Big Brother 16 — Sorry For The False Hope

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 29, 2014

Hi, everyone!

Do you guys remember how, yesterday, I said that Caleb had made a strong case for keeping Amber and Frankie and Zach were now thinking of voting out Jocasta instead?

Yeah, that lasted for about an hour.

As of today (and today was a surprisingly quiet one when you consider all the drama that was unleashed on the house last night), the plan is once again to get Amber out of the house.  Even Christine, who last night seemed to at least be considering voting to keep Amber, is now planning on voting with the majority.  I haven’t gotten to watch much of the live feeds today but, when I did check in with the house, she and Frankie were in the HoH room and they were both talking about how sick they are of Amber trying to hang out with them.  Both of them seem to be looking forward to watching her leave the house.

As of right now, it looks like Amber will get exactly one vote and that vote will come from Caleb.  Caleb has been campaigning for her to stay and, to be honest, he’s probably sealing her fate by reminding everyone that his number one loyalty is to her.  Everyone has told Caleb that Amber is going to stay.  Caleb believes them and it would appear that Amber believes them too.  Of course, in Amber’s case, I think it might mostly be a case of her wanting to believe them.

As for the other nominee, Jocasta has not been seen much today.  She’s suffering from her weekly bout of Nomination flu.  Maybe she’ll be able to pull herself out of her sick bed enough to take part in Thursday’s show.  However, I can just imagine her laying in bed and weakly going, “Hey, Julie…”  (Of course, once Amber is voted out, Jocasta will have her latest amazing recovery…)

I will be watching and live-tweeting Sharknado 2 on Wednesday night but I will also be sure to set the DVR to record Big Brother because I really can’t wait to see this infamous speech that Zach apparently gave at the ceremony.  And, of course, on Thursday, I know that we’ll all be curious to see how Caleb reacts to Amber walking out the door.

And, I really hope that Caleb wins HoH.  I’m not a huge Caleb fan but I do love some drama in the Big Brother House.  Frankie has gotten a bit too cocky for his own good and I would love to see him have to scramble a bit if Caleb did somehow become HoH.  (Though it wouldn’t surprise me if Caleb actually blamed Zach for Amber getting evicted.  Frankie’s done a pretty good job of setting Zach up to be the scapegoat for everything that he does.)

Finally, consider this.  After Thursday night, there will only be four women left in the house and none of them — Jocasta, Nicole, Victoria, and Christine — seems likely to be the type to change the direction of the game.  Unless Caleb wins HoH, he’ll probably be the target next week so the girls will get at least one week where they aren’t the target.  But, once Caleb is gone, they’re going to have to start stepping up and winning some HoHs and some vetoes because, otherwise, they’re going to get picked off one-by-one.

Stay supple,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Finally! Some suspense … well, maybe…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 28, 2014

Hi, everyone!

Well, things are finally getting a little bit interesting in the house.  That doesn’t mean that the unexpected is going to happen but, at the very least, there’s a possibility of the house not slavishly following Frankie’s plan.  For perhaps the first time this season, there’s actually some suspense over who is going to go home!

Well, maybe…

To be honest, it’s just as likely that we’re going to end up with another unanimous eviction.  And, regardless of who goes home, it’s going to be another woman leaving the house.  Consider this:  There are only five women left in the house and, over the course of this week, every single one of them has been nominated for eviction.

So, here’s what happened.

At the eviction ceremony, Hayden used his veto and he took Victoria off the block.  Frankie nominated Amber in her place.  Zach, once again, proceeded to give a totally over-the-top speech where he claimed that Amber could not be trusted, that she had been  manipulating Caleb and that she did not appreciate everything that Caleb had done for her.

(Like, for instance, throwing a pillow at her.  That’s how this day started for Amber.  Caleb, after spending an hour talking to Cody about all the cruel pranks that he could play on Amber, threw a pillow at her.  And yes, I know that a lot of people will say, “It was just a pillow!” but they’re missing the point.  It was an aggressive act and the fact that Caleb got away with it just goes to show that certain HGs can get away with stuff that other HGs can’t.  Evel Dick, for instance, was allowed to pour a drink on Jen’s head and call her some truly loathsome names.  Caleb is allowed to throw pillows and basically be a stalker.  If you’re good for ratings, it’s allowed.)

By attacking Amber, Zach helped Team America win some cash but he also went totally overboard.  People felt sorry for Amber and, even more importantly, people now have a new reason to dislike Zach.  I’m not prepared to say that the house is on the verge of rebelling against Zankie this week but still, Zach has done nothing to help him in the future of this game.  Cody and Christine, in particular, seems to feel that Zach went too far.

Amber, meanwhile, apparently believed that Zach would be the replacement nominee.  When she confronted Frankie about it, Frankie lied and said that Hayden had taken him by surprise.  Frankie also said that Amber was not the target and that she was only nominated because Frankie knew that the house would vote to keep her over Jocasta.  Amber, needless to say, did not believe a word of it.

The thing with Amber is that she’s not stupid and, unlike Brittany, she actually has a social game.  She has been campaigning to stay ever since the veto ceremony and she’s actually been making some very valid points.  Instead of insisting that she personally deserves to be in the house more than everyone else, she has been talking game.  And some of the HGs — like Christine — seemed to really be responding to her arguments

Will she stay?  Well, right now, she has one definite supporter and that is Caleb.  At first, Caleb was happy to see Amber nominated.  He apparently believed that 1) she was not the target and 2) she was only being nominated to teach her a lesson about the importance of keeping secrets. (By continually telling him that Amber was using him and not showing him proper appreciation, Derrick, Frankie, and Zach actually managed to manipulate Caleb into suggesting that they should nominate Amber.) However, Caleb then discovered that Amber actually was the target and that Zach had told some lies about Amber plotting to get every guy out of the house.

No doubt seeing a chance to be a hero (and win Amber away from Cody), Caleb has now declared himself to be Team Amber.  He has talked to the other houseguests and he claims that the majority of them have said that they want to keep Amber.  (Now, whether or not they’re telling him the truth is another issue all together.)  Caleb just had a meeting with Zach and Frankie in which he told them that nobody believes anything that Zach said about Amber and that Jocasta is planning on coming after Zach next week.

And, amazingly enough, it looks like Zach and Frankie may have changed their minds.  After Caleb spoke to them, they both agreed that maybe it would be a good idea to get rid of Jocasta this week.

Now, this could all change.  Frankie and Zach could have just been thinking out loud.  Right now, Zach’s plan is to talk to Jocasta about what she’s thinking about doing if she’s still in the house after Thursday. Sobbing  Jocasta, for her part, has been laying in bed and talking about how she doesn’t feel well.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have a feeling that, when all is said and done, Zach and Frankie will decided to keep things simple and stick with their original plan.  And, if the rest of the HGs find out that Amber is probably going home, then most of them will probably go ahead, vote with the majority, and it will be another unanimous eviction.

But, as of right now, there’s at least a chance that something unexpected might happen!


Lisa Marie


Hi, everyone!

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone in the house just plays the game on a week-to-week basis?  Every week, the HoH decides who he wants to evict.  Then, he figures out the best way to backdoor that person.  Then, after the veto ceremony has allowed the HoH to nominate his real target, everyone stops playing.  They’ve got their mission.  They know who they’re supposed to vote out on Thursday.  And then, it’s like they just accept their role and stop playing the game until the next HoH competition.  With the exception of Derrick and Frankie, nobody really seems to be working with any sort of long term strategy.  

And oddly enough, the other HGs seem to be perfectly content to just be pawns in Frankie and Derrick’s game.  Donny and Jocasta may complain every week about being pawns but I have yet to see either one of them try to do anything to fix that situation.  I have yet to see anyone actually say, “Maybe we should form an alliance of our own before we get picked off.”  

Take this week for instance. Amber is going to be nominated at the veto ceremony.  Hayden is going to take Victoria off the block.  Frankie is going to nominate Amber in her place.  And I’m sure that Amber will campaign to stay and she’ll try to get the other women in the house to rally to her side but you know what?  I think we all know that Amber is probably going to go home.  Nobody wants to rock the boat.  Instead, they just want to make sure that they’re safe for the week.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m enjoying the season of Big Brother a lot more than the previous season and that’s mostly just because I like the people in the house.  I think they suck as players but I like the majority of them as people.  Even the ones who annoy me (like Jocasta, for instance) aren’t anywhere close to being as terrible as the people that we had to deal with last season. 

But, as I’ve said before, where is the drama?  At some point, the Houseguests are going to have to start waking up and trying to take control of their own futures.

Anyway, seeing as there’s not a lot going on inside the house right now, what did everyone think of Sunday’s show? 

It’s always a little bit strange, for me, to watch episodes of Big Brother when I already know who is going to be nominated, who is going to win the Battle of the Block, and who is going to win the veto.    The show is always edited to make us think that anything can happen but, since all of us either read blogs like this one or watch the Live Feeds, we know that Frankie is not going to nominate Zach.  We know that the nominations are not going to remain the same.  And we know that Amber is going to be the ultimate target.  So, the shows are always a bit of a weird experience for me.  I watch them and I think, “That would have been nice if the unexpected had truly happened but I already know that it didn’t.”  It kind of becomes a big game of “What If.”  What if Cody had nominated Cody?  What if Jocasta and Victoria had won the Battle of the Block?  What if Christine had agreed to throw the competition?

That said, I still thought that Sunday’s episode had its share of memorable moments.

For example, we got to see the amazingly awkward Caleb/Amber backyard date.  I have to admit that I laughed when Cody came outside and started to play pool.  However, I have also reached a point where I literally cringe every time that I see Caleb because I know just how awkward it must be for Amber to have to be around him.  Every time I go on twitter, I see people defending Caleb and saying that Amber is leading him on and it always takes all of my self-control not to snap back at them.  (What especially angers me is when I see other women saying stuff like that.)  Caleb needs to get over both himself and his sense of entitlement.  Caleb needs to move on, preferably out of the house and back to Kentucky.

Where exactly does Sobbing Jocasta get off criticizing Victoria or anyone else for being too emotional?  Jocasta might want to keep in mind that she hasn’t exactly been a major force in the house herself.

Donny is waking up to the reality of the Detonators but nobody else seems to be willing to work with him to do anything about it.  You can’t really have an alliance with only one person.

And then there’s Zach — you know, I would really hate Zach if I only knew him from what I’ve seen of him on the CBS show.  The show’s producers and editors have obviously decided to make Zach into this season’s villain and hence, we don’t get to see the fact that when Zach isn’t going crazy, he can actually be a funny and sometimes even likable guy.  (Out of all the HGs, he seemed to be the most sincere about consoling Frankie after the death of his grandfather.)  That said, watching him at both the nomination ceremony and the Battle of the Block, it’s obvious that Zach is both in love with the sound of his own voice and also incapable of really thinking before he speaks.  (Frankie is just as obsessed with being the center of attention as Zach but Frankie at least understands the difference between good attention and bad attention.)  Watching Zach at the Battle of the Block, it’s a bit easier for me to understand why Frankie was considering put him up as a replacement nominee.

And finally, as for Christine refusing to throw the competition — Good for her!  It’s about time somebody in that house stood up for their right to be there.

Well, that’s all I’ve got.  What did y’all think of Sunday’s episode?

Lisa Marie



Hi, everyone!

Here’s a quick update for y’all:

After the Battle of the Block, Frankie is now the sole HoH.  Jocasta and Victoria are the nominees.  Again.  

And, just as before, neither one of them appears to be in any danger of going home.  Remember last season when I suggested that maybe the HoH should nominate three players for eviction and then, if the veto is used, instead of having the HoH come up with a replacement nominee, the houseguests would just vote for one of the two nominees left on the block?  This is something that I would still like to see happen because the whole strategy of backdooring your actual target has gotten way too predictable.  We know that it’s going to happen every week and, even more importantly, so do the houseguests.

If the producers really want to shake up the house, three nominees would actually work a lot better than two HoHs.

But anyway, that’s not going to happen this season and I imagine that Derrick and Frankie will continue to backdoor everyone in the house until eventually they’re the only two players left.

So, in today’s not-really-a-blindside news, they played for the veto earlier today.  Among those competing: Frankie, Jocasta, Victoria, Donny, Christine, and Hayden.  And the veto was won by….


I have to admit that I really like Hayden.  He’s not really much of a player and he really doesn’t seem to be interested in doing much other than flirting with Nicole but no matter.  Hayden is just a likable, funny, laid back guy.  He may not deserve to win Big Brother but he seems like he’d be fun to hang out with.  Seriously, how can you not like someone who smiles that much?

As of right now, it looks like Hayden will use the veto on either Jocasta and Victoria and Frankie is planning to nominate Amber as a replacement.  Amber will then be evicted from the house, leaving not a single strong female player in the house.  Frankie also say that if Caleb gets angry about his plan then he’ll either nominate Caleb as a replacement or else Caleb will be next week’s target.

Would Caleb get angry?  Lately, he’s been making a big deal about how he doesn’t care about Amber anymore.  But, of course, he still tries to flirt with her and talks about her to anyone who will listen.  He still gets angry whenever he sees her talking to Cody.  So, will Caleb be okay with evicting her or will he, once again, volunteer to go up in her place?

Either way, it looks like either Caleb or Amber (most probably Amber) will be sent home this week.

The other big news in the house is that, as I’m sure we’ve all already heard, Derrick’s grandfather passed away yesterday.  I know that, regardless of how I may feel about either one of them as players, my heart went out to both Derrick and Frankie and I was happy to see that the other houseguests (or, at least, some of the houseguests) were willing to put the game to the side and just be there for them in their time of pain. I was less happy to hear that TMZ is apparently calling some of the relatives of the other houseguests and asking them if they’re worried that there might be a Big Brother death curse.  

Seriously, that’s just so wrong.

Well, that’s it for now.  Stay supple!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Reign of the Patriarchy

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 25, 2014

Hi y’all:

Well, it’s another day of Big Brother news and that means another day of the men pretty much dominating the house.  

Last night, as we all saw, Brittany was voted out of the house.  She did not manage to get one single vote.  And while I do feel a little bit sorry for Brittany (and she certainly looked surprised by the results), I really have to say that she has no one to blame but herself.  Up until the moment she was leaving the house, Brittany seemed to sincerely believe that she could stay by convincing everyone that she was actually playing the game.  It was almost as if she was saying, “Let me stay because I might win.”  What she failed to consider was that other people in the house want to win as well.

After Brittany left, the remaining HGs competed for HoH.  Because his grandfather had died, Derrick threw the competition so that Frankie could win HoH for the third time.  When it happened, a lot of people online seemed to think that this was a sweet move on Derrick’s part.  Myself, I think it just shows how confident Derrick is that he’s not going to get nominated.  

What was truly surprising was that the other HoH spot was won by …. ZACH!  Zach is truly the HG that people seem to either love or hate this season.  At first, I didn’t care much for him and there are still moments when he gets on my nerves.  But, for the most part, I’ve grown to appreciate Zach.  He frequently is funny and, though he might sometimes be obnoxious, he can also be trusted to put into words what a lot of us at home are thinking.

At first, both Frankie and Zach were talking about either nominating or backdooring Caleb this week.  However, things quickly reverted back to normal as Frankie and Zach set their sights on getting rid of another female.

They spent most of last night tossing out various names and scenarios and they changed their minds quite a bit.  However, as of right now, it looks like the following will happen at today’s nomination ceremony:

Zach will nominate Nicole and Christine.

Frankie will nominate Jocasta and Victoria.

Derrick and Frankie, embracing their latest Team America task of starting a fight at the nomination ceremony, told Zach that he needs to call out Christine when he nominates her.  Zach is going to accuse Christine of being the biggest floater in the game.  Zach spent a lot of time last night practicing his nomination speech and, if he goes through with it, it’ll be interesting to see Christine’s reaction.

Everyone assumes that Nicole and Christine will be able to win the Battle of the Block, which will leave Jocasta and Victoria as the nominees and Frankie as the sole HoH.  And nobody seems to have a problem with sending either Jocasta or Victoria home next week.  However, in typical Big Brother fashion, there’s also been a lot of talk about backdooring someone this week.  


Well, the obvious target would be Caleb but, amazingly, Frankie also briefly considering backdooring Zach.  That would be amazing to see but also somewhat sad because Zach would probably go home and, love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Zach keeps the house interesting.  Add to that, if Frankie did backdoor Zach, it’ll cause massive anguish for all the Team Zrankie people on twitter.  Frankie’s reasoning is not totally out there — Zach could be a liability in the future and Frankie has plenty of other allies in the house.  

However, as of right now, it looks like Frankie would probably backdoor Amber before going after either Caleb or Zach.  And let me just say that if Amber goes home next week, I wouldn’t want to have to be the one who had to live in the same house as Caleb.

That’s it for now!  The nominations and battle of the block should be later today!

Lisa Marie


The Diary Room Is Now Open!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 24, 2014

After a brief, computer issues-related delay, the Diary Room is now open!

Cast your vote to evict now!

Do you vote to evict:

Brittany, the single mom who will never let your forget that she’s a single mom and she deserves to be in the house more than … well, apparently, more than anyone who has ever been in the house before or after!?


Donny, the groundskeeper who inspires fear in the hearts of house guests everywhere!?

Cast your vote over on the right side of the page now!  And then watch tonight to see who will join Joey, Paola, and Devin as a former houseguest!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie!

P.S.  Thank you to everyone who asked!  The knee is doing much better!


Hi, y’all:

Well, if you’ve been watching the LFs today, you’ve undoubtedly seen Brittany campaigning to stay.  She spent a long time trying to convince Caleb to give her his vote and, when last I checked, she had moved onto Hayden.  Caleb appeared to, at the very least, be open to thinking about voting for Brittany.  Perhaps he realizes that he’s on the outside of the new alliance.  Or, then again, he may have just been humoring her.  He did take advantage of Brittany’s desperation to force her to listen to him talk about Amber for a while.  

As for Hayden, he seemed far less interested in anything that Brittany had to say.  As she spoke, he simply stood there and nodded and said, “Yeah…yeah….yeah…”

Brittany is campaigning so hard to be allowed to stay that it’s tempting to think that she might be able to sway some of the houseguests.  However, when you actually listen to what she’s saying, you start to see how weak Brittany’s arguments actually are.  As usual, she’s been talking about how much of a struggle it is to be a single mother and how she deserves the money because she needs it the most.  Unfortuantely, that’s the type of argument that might work when you’re one of the final two and you’re talking to the jury.  But when you’re asking people to vote to keep you in the house, it’s probably best not to remind them that you deserve to win more than they do.  Caleb, to his credit, actually called Brittany out on this and told her that she needed to stop with the “sentimental” stuff and instead just limit her appeal to game talk.  Brittany said that Caleb was right but then, as soon as she started talking to Hayden, she went back to the same old “I deserve the money” argument.

Brittany’s other main argument is to say that neither Victoria nor Zach deserves to be in the house and that it would be totally unfair for her to evicted before either one of them.  And, regardless of what you may think of either Victoria or Zach, that’s a totally useless argument because neither one of them has been nominated.  Brittany doesn’t seem to realize that she has to convince the other HGs that they would rather spend another week with her instead of Donny.

And, finally, Brittany just told Zach that she thinks that if she can get Caleb to support her, then she’ll be able to get the votes necessary to stay home.  The fact that Brittany thinks that Caleb has any power at all just goes to show how out of the loop she really is.  Zach, for his part, is encouraging her to call a house meeting and demand to know how everyone is planning to vote.  Brittany doesn’t seem to realize that this is the exact same advice that Zach gave to Joey.

Sad to say, Brittany also just said that she’s pretty sure that she has Derrick’s vote as well.  Brittany seems to sincerely not realize that Derrick is the one who pushed for her to be nominated.

So, as of right now, it looks like Brittany is going to be very surprised when she’s sent home on Thursday.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — A Few Random Thoughts

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 21, 2014

Hi y’all:

Well, here I am stuck at home for tonight and tomorrow because I slipped while I was vacuuming the staircase and I ended up slightly twisting my knee.  That means no dancing for tonight and no work tomorrow.  Bleh!  But, oh well, at least I can get caught up with what’s going on in the Big Brother House!

Now, as you’ve probably all heard, Victoria has taken herself off of the block and Cody replaced him with Donny.  At first, it seemed like Cody might go through with his plan to nominate Caleb, which certainly would have shaken up the house.  However, when push came to shove, Cody chickened out and he nominated Donny.

Now, I know that a lot of people are upset about this but I don’t think y’all have anything to worry about.  I think that Brittany is still the main target and that she will be going home next week.  I also still think that she would have been smarter to give up the opportunity to play for the veto next week.  If she had, then she would be able to say, “You can always get rid of me next week when I can’t even play for the veto!” and I think that argument probably would have worked.  Then Brittany would have at least another week to maybe win HoH or at least try to make a deal.

But, by going out there and kicking all of those goals, she let the guys know that she is determined and a competitor and, as a result, they’re now probably even more determined to get rid of her.

And that leads me to the big epiphany that I had earlier today!

She may have been a terrible player.  She may have had no social game.  She may have made the mistake of thinking that she could use politics to win the game.  She really has no one else to blame for being evicted.  And her male alter ego got on my last nerve but, even with all that in mind — JOEY WAS RIGHT!

Joey said that the only way that the girls would survive would be to form an all-girl’s alliance and, right now, the game is proving her right.  Unfortunately, for Joey, this season’s girls seem to be uniquely incapable of working together in a way that would allow them to form an alliance and none of them seem to be a real threat when it comes to competing for HoH.  (After nearly four weeks, we’ve only had one girl win a HoH comp and she pretty much allowed herself to be easily manipulated by Derrick.)  And the guys this season seem to be pretty determined to pick off the girls one by one.  Out of the three houseguests who have been evicted so far, Devin was the only guy and the only reason he was evicted was because he turned out to be mentally unstable.

But right now, it really looks like this game is coming down to Guys Vs. Girls and the guys are pretty much dominating.  Of the girls, I imagine Christine probably has the best chance to win, specifically because she’s viewed as being one of the guys.  Amber will probably survive for a few more weeks because nobody wants to deal with Caleb getting upset over her being evicted.  Brittany could have been a strong player but she handled being nominated so poorly that she’s pretty much guaranteed that she’s going home this week.  (Unless, of course, she can make another deal but I don’t think the remaining HGs are going to be as easily swayed as Devin was…)

As for Sobbing Jocasta, Nicole, and Victoria: It’s hard to imagine any of them suddenly becoming a factor in the game.

So, let’s give credit where credit is due.  Joey had the right idea.  She just didn’t know how to implement it.

As for Jocasta:

Where to begin?  I have to be careful talking about Jocasta because I don’t want anyone to think that I’m attacking her for her religious beliefs, because I’m not.  In fact, I’ve always felt that the Big Brother producers tend to be way too condescending and elitist when it comes to dealing with the religious beliefs of the people in the house.  We’ve all seen, in the past, clips where a houseguest would say, in the Diary Room, that they had been praying for victory and the producers would respond by playing gospel muzak in the background or by having a heavenly light suddenly appear over their head.  I can’t stand stuff like that because, while I might not be extremely religious, I still don’t like the idea of anyone being made fun of because of their beliefs.  I remember the season where Adam the drug dealer won — he and some of the other HGs would spend hours reading the bible to each other and the show’s producers started to mockingly refer to them as being the “Bible Buddies.”  And that annoyed me because it just seemed incredibly condescending.  

But, with all that in mind, I have to admit that I’m hoping Jocasta does not make it a habit to start speaking in tongues during every competition.  Because, seriously, it really did just come across as if Jocasta was, once again, being overly dramatic and — as a lot of you have pointed out in the comments — it’s not like they were in church or attending a religious ceremony.  Instead, they were competing on a reality TV show and, regardless of what you personally may believe about God, I’m fairly sure that we all agree that she has more important things to do then worry about who wins Big Brother!

I guess when it comes to religion on reality TV, I prefer the example of Survivor’s Michael Supkin (who would always pray that nobody would get injured during any of competitions) to the example of someone like Rachel Reilly (who, on the Amazing Race, would loudly pray and then, second later, say the most horrid things about the other racers).

Of course, I should admit that part of my problem with Jocasta is that I suspect  that she was recruited after she and her son appeared on Shark Tank.  Because, watching her in the house, it’s obvious that she really doesn’t know much about how to play the game.  

And I think that’s why so many of us love Donny.  He’s a superfan, he wasn’t recruited, he’s authentic, and he actually wants to be in the house..  And I do think it can be argued that he is, in his own individual way, at least thinking about the game.  Unfortunately, for Donny, he hasn’t really found an alliance in the house.  It’s obvious that neither Frankie nor Derrick really take Team America all that seriously and socially, Donny doesn’t fit in with the Detonators.  Unfortunately, the people that Donny does fit in with — the other outsiders — don’t seem to be interested in playing the game.  If Donny, Hayden, Jocasta, Nicole, and Victoria became an alliance, they could probably take on the Detonators and maybe even bring Caleb and Amber over to their side.  But unfortunately, with the exception of Donny, it doesn’t seem like any of them really understand just how far on the outside they really are.  Instead, they seem to be content to be sitting ducks, to be taken down one after another.

So, that’s why I do like Donny despite the fact that he hasn’t exactly made any big moves.  I do sincerely feel like Donny could play the game if  he actually had someone to play it with.

Well, that it for now.

Stay supple (you know I was going to have to say that at some point this season!),

Lisa Marie



Okay, so I’ve been out-of-town for most of yesterday and today and, as a result, I haven’t really been able to watch the live feeds.  However, I’m back, I’ve read through the comments, and I’ve done some checking around and let’s see if I can keep straight what has happened in the house since I last posted:

Super Hot Cody nominated Brittany and Victoria.

Frankie nominated Amber and Sobbing Jocasta.

(Yes, some of the HGs have nicknames and some don’t.  What can I say?  I’m still getting to know this latest group of Houseguests and, unlike previous casts, this group seems to be careful about what they say and do in the house.  There’s been a definite lack of TMI conversations going on.)

Amber and Jocasta won the Battle of the Block!  So, Cody is now officially HoH and Frankie has made an enemy out of Sobbing Jocasta.

Today, they had the POV competition and guess who won?


Now, I’m happy about this because, even though nobody else seems to like her, I do like Victoria because she looks a lot like she could be related to my BFF Evelyn.  I have to admit that Victoria’s resemblance to my bestie is about the only reason I have for liking her.  For the most part, Victoria has been one of the more low-key people in the house.  She doesn’t seem to know how to fit in with everyone and there’s also something of a language barrier.  (At home, Victoria mostly speaks Hebrew.)  Victoria is a bit of an unknown, to both the viewers and to the other people in the house.  Even though Cody and Frankie had earlier said that their target was Brittany, it was totally conceivable that Victoria could have been voted out this week because she literally seems to have next to no allies in the house.

(Or in the viewing audience.  Judging from some of the comments on twitter, a lot of people forget that Victoria is even in the house, except when she’s casting her vote to evict.)

So, Victoria now suddenly has a little bit of power.  She’ll undoubtedly use it to save herself.  So, does that mean that Brittany is going to go or is Cody going to backdoor someone?  This would be a perfect opportunity to backdoor Caleb, though I’ve heard some talk that it might be Donny instead.

(If Donny is nominated, how much you want to bet that the show’s producers will put some pressure on the HGs to vote out Brittany instead.  Donny is good for ratings.)

And here’s another question to ponder –

With the number of HGs starting to dwindle, how much longer will the double HoH twist continue to be in effect?

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 16 — Weird, weird, weird

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 18, 2014

Hi y’all:

So, last night, we all saw Devin get voted out.  Every single houseguest voted for him, despite the fact that Cody apparently gave a lot of thought to trying to get rid of Caleb.  But, anyway, Devin got voted out and, as he had planned, he left after giving a huge hug to Caleb and getting a heart from Brittany.  I have to say that Devin was surprisingly well-behaved while he was being interviewed by the Chenbot.  That’s actually why Devin drove so many of us crazy — he could occasionally be so charming but then he would always eventually end up being a jerk.

As for the rest of last night’s episode, it was good but predictable.  We all knew that Devin was going so there wasn’t a whole lot of suspense.  The BB producers seemed to realize this as well because they padded out last night’s episode by having Jeff Schroeder interview Donny’s parents.  His parents were cute but I kinda wish they could have held off on that for another day or maybe just posted the interview online because that time could have been used to show up a complete HoH competition, instead of leaving us with one of those frustrating HoH cliffhangers.

I have to say that Zach is growing on me.  Every season, I’m annoyed with the artificial nature of Julie’s awkward interaction with the houseguests during the live show.  Last night, by being sarcastic in his answers, Zach livened up what is typically a rather boring exchange of pointless questions and empty answers.

But anyway, what we all really care about it is which team won the HoH competition!  

Your new HoHs are:

Frankie and Cody!

And who are they nominating?

Well, here’s where things are getting a little weird.  I was under the impression that Cody’s number one target would be Caleb, though I figured that he would probably try to backdoor him in much the same way that Derrick backdoored Devin.

Instead, it appears that — after spending last night thinking about it — Frankie and Cody are going with the following:

Frankie will nominate Amber and Sobbing Jocasta.

Cody will nominate Victoria and Brittany.

And, depending on who wins the Battle of the Block, the target will either be Jocasta or Brittany.

Which, I really have to say — why?  Neither Brittany nor Jocasta seems to be a threat and Cody seemed to be pretty convinced that Caleb needed to be a target.  I think a lot of it has to do with Derrick, who feels that he can’t trust Brittany and who spent a lot of time lobbying for her to be put up.  Which just goes to show that, for now, Derrick remains the real power in the house.

(It’s interesting that both of the big reality shows — Survivor and Big Brother — have recently been dominated by cops.  That said, I still like Derrick a lot more than I liked Tony!)

So, I can understand how Brittany has become the target.  As for Jocasta — to be honest, it seems like it would be a waste of an HoH to get rid of Jocasta when there’s still so many strong players left in the house but maybe they’re worried that, if she could convince Donny to win the PoV for her, then maybe she can convince other “outsiders” to help her out.  Who knows?  It still just seems like a very weird move to me.

The nominations and the Battle of the Block should all be happening later today!

Lisa Marie