.  Even though I already knew that Frankie was going to be evicted and Derrick was going to win HoH, I was pretty happy.  Even though I knew that the crowd of CBS employees and friends would never boo Frankie, I was still happy to see him leave.  Why?  Because Frankie is arrogant and entitled that it doesn’t matter that nobody booed him.  What matters is that he got voted out and, regardless of how happy he acted with Julie, you could tell that he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t actually going to win.

Sorry, Frankie — just because you have a famous sister doesn’t mean that you just get to win by default.

I was less happy with the way the show handled Frankie’s exit.  After a season of telling every other houseguest that they always had to either hurry or “keep it brief,” Julie basically surrendered control of the show over to Frankie.  He was allowed to make a long pre-vote speech.  He was allowed to linger in the house.  And, once he came out, Julie talked to him forever.  She didn’t ask him any tough questions.  She didn’t ask him if his arrogance could at all be too blame for his eviction.  She broke one of the rules of Big Brother by telling Frankie that Ariana was having a good summer.  She even hinted that he’d be an important part of the finale.

In short, we got about 40 minutes of the Frankie Grande Show and 20 minutes of Big Brother.

Julie spent so much time with Frankie that, when it came time to the HoH competition — one of the most important competitions of the year, she had little choice but to start snapping at the remaining Houseguests.  “I need a decision now!” she snapped more than once.

It was not Big Brother’s best night.

BUT — onto happier news.  Derrick won Hoh!  Now, technically, it really doesn’t matter because, regardless of whether Derrick or Cody won the HoH comp, it’s pretty obvious that Caleb and Victoria are going to be the nominees.  But, by winning HoH, Derrik both guaranteed him a spot on the HoH and also managed to make it through an entire season of Big Brother without once being put on the block.

So, who do you think Derrick nominated?  I’ve heard rumors but I can’t say for sure and, since there’s going to be a veto competition tomorrow, that means that either Caleb, Victoria, or Cody could go be evicted tomorrow night.  

So, you know what that means!  It’s time to reopen the Diary Room!

Who, out of those three, would you vote to evict?

Would you vote to evict…

CALEB, a.k.a. Best Mode Jackass


CODY, a.k.a. Christine’s pillow


VICTORIA, a.k.a. Victoria!

Cast your votes either  in the comments or over on the right side of the page.  Myself, I vote to evict Caleb!

Finally, one last note:

214 votes were cast the last time we opened up the Diary Room.  10 people voted to evict Victoria.  204 people — 95% of everyone who cast a vote — voted to evict Frankie!  Myself, I’m just happy that Frankie left before Victoria.  His comment of “Win something,” just went to prove that Frankie has no class.  Victoria may not win challenges but she’s closer to getting into the final two than Frankie will ever be.

That said, I hope Derrick wins.


Lisa Marie