Big Brother 17 — Heh heh…Vanessa got in trouble…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 30, 2015

Hi y’all!

So, you know how Vanessa has been offering to give money and gifts to various houseguests (mostly the twins)?  Well, just a few minutes ago, she finally got in trouble for it.  She got called the diary room and when she emerged, she told the twins that she had been “spanked.”  She also told them that she hoped that they understood that she had only been “joking” when she attempted to bribe them.  She went on to give a speech about how Big Brother rules state that HGs cannot split the prize money and that bribery is not allowed.  She hopes that everyone understand that she was definitely not serious when she offered to do everything that she offered to do.

Sure, Vannessa.

You know, it’s fun to know that Vanessa finally got called out for some of her behavior but, quite frankly, she’s been offering people money and cars for weeks now!  And it’s only now that production got around to telling her to stop?  Could it have anything to do with the fact that everyone online is talking about Vanessa cheating in the HoH competition?

Well, regardless, it’s too little too late.  I get the feeling that if anyone other than Vanessa had done that, they would have gotten a penalty nomination or some other punishment.  I mean, they’ll give you a penalty vote if you eat while you’re a have not but attempting to bribe other houseguests?  That just gets you a warning.

Anyway, other than that, the big news in the house is that James won the veto.  And Vanessa spent all last night, freaking out.  Who could she put up in James’s place?  Could she put up Weirdo Steve?  Or maybe she should just put up Johnny Mac again?  And she went on and on about it.

And finally, while Vanessa talked to Weirdo Steve, Sasquatch, and the Hate Twins, there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  Julia offered to go up as a pawn.  Vanessa assured her that there was no way that she would be voted out over Meg.

And so, as of right now, it appears that Julia will be nominated on Monday.

Now, this would be a great chance to break up Sasquatch and the Hate Twins.  James, John, and Steven — if they would just work together — could easily vote out Julia and tip the balance of power in the house.

But, don’t get your hopes up.  This morning, Weirdo asked Johnny Mac if he would be willing to vote out Meg.  “Of course,” John said.  So, it looks like John wasn’t joking when he told Julie that Meg would be his target.

Hmmm…what’s the word I’m thinking of here?  Oh yes — IDIOTS!

And that’s the way it is in the Big Brother House.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17 — Quick Update with Veto Winner

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 29, 2015

Hi everyone!

Okay, let me do the standard SPOILER ALERT here so that nobody accidentally wanders onto this site and reads something that they don’t want to read.

Okay, is everyone ready?

As we all know, Vanessa is HoH.  She nominated James and Meg for eviction.  James was the target.

Well, they had the veto earlier today and things weren’t looking good for James because the veto players were he, Vanessa, Meg, Austin, Julia, and Liz.  Literally everyone who wants him gone was playing for the veto.

Well, you know what?


Vanessa is super mad right now!  She spent hours trying to figure out a way to “justify” targeting James so that she wouldn’t have any blood on our hands.  (Typical Vanessa.)  She made a big deal out of telling everyone that she wouldn’t nominate John.

And now, James has the veto and he’s going to take himself off the block.  And Vanessa has to pick a renom.  Unfortunately, I doubt she’ll go after Austin and the twins but she could very well nominate Steve and Steve could be in a lot of trouble if she does.

We’ll see what happens!  If nothing else, it should be fun to watch her freak out tonight.

Lisa Marie


Hi everyone!

So, here’s a short question for y’all.  Feel free to answer in the comments section below.

Let’s say that you’re playing a game called Big Brother.  And let’s say that you have just been evicted, largely because you didn’t have any allies in the house.  You thought you had some friends but they all just unanimously voted to evict you and decided to keep a guy that absolutely nobody trusts.

So, you’re coming out of the Big Brother House.  You’ve failed.  You’ve lost your chance to win the game.  You should be really angry, right?  I mean, the entire house spent a week lying to your face and promising that you would be safe.  As Jimmy Stewart said to Mr. Potter at the end of It’s A Wonderful Life, “You’re only mistake was that you betrayed me and left me alive!”

But then you find out that you’re going to get a chance to reenter the house!  All you have to do is hold onto a rope for the longest amount of time.  And you do it!  As you hold onto that rope, you watch the other three jurors fall.  You now know that you’re about to reeneter a house that you were just kicked out of.  And you know that the other houseguests targeted you for eviction and there’s really no reason why they shouldn’t do it again.

And suddenly, you realize that almost every other houseguest has fallen off their rope.  There’s only one other houseguest left and she happens to be the houseguest who you know has been plotting against you almost since your very first day in the house.  She’s someone who you have often said you would target if you became HoH.

And all you have to do is hold on longer than this houseguest and you will not only reeneter the house but you will be HoH!  You will have immunity!  You will have revenge!  You will have a chance to change your low position in the game!

And then that one remaining houseguest — the one who you previously called the devil — asks you to voluntarily step off the rope and allow her to be HoH.

Here’s my question.

Would you do it?  Would you voluntarily give up a chance to be safe so that your biggest enemy can be in charge of your future?

I wouldn’t but apparently, Johnny Mac would.

I swear, it is so frustrating!  I love Johnny Mac but he is SUCH A TERRIBLE PLAYER!  Vanessa did promise that John would be safe but then again, why should John trust Vanessa?  For most players, being voted out of the house would be a huge wake up call.  For John, it’s apparently just another wacky day in the Big Brother house!

Anyway, Vanessa is HoH now.  She shouldn’t be.  During the competition, the HGs were told that they were not allowed to sit down on the base at the bottom of the rope.  They were only allowed to stand on it.  As anyone who saw the live feeds knows, Vanessa did sit down on that base while spinning around on her rope.  She should have been disqualified.  Instead, she is HoH.

(It’s also interesting to note that Vanessa has often promised to give HGs presents outside of the house.  This is a clear violation of the Big Brother rules.  And again, nothing has been done.  There’s not much question about who Grodner’s favorite is this year.)

Anyway, Vanessa is currently HoH and no, she’s not going to go after the Sasquatch or the Hate Twins.  Instead, she is going to nominate James and Meg.  She’s targeting James.


Lisa Marie

P.S. Check this out.  Austin and Vanessa were talking about Vanessa’s ex-husband.  Vanessa mentioned that she took her husband back after he cheated on her.  Austin replied, “NO!” and then said that a real man does not cheat.  GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR, AUSTIN!


Big Brother 17 — The Diary Room Is Now Open!!!!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 27, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Well, it’s Thursday and the Diary Room is now open!  Cast your vote over on the right side of the page or in the comments section below.

Do you vote to evict…

JOHNNY MAC, the superstar dentist


STEVE, the superdud weirdo?

And then, in the comments, which juror do you want to return to the house?

I vote to evict Steve!

And I hope that either Shelli or John (if he’s voted out) returns!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17 — Austin’s HoH Blog

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 26, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Forgive me for the briefness of his update but today has been kind of crazy day for me.  When I got off of work, I discovered that I had TWO flat tires!  So, I’ve spent most of today getting those tires replaced and we’ve also had a guy out at the house, inspecting our air conditioning unit and — well, it’s just been crazy.

Fortunately, not much is going on in the house.  John has been trying to make a deal with almost everyone but I don’t think it’s going to do him any good.  Austin and the twins seem to be determined to get rid of him.  Bleh.

Anyway, tonight, we’ll get to see Zingbot and I know a lot of people will be excited about that.  (I can NOT stand Zingbot but I’m in the minority.)  So, I’m putting up this post so everyone will have a place to talk about tonight’s zings!

Also, Austin posted his HoH Blog and it is just as bad as you would expect.  I’m going to post it below so that y’all can have fun ripping it apart!

AUSTIN’S BLOG (He Actually Wrote This Crap): 

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? I have often answered this question with the word no, but perhaps I should have been asking a much larger question… what is a sound?

My time in the Big Brother house has been full of insightful life lessons. It sounds silly, but playing a game for money on TV has forced me to confront aspects of existence that I never thought I would. A sound is only a word and it is our responsibility to breath life into each and every one of them.

In the Big Brother house it is so painful to realize the power of words. It is all that we have. Or is it? I’ve seen many of the strongest players in this game go home because of the words they spoke. Some used too many, some not enough, some were careless with their word choices, and others were victims of misinterpretation and manipulation.

So how have I navigated the waters of this fabricated reality where language shackles us in the prison of paranoia, to somehow become the HoH with only eight people remaining? The answer is faith. Not of a religious kind, but of a humanist trust that I had to embrace from the start.

I started this game by having fun and trusting my bro, Jace. This kept me away from words, away from deals, and away from betrayal. Once he left, I was an afterthought and the people who played this game without faith in each other started to turn on one another. At this point, something unexpected happened for me, something that will change the course of my life even after this game is long over… I found Liz.

I came into this experience wanting to give my entire heart to the game. I wanted to leave here with no regrets to have accomplished everything I set out to. But I never imagined that I would entertain the idea of having a showmance. But here I am two months into the show and I have not only found a showmance, but a real life romance.

Liz has changed the meaning of this experience for me. As a medieval historian, it must have been the three spinners of fate who weave our life threads together somewhere in the night’s sky that brought us into each other’s lives. Since my feelings for her became apparent in my heart, I have been playing this game for both of us… well, all three of us actually.

Hiding her twin secret, keeping her safe from conspiracy, and waiting for her to come back to me every three days when she switched with Julia was devastatingly painful. It has been a crazy ride, but now it is all paying off. We are together and making the most of our back-to-back HoHs. I do want to take this time to tell Liz and Julia’s family that I am looking forward to meeting you.

I will do whatever it takes to keep your daughters safe and happy the rest of the time I am here.

As far as this week is concerned, I had a difficult decision. I was aligned with everyone… whoops! But I choose to run with Meg and James over Johnny Mac. I’m sorry Mac fans, but I just have more fun with James and Meg.

Is that sound strategy? Probably not, but, hell, this is not just a TV show—I have to live here 24/7 and damn it, I like having fun.

It’s time for me to address my real other half… Judas!

Judas is not evil, he is the part of me that has been brokenhearted. He is the part of me that was told he isn’t good enough to be a wrestling superstar for the biggest company. He is the realist while Austin in the dreamer. Judas came here to win and prove people wrong. Austin came here because he loves Big Brother and this is his dream.

Together, I hope that we have entertained and surprised some people out there, especially all of my insane friends and family. Mom, Gman, Allison, Amy, Gabby, Nikki, Eli. I hope you are watching 24/7.

Shout out to the Live Feeders.

With much love I bid you farewell… for now,
Austin and Judas

Well, what can I say about that other than … BLEH!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17 — Johnny Mac, Imagine The House Without Him

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 25, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Well, since the house is kind of a snooze right now, I thought I would take a few minutes to address something that I get asked about often.  Like a lot of Big Brother viewers, I really like Johnny Mac.  And I occasionally get asked just why I like him so much.

Because, let’s be honest.  John is not a very good player.  He makes dumb alliances.  He trusts the wrong people.  Even though he is one of the few people to really understand just how dangerous Vanessa truly is, he’s never pushed hard enough to get her out of the house.  He regularly throws competitions, even when he knows that he’s in trouble.

So, why do I like Johnny Mac and why do I dread the thought of him being evicted on Thursday?

Any other season, I probably wouldn’t be as worked up over John.  Any other season, I would probably just say, “Well, John should have played a better game…”  But this is not like any other season.

Instead, this is season 17 and it features one of the worst casts in Big Brother history.  We’ve had bad casts in the past.  Personally, I think that the Season 15 cast was a hundred time worse than our current cast.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the Season 16 cast as well.  But, still, there is just something so uninspiring about the Season 17 cast.  For the most part, they are a collection of creepy weirdos and dull-witted narcissists and they’re amazingly uninteresting to watch.  The Big Brother editors have been working overtime to try to make the cast look interesting on the CBS show but those of us who have seen the live feeds know better.

And that’s where Johnny Mac comes in.  He’s not a good player but he is, at least, interesting to watch.  I know that a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this but at least he has the potential to be unpredictable.  At least his diary room comments are occasionally amusing.  At least Johnny Mac turned out to be totally different from what most of us were expecting him to be.  When I saw John describes as being a “superstar dentist,” I assumed that he was going to be a Will Kirby wannabe.  I was prepared to dislike him.  Instead, he turned out to be goofy and fun.

This is a season that could use a little more goofy and fun.

Want to know why it upsets me that John is on the verge of being voted out?  Let’s imagine the house without John in it.

First off, you’ve got Austin wandering around without his shirt on and talking about how Liz is his girlfriend and no one gets to talk to her unless he’s standing somewhere nearby.

And then you have Liz, tossing her hair and talking about how hot she is.

And then you have Julia, tossing her hair and talking about how hot she is.

And then you have Steve, walking in circles and talking to himself.

And then you have Vanessa, talking a million miles a minute and randomly crying.  (I’ll admit that I sometimes do the same thing but it’s not the only thing I do.)

And then you have Meg, sleeping all day and laughing about how she’s incapable of doing anything.

And finally, there’s James, hiding in closets and scaring people.

So, with the exception of James, there’s nobody around to keep things amusing.  Instead, you’ve got a collection of humorless simpletons, all talking about how famous they’re going to be once the show is over.

Seriously, Big Brother dropped the ball when it came to casting this season.  And, if John is voted out on Thursday and doesn’t come back, it will finally be obvious just how much they dropped the ball.

So, let’s hope that Vanessa either decides that she can’t trust Steve (and she’s pretty mad at him right now) or that Austin and the twins decide that Steve is the bigger target (but that won’t happen because Austin and the twins really hate John and, hilariously, seem to think that the rest of America agrees with them).

Or, if John is voted out, let’s hope he gets right back in.

Otherwise, it’s going to be a long month until the finale!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17 — It’s Time For The Manic Monday Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 24, 2015

Hi, everyone!

So, here’s what’s happening on this Monday.  Because Monday is always crazy and manic for me, I’m going to keep this update brief and then turn it over to our wonderful commenters!

So, they had the POV ceremony today and guess what?  Even though she, as usual, spent a lot of time obsessing on whether or not she should use the veto and try to get either James and Meg backdoored, Vanessa decided not to use the veto.

So, Steve and Johnny Mac are still on the block.

Yesterday, it looked like Steve was the target but apparently, the focus has shifted back over onto John.  So, it looks like John is going to be evicted and, unless he wins the right to re-enter the game, I get the feeling that a lot of viewers are going to leave with him.

And, for those of you who were wondering about Austin’s girlfriend, Jen — she has officially reacted!  Apparently, they were having troubles even before Austin entered the house but he promised her that he would remain “loyal” to her during the entire three months.  He wrote her a long letter — which has now been posted on Facebook — in which he explained that the only reason he was doing Big Brother was too make business contacts so that he could then have the money to allow him to live a “travel-filled and adventurous life” with her.

Well, his Jen has been watching the live feeds.  She has officially declared herself to now be single.  She also gathered up all of his stuff and apparently tossed out all of his stuff.

Meanwhile, in the house, Austin has asked Liz to be his girlfriend.  Liz asked Austin about Jen.  Austin lied and said that he broke up with her before moving into the house.

So, of course, Liz said yes.  And Austin says that, as soon as this season is over, he’s moving to Los Angeles so he can be with Liz.


Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17 — Finally! Veto Results!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 23, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Well, it is was a long, long night.  The veto comp took forever.  Apparently, it was a face morphing contest, which means that each player was timed and it depended on who got the shortest time.  Both Julia and Meg were playing in the veto and since those two aren’t exactly the sharpest HGs in the history of the game, I’m going to assume that they’re the ones who are responsible for the veto literally taking forever.

But anyway, the results are now in and…


Vanessa is probably going to keep the nominations the same, though you can never be totally sure with her.  It’s probably going to depend on who she’s the most angry with before the veto meeting is held.  Right now, she is suddenly very angry with Steve.  For reasons that I’m still trying to figure out, she no longer trusts Steve.  As well, Steve said that he didn’t want to be a pawn this week so now Austin and the twins are convinced that he can’t be trusted.

(How many times have Austin and the twins volunteered to be a pawn?  Expecting someone to be okay with being nominated is stupid.)

Also, Meg apparently broke down crying after she lost the veto.  So, again, Austin and the twins are wondering whether or not they can trust her.  With the way this season is going — and considering how fragile Austin’s precious little feelings appear to be — that could always lead to Meg getting backdoored.

But probably not!

This could all change but, as of right now, it looks like Steve is the new target and that he’ll probably be sent to jury on Thursday.  Of course, as soon as he’s voted out, he’ll have a chance to get back into the game.

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 17 — Still Waiting…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 22, 2015

Well, what can I say?  I was planning on not updating until we found out who won the veto but it looks like that could take forever and I’m about to go out for the night.

So, here’s a new post so that, whenever we do find out who won the veto, we’ll all have a place to discuss it!

Here’s a quick recap of what has happened:

Austin did consider nominating Vanessa but he didn’t.  (Vanessa talked to him before the nomination ceremony.  As soon as Vanessa finished making her point — i.e., that John was more of a threat than she was — Austin was called to the Diary Room.  Steve, who was waiting to talk to him after Vanessa, never got a chance to plead his case.)  Austin nominated John and Steve for eviction.

Who is Austin’s target?  It appears to be John but sometimes, it appears to be Steve.  At this point, to be honest, it appears that Austin is more interested in making out with Liz than in actually talking strategy.  But, if I had to guess, I would say that John is definitely the target.

Austin has also said that if either John or Steve wins the veto, he will use either James or Meg as a replacement nominee.  In other words, Vanessa is safe for another week.  Being the biggest and most obvious target in the house is working out for her.  Austin and the twins know that if Vanessa is ever evicted, everyone will then start to focus on them.

Anyway, I’m not sure if John understands that he’s the target.  We all know that John has to win this veto if he wants to stay but John doesn’t seem to quite understand that.  To be honest, if John throws this veto comp then he pretty much deserves whatever happens.

And, as of right now, they’re playing for the veto and we’re still waiting to see who is going to win it!

If I’m home when the comp ends, I’ll post the winner in the comments section below.

Lisa Marie


Hi, everyone!

Forgive the shortness of this post.  I woke up not feeling well and having to write about Austin is not going to make feel any better.

But, unfortunately, I have no choice to write about Austin because, after Becky was evicted last night, Austin won the HoH competition!  So, yep — it’s going to be another week of Austin and the Hate Twins in charge of the house.

And I have to be honest — at this point, I really wouldn’t be shocked to see Austin and the twins get into the final three.  They are currently the only truly solid alliance in the house and the three of them could easily trade the HoH back and forth until the game ends.  Austin and Julia would both take Liz to the final two.  Who would Liz pick?

But that’s a question for the future.  Right now, the main concern is who is Austin going to nominate.  Last night, for a while, it looked like Austin would do something smart and try to get rid of Vanessa.  In fact, Austin was bragging about how it was time to make a big move and shake up the house and maybe get rid of the strongest player in the house…

And hey, that all makes sense, right?  Good thinking, Austin!

Well, unfortunately, Austin is an idiot who is being advised by morons.  Julia is paranoid because she heard John doing one of his trademark yells in the Diary Room and she’s convinced that means that he’s part of a twist.

(By the way, the producers of Big Brother are too blame for a lot of this.  At the start of the game, they promised the HGs a twist a week.  Then, after three weeks, they changed their minds but they never bothered to tell the HGs.  As a result, quite a few evictions have been due to the fact that the HGs are still under the impression that there are hundreds of twists going on inside the house.  Thank you, Big Brother Producers, for once again screwing things up for no good reason.)

Liz spent most of last night telling Austin that he should let Vanessa survive for another week.  Instead, Austin should nominate John and Steve and try to keep the nominations the same.  And, this morning, Austin told her that was what he was going to do.

(Austin is also apparently going to dress up like his stupid alter ego for the nomination ceremony.  Austin is even thinking about wearing a clown nose, which would be appropriate.)

As of right now, it appears that the target is going to be John.  Bleh.  I’m not quite as enamored with John as I once was.  Yes, he’s amusing and fun to watch but it’s getting harder to ignore just how bad he is at playing this game.  But still, I’d like John to stick around for a little bit longer.  So, here’s hoping that the target shifts over to Creepy Steve!

The nominations are later today!

Lisa Marie