Hi y’all!

Well, it’s that time once again!

It’s time to open up the Diary Room and cast your vote to evict!

Do you vote to evict…

BRETT, who apparently has super charisma


WINSTON, who has super paranoia?

Cast your vote below in the comment or over in the poll on the right side of the page!  And then be sure to tune in on Thursday to see who will be voted out and who will be the new Head of Household!

Happy voting!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Who is Going This Week?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 17, 2018

Hi everyone!

So, I hate to admit but I’m having a hard time keeping track of who is planning to vote for who as far as the upcoming eviction is concerned.  At first, Scottie made it pretty clear that Brett was his target and then it seemed like he kind of shifted the target over to Winston and then back over to Brett.  The members of Level 6 were talking about getting rid of Brett at one point and then they switched over to Winston and now, I’m having a hard time keeping up.

As far as the overall game goes, it probably doesn’t matter which one of them gets voted out.  The main reason that they’ve been nominated is to break up the bromance and to take Level 6 down a peg.  Up until this point, Brett and Winston have pretty much been a team.  Getting one out will presumably leave the other one weakened.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Brett is going to get voted out.  Everyone in the house keeps talking about how charming Brett is and how he can talk anyone into anything.  They seem genuinely intimidated by this supposed Brett charm.  Winston, on the other hand, has struggled in challenges and doesn’t have much of a social game.  I get the feeling that Winston is going to be viewed as someone who can be voted out anytime while Brett is the player who you have to get out as soon as you get the chance.  I’m not sure if I totally agree with that logic but, regardless, I imagine this will lead to Brett getting voted out on Thursday.

For the record, Winston is convinced that he’s going to be voted out.  Earlier today, he was telling JC that all of the girls in the house are in love with Brett and will vote to keep him.  Brett, meanwhile, has asked Sam to use her power to save him.  Sam was noncommittal but she later told Angie that she probably wouldn’t use the power on anyone that week.

Everyone in the house knows that Sam has a power.  Some of that is because Sam has told too many people and even more of that is due to Kaitlyn.  Unfortunately, Kaitlyn doesn’t understand how Sam’s power works and has been giving everyone the wrong details.  Kaitlyn is under the impression that Sam can use her power to take people off the block and force the HoH to nominate a replacement.  That’s what Kaitlyn told Scottie so now, of course, Scottie is mad at Sam for not telling him about the power beforehand.

Sam has also explained to a few people that this is her last week to use the power, which has led to them assuming that the power ends after this week.  Actually, it doesn’t.  If Sam doesn’t use the power on Thursday, then whoever is voted out next week will automatically get a chance to reenter the house.  If Sam doesn’t win the next HoH, she better explain how all of this works to whoever does win HoH or week 4 could a very awkward one for her.  In fact, it could be argued that it might be smarter for Sam to go ahead and use her power this week and then hope that the Level 6 alliance wins HoH and keep her safe.  That way, she won’t have anyone accusing her of lying about what the power was.

(Of course, the smartest thing that Sam could have done would have been to tell no one about the power but she just had to tell Tyler.)

Speaking of powers, Angie and Haleigh are convinced that JC received the second one because they thought they heard him talking about it in his sleep.  Of course, JC has received nothing.  Tyler has the 2nd power but he’s done a pretty good job of keeping anyone else from figuring out that he has it.

As for who will be the target next week, just about everyone seems to think that Kaitlyn is the natural pick.  She’s been so erratic and dramatic over this past week that everyone seems to just want her out of the house.  It’s gotten to the point now that the other houseguests are openly mocking Kaitlyn and her dreams.  Earlier today, Faysal told Kaitlyn that he had a dream where Kaitlyn was having an argument with her (ex-)boyfriend, Joe.  Meanwhile, Brett apparently talked about a dream that he had during his eviction speech.  (We’ll see that tomorrow!)

One thing’s for sure — I think the days of the Level 6 and Foutte alliances are coming to a close.  Both Bayleigh and Angela have recently mentioned the possibility of starting an all-girls alliance.  Given the personalities in the house, I doubt an all-girls alliance could last more than a week or two but they’ll still probably give it a try.  They always do!

We’ll see what happens,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: The State of the House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 16, 2018

Hi, y’all!

So, every season of Big Brother, we reach a point where someone brings up the idea of an All Girls Alliance.  It never seems to really work out all that well but it still always happens.  As of right now, Angela and Rachel are talking about breaking away from Winston and forming an alliance with all the girls in the house so that they can take out the guys one-by-one.

In theory, that’s something that could work.  With Steve going the first week and then Chris in the second and now with Brett apparently set to be evicted, the girls do have the numbers to dominate the game, assuming that they could actually stick together long enough to get rid of all of the boys.  That, of course, is where the problem would happen.  I don’t see Angie and Haleigh ever being able to work with Angela and Rachel.

Add to that, Angie and Haleigh have already decided that they’re going to take Faysal to the final three with them.  As Angie explained it to Haleigh in the back yard, the plan is to get rid of everyone in the house and then Haleigh will convince Faysal that she’s in love with him.  Faysal will throw the final HoH comp to make Haleigh happy and then Haleigh will evict him.

Of course, Faysal himself appears to have moved on from both Haleigh and Kaitlyn.  While Angie was talking to Haleigh, Faysal was relaxing on the hammock with Angela.  Despite saying that she’s totally over Faysal, Haleigh was still glaring at both of them.

(Angie is also convinced that there’s going to be a Battleback and that Chris is going to reenter the house.  Since Chris is already back on twitter, that’s not going to happen.  As well, Angie and Haleigh are currently bonding over their shared belief that 9-11 was “an inside job.”  Make of that what you will.)

As for Kaitlyn, she’s still proving herself to be one of the most erratic houseguests in Big Bother history.  Ever since she found out that there’s a chance that she could be backdoored, she’s been breaking down into tears.  Last night, she tried to hold a house meeting in which she blamed Winston and Brett for backdooring Swaggy.  Then, this morning, she told Scottie that she was the voter who flipped on Steve and that Sam has the first power.  After all that, Kaitlyn also informed Tyler that she’s been talking to the ghost of his dead dad and that apparently, Tyler’s Dad was really abrasive.  I’m not really sure what Kaitlyn thinks her strategy is with all of this.  I think, for the most part, Kaitlyn’s main goal is remain the center of attention.

(Kaitlyn also said that she intuitively knows that America is loving her right now.  She’s in for a surprise whenever she gets voted out.)

As far as the veto meeting is concerned, Scottie did not use the veto.  Winston and Brett are on the block and the plan seems to be to vote out Brett.  Apparently, everyone in the house is convinced that Brett is some sort of charming mastermind.  I don’t get it either.

And that’s the state of the house for now.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: The Drama Continues

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 15, 2018

Hi, y’all!

So, here’s the situation right now:

Winston and Brett are on the block.

Scottie is HoH and Scottie has the veto.

So, of course, the big question is whether or not Scottie is planning on using that veto.  Winston and Brett are determined to get him to useit and they both seem to think that they can talk him into it.  They actually came up with a fairly good idea.  They tried to talk Scottie into using the veto to take one of them down and then nominate Kaitlyn as a replacement.  Nobody in the house likes or trusts Kaitlyn so it’s not as if Scottie would make any enemies by getting her out.

However, at the same time, Kaitlyn is such a nonfactor in the game that it’s not going to change the balance of power in the house if she’s voted out.  And I think changing the balance of power is what Scottie’s main goal is this week.  He wants to take out someone who he sees a legitimate threat to win the game and he wants to break up the bromance.  Add to that, Scottie has said from the start that he doesn’t want to backdoor anyone or use anyone as a pawn and, again, I think he’s serious about that.  So, I don’t see him using the veto.

However, there’s still going to be drama.  Kaitlyn has discovered that there’s been talk of backdooring her.  Bayleigh told Kaitlyn that JC told Brett that Brett should try to convince Scottie to backdoor her.  So now, Kaitlyn is totally freaking out.  When I last checked the live feeds a few minutes ago, she was telling Tyler that she wants JC out “immediately.”  So, apparently, Kaitlyn wants Tyler to talk Scottie into backdooring JC.

Tyler, for his part, listened to her without committing himself to actually doing anything.  I doubt that Tyler’s going to go after JC.  Instead, it seems like the target on Kaitlyn’s back is growing.  Even if Scottie keeps the nominations the same and doesn’t backdoor her, it does seem as if someone’s going to go after Kaitlyn soon.  Quite simply put, she’s just getting on everyone’s nerves.

On tonight’s episode, we finally got to see Bayleigh receive her power app.  It is a powerful app but, looking at rules, I don’t see anywhere were it says that the HoH has to take responsibility for Bayleigh’s nominations.  I think Bayleigh was exaggerating as far as that’s concerned.  Here’s a screenshot of the exact rules:

Click on the pic to see the rules

Finally, this is the last week that Sam can voluntarily use her power and give whoever is voted out a chance to reenter the house.  If she doesn’t use it this week, that means whoever is voted out at the end of week 4 will automatically get a chance to get back in the game.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 14, 2018

Hi, y’all!

You probably already know this but let’s just make it “blog” official.  They competed for the POV earlier today.  Along with Scottie, Brett, and Winston, the competitors included Tyler, Angie, and Rachel.

This turned out to be a surprisingly short veto comp.  In fact, it was so short that I’m wondering if maybe everyone except for Scottie, Brett, and Winston threw it.  I mean, no one wanted to have the veto power this week.  Scottie had already told everyone that, if the veto was used, the replacement nominee would be whoever that veto-holder was closest too in the house.  Scottie isn’t fooling around.

Anyway, the winner of the Golden Power of Veto is….


That’s right.  This week, Scottie not only won HoH but he also won the veto.  Obviously, he’s not planning on using the veto and, in all probability, it will be Winston going home this week.  I can’t say that for sure, though.  A lot of the members of Level 6 actually want to keep Winston and, up until Winston started threatening to come after him, Scottie’ original target was Brett.

But regardless, the Winston/Brett bromance is coming to an end.

(For the record, Winston thinks that they can still talk Scottie into using the veto on Brett but, for the most part, he’s just grabbing at straws.)

Personally, if I was Scottie, I probably would have thrown the veto comp.  Right now, he’s got all the power in the house but he’s also proving that he can win comps and he can be a ruthless enemy.  As soon as his HoH is over with, he’s going to have a huge target on his back.

As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Shocker!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 13, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, you remember how I predicted yesterday that Scottie would probably do whatever Tyler wanted him to do?

Well, forget I said that.  Scottie, proving himself to again be the most unpredictable person in the house, has nominated Winston and Brett for eviction!  Both of them were taken by surprise.  Earlier, Scottie was telling Faysal that he thought Brett was more of a threat than Winston but they may have changed now that Winston has actually threatened Scottie.

That’s right — Winston told Scottie that if he manages to avoid getting evicted, he’s going to come after Scottie next week.  That was a bad move on Winston’s part.  Before Winston said that, Scottie seemed amendable to the idea of backdooring Kaitlyn but now, he’s saying that Winston is the target.  In fact, Winston says that if anyone used the veto, he’ll put their closest ally as a replacement!

Seriously, Scottie is ruthless!

So, not only is Scottie shaking up the house but Bayleigh won the final power app and it’s a pretty big one!  Now, this is how Bayleigh described it to Faysal.  Take this with a grain of salt because Bayleigh has a habit of stretching the truth but here goes:

Bayleigh won the app.  She picked Identity Theft.  She now has the power to secretly nominate two players for eviction.  Let’s say that Kaycee is HoH and she’s decides to nominate Angie and Haleigh for eviction.  Before the nomination ceremony, Bayleigh would go to the diary room and say that she’s using her power and then she would say who she wants to nominate.  For the sake of argument, let’s say that Bayleigh picks JC and Rachel.  At the nomination ceremony, when Kaycee turned the keys, the faces of Angie and Haleigh would not appear on the wall.  Instead, it would be the faces of the new nominees, JC and Rachel!

According to Bayleigh, the HoH would not be allowed to say that she didn’t nominate the new nominees.  Apparently, Bayleigh thinks the HoH would have to pretend that he or she had nominated them.  I’m not sure if I believe that.  That sounds extremely unfair and impossible to enforce.  But I guess we’ll find out on Sunday.

Bayleigh’s power is good for the next six evictions.

How will this effect the game?

We’ll find out soon!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Rethinking Scottie

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 12, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, I just finished watching the 2nd live eviction episode and what can I say other than this:


Seriously, I am having to rethink my first impression of Scottie.  At first, I thought he was just this season’s token nerd.  I figured he would be so socially awkward that he would be one of the first people voted out of the house.

Then, after watching the live feeds, I saw that Scottie actually seemed harmless enough that it was easy for me to imagine him flying under the radar and, at the very least, making it to the jury.  After Steve was voted out, I started to like Scottie, mostly because he was so alone in the house.

But after tonight, my opinion of Scottie is changing.

Seriously, consider this:

Scottie managed to convince the Foutte alliance that he was going to vote to keep Chris, even though he never had any intention of doing so.  He also managed to convince the majority of them to wear Swaggy C t-shirts, which mostly served to remind the rest of the house why they wanted Swaggy C out in the first place.  Scottie even wore a Swaggy C t-shirt himself.

Haleigh was the only member of Foutte not to wear a Swaggy C t-shirt.  However, she still cast her vote for him to stay.  Scottie, however, wore Chris’s shirt and voted to evict him and he did it with a smile on his face!

Scottie did such a good job of tricking everyone that, when the 8-4 vote was announced, Chris and probably everyone else in his alliance assumed that Haleigh had flipped.  He even refused to accept a hug from her!  You know who did give him a hug before he left, though?


So, Chris left angry.  He was angry at everyone but he was especially angry at Haleigh.  (Or, at least, he was until Julie told him that Haleigh voted for him to stay.)  Now that Chris is gone, Foutte has lost their leader and it’s hard to say how they’re going to be able to survive in the house.  There’s only four of them so, even if one of them does win HoH and takes out a member of the opposing side, it’s still not going to be enough to shift the balance of power in the house.

(Add to that, with Chris gone, Faysal is the only member of Level 6 who has ever won anything.  Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Angie aren’t particularly good at challenges.)

This is going to be another bad week for Foutte because Scottie is the new HoH!  And while they may think Scottie is on their side, he proved tonight that he’s not.  It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario in which Scottie wouldn’t side with the majority and take out a member of Foutte.

So, what will Scottie do as HoH?  Will he do something unexpected or will he take orders from Tyler?  We’ll find out over the next few days!

Lisa Marie

P.S. The only way for the old Foutte to survive, I think, is if an all-girls alliance forms but I just can’t imagine Rachel and Angela working with Angie for more than week before turning on her.


It’s that time again!  The Diary Room is now open!

Who do you want to see evicted this week?

Do you vote to evict…

CHRIS, also known as SWAGGY C


WINSTON, also known as PARANOID W?

Let us know in the comments below or by voting in the poll over on the right side of the page!  And then be sure to watch tomorrow to see who will be leaving the Big Brother House!

For me, I was all set to vote to evict Chris but then, on tonight’s episode, Winston said he didn’t like cats.  So, I’m flipping and casting my vote for Winston!

Happy voting!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: What’s Happening…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 10, 2018

Hi y’all!

Well, the 2nd eviction of the season is coming up.  Right now, the two nominees are Winston and Chris.  I can see reasons for voting for either one of the.  Let’s consider each candidate:


  1. Winston seems like he’ll be good in challenges.
  2. Winston is probably smarter than he comes across.
  3. Winston is determined to win the game.
  4. Winston has some very loyal allies in the house.  Voting him out would probably break out Level 6 and it would also neutralize Brett as a player.
  5. Winston holds a grudge, which means that he’s not going to forget the fact that he was not only nominated this week but that Tyler also used the veto on someone else.


  1. Chris won the first challenge in the house.
  2. Chris told everyone that he ‘s smarter than he comes across.
  3. Chris is determined to win the game.
  4. Chris has some very loyal allies in the house.  Voting him out would hasten the break-up of his current alliance and it would also neutralize Bayleigh as a player.
  5. Chris holds a grudge, which means that he’s not going to forget the fact that Kaitlyn lied to him and is now trying to backdoor him.

There’s a case to be made for voting for either one of them, largely because Chris and Winston both have the same strengths and the same weaknesses.  That said, I think Winston is in a far better position than Chris right now.

For all of his bluster and all that “Swaggy C’ nonsense, Chris is handling being on the block fairly well.  I would say that he’s handling it better than Winston.  (Winston is still complaining about the fact that, after the nomination ceremony, some people hugged Scottie before they hugged him.)  Chris has been campaigning and telling people the story of his life.  Apparently, if Chris doesn’t make it to jury, there’s a chance that he’ll be shot as soon as he returns home.  He’s really laying on the guilt but I really don’t think it’s going to do him any good.

Here are Chris’s problems:

  1. Tyler wants him out and, as of right now, Tyler pretty much gets whatever he wants.
  2. Trying to use Faysal to change Kaitlyn’s mind is pointless because Kaitlyn thinks that Chris wants Faysal to get together with Haleigh.
  3. Chris has been making the mistake of telling everyone that he and Bayleigh are in a showmance.  Everyone knows that you don’t miss the opportunity to break up a showmance.
  4. Chris alienated a lot of potential allies during the first week.  Instead of trying to bring the few independent houseguests — like Sam and Scottie — over into his alliance, he pretty much ignored them and now, he’s paying the price.  For all of his attempts to flip Sam, she’s not going to forget that Chris tried to get her evicted.  Meanwhile, Scottie is upset because Chris has never included him in any plans.  With Level 6 set to evict him, it’s hard to see how Chris is going to be able to get the numbers to stay.

In other words, Chris is campaigning hard but I think he’s a goner.

We’ll see if I’m right on Thursday!

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 20: Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 9, 2018

Hey y’all!

Well, let’s just make it official.  As I’m sure everyone knows, Tyler did use the veto earlier today.  He took Scottie off the block and Kaitlyn nominated Chris in his place.  The plan now is to get rid of Chris.

I remember that, when Kaitlyn first become HoH, she had a conversation with someone — maybe it was Tyler, I can’t remember for sure — where she said that it was “really difficult” to backdoor someone.  Of course, that’s not true.  Backdooring someone is probably one of the easiest things to do in the house.  That’s why it happens over and over again, every season.  That’s why even a complete ditz like Kaitlyn can pull it off.

Despite what a lot of people were expecting, Chris has not been throwing a fit over being nominated.  Bayleigh’s upset because she feels that targeting Chris is the same thing as targeting her but, to be honest, Bayleigh will probably be in a better position without Chris in the house.  Right now, the only reason that Bayleigh is seen as a threat is because she’s so close to Chris.  Without Chris around, Bayleigh suddenly becomes a lot less of a threat.

Chris is trying to campaign to stay.  He’s not just giving up.  Even though neither Haleigh nor Angie told him that he was going to be nominated, it appears that he knew that it was going to be a possibility.  So, instead of running around and talking about himself in the third person, he’s been trying to flip votes.  He’s been pointing out that Winston could potentially be a much bigger threat than he is.  It’s not a bad strategy, though it probably won’t work.  For now, Level 6 is looking pretty strong and united.  Things could change, of course.  Winston is often his own worst enemy when it comes to the other houseguests.

As for Kaitlyn, she’s been crying a lot.  She keeps telling everyone that her “intuition” told her that she had no choice but to nominate Chris.  (Her intuition, of course, is named Tyler and has really pretty hair.)   Faysal earlier whispered to Chris that he’s going to try to guilt Kaitlyn into switching targets.  Normally, I’d say that there’s no way that strategy would work but with Kaitlyn, who knows?

When last I checked, Chris was in the HoH room, talking to Kaitlyn and Tyler.  He seems to be trying to convince Tyler to flip, telling him that Level 6 will come after Tyler next.  Tyler, meanwhile, is trying to turn Chris against Haliegh and Angie by telling him that both of them knew about the plan.  As for Kaitlyn, she just told Chris that she would send him a check for $5,000 if he gets voted out on Thursday.  I’m not sure why.

It’s sure to be a dramatic week but right now, it looks like Chris is going to be leaving on Thursday.  If you want to watch the drama and you still don’t have the feeds, here’s the link for ordering them!  Remember, ordering feeds from this site helps Bill pay for this blog!

And, if you haven’t already joined, we’d love to see you at the Big Brother Blog facebook group!  It’s another place for our community to talk about Big Brother!

We’ll see what happens this week!

Lisa Marie