Big Brother 19 — Fights and More Fights

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 15, 2017

Hi y’all!

Well, since Tuesday night, the Big Brother House has been dominated by people fighting.  The majority of the fights have been between Mark and Josh.  Remember how Mark and Josh seemed to finally be getting along after all of their fights over the past few weeks?  Well, that’s pretty much over.

On Tuesday night, Josh and Mark got into it in the backyard.  Mark has been open about wanting to evict either Paul or Christmas if he wins HoH and Paul is not very happy about it.  As soon as Cody was nominated at the veto ceremony, Paul started to tell everyone that Mark was acting like he was upset about it.  He also complained that neither Mark nor Elena were shunning Cody as much as Paul felt that they should.  Last night, Josh called Mark out on it, which led to a shouting match in the back yard.  After a few minutes of the two of them yelling, the feeds went down and, when they came back, Mark and Josh were in separate parts of the house.

Today, Josh and Mark have continued to argue, with Mark telling Josh that Josh is now his target for eviction.  However, Mark is not the only person that Josh has been yelling at.  Today, both he and Alex decided to gang up on Elena, yelling at her for always complaining about being the pawn.  Elena’s been arguing that she gave up her job to come into the house and that she is literally broke.  Alex screamed at Elena, demanding to know what type of car Elena drives.  When Elena replied that she drove an Audi, Alex claimed this proved that Elena is not actually broke.

The feeds promptly went down and, when they came back, things had calmed down a bit.  Elena was outside talking to Cody, which led to Alex, Josh, and Paul complaining about her breaking their “no one is allowed to talk to Cody” rule.

Normally, all of this fighting would be good for Cody but he’s not really doing much to take advantage of it.  He’s said that he’s happy to see the rest of the house imploding but he’s still not really campaigning.  In fact, he’s been telling everyone that he’s prepared to leave on Thursday.

Of course, it’s also not going to help Cody that he got into an argument with Alex today, as well.  Alex was upset because she felt that Cody has been eating all of her cereal.  It was a pretty stupid argument but Alex — who is convinced that she’s going to win America’s Favorite Player — seemed to really worked up over it.

As for Paul, he’s been scurrying around the house, trying to keep everyone focused on voting out Cody.  He’s assured everyone that all they have to do is vote out Cody and all of the fighting in the house will stop.

We’ll probably see if that’s true on Thursday!

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 19 — Veto Ceremony Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 14, 2017

Hi y’all!

Everyone’s probably already heard the news but let’s just make it official:

They had the veto ceremony earlier today.  Matt is not only on the block but he also has the veto.  So, of course, he used the veto to … SAVE JASON!

During any other season, this would probably be a contender for the dumbest move in the history of Big Brother.  However, Paul is obsessed with getting Cody out and, since Paul is running Alex’s HoH, Alex replaced Jason with Cody.  And just about everyone in the house is planning on voting for Cody to be evicted.  Paul has been saying that someone should vote to evict Elena, just to make Elena nervous.  Otherwise, it appears that Cody is going to be evicted on either a 7-0 or a 6-1 vote.

Even though Matt probably won’t suffer for not using the veto on himself, it still just feel wrong.  It doesn’t feel like Big Brother.  If you’re on the block, you should always save yourself.  That’s just common sense.  Instead, Matt saved someone else and is apparently still whining about Mark using the veto on himself last week.

Speaking of Mark, he and Elena are a bit angry right now.  They thought that Matt was going to use the veto on Elena.  Alex assured Elena that she was just going up as a pawn and that she would be taken down and replaced by Cody.  Instead, Matt and Elena are now realizing that, as soon as Cody goes, they’ll be the next two targets.

Paul and Alex, meanwhile, are both growing more and more angry with Kevin.  They’re upset because Kevin has been talking to Cody.  Paul ordered the entire house to not to talk to Cody.  Jason has warned Kevin that Paul doesn’t like him talking to Cody.  Kevin, however, has said that he doesn’t like being told who he can and can not talk to.

Just a reminder: Thursday is double eviction!  It’s a 99.9% certainty that Cody will be voted out first.  After that, it depends on who wins HoH.  Mark has actually said that he might go after Paul is he wins HoH.  (However, he’s also said that he might go after Christmas.)  If Mark or Elena don’t win HoH, one of them will probably the 2nd to leave the house on Thursday night.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — False Alarm

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 13, 2017

Hi, y’all!

Okay, so briefly, it looked like something unexpected might happen in the house.  Matt had won the veto and, if he used it on himself, that would mean that Alex would not get to name a replacement.  So, to backdoor Cody, it would be necessary for Matt to actually use the veto on someone other than himself.  That’s a lot to ask of someone when he’s on the block.  Even Paul acknowledged that.

Plus, Alex was furious at Elena because Elena won $5,000 at the veto comp.  For once, I can’t wait to see the comp for myself on Wednesday because I’m still a little bit confused as to how it all went down.  I think that they wanted Elena to win the veto because she could then use it on herself and then they could put Cody on the block.  But it turned out that the veto comp was that thing where the competitors had the option of taking someone else’s prize or punishment.  And Elena took the $5,000 over the veto and, apparently, this led to Alex getting a punishment where she had to cook a huge number of hot dogs for the house.

And Alex was absolutely furious about this.  Eventually, she did say that she enjoyed making the hot dogs but she’s still mad at Elena for putting her in the position of having to do it.

So, for a brief while, Alex and Paul were talking about actually getting rid of Elena and then going after Cody.  However, Matt has now let them know that he has no problem using his veto on Jason and staying on the block.  So, we’re back to the old plan.  Cody will be backdoored.

I’m actually kind of shocked at Matt.  Who wins a veto and then uses it on someone other than themselves?  That’s just stupid.  Matt says that he want to show everyone that he can be trusted and that he can trust them but just imagine if Matt makes it to the final two.

“Matt, what was your biggest move in the house?”

“Remember when I won the veto and, instead of saving myself, I saved someone that I really don’t like because Paul told me to?  That was my biggest move in the house.”

Oh well!  Right, now it looks like Cody will be heading to the jury house on Thursday.  Since it’s a double eviction episode, it appears that either Elena or Mark will be the second target.  Apparently, they actually want Elena out more than Mark, despite the fact that Mark has actually won two comps whereas Elena hasn’t won any.

It’s a strange year but, as always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — Veto Results!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 12, 2017

Hi, everyone!

Here’s the current situation in the house:

Alex is the HoH.

Jason and Elena are on the block.  Jason volunteered to be nominated.  Elena did not.

As a result of the temptation comp, Mark is safe and Matt is the third nominee.

So, they had the veto comp earlier today and Cody’s chip was not selected.  Since the plan was to backdoor Cody, that would make it seem that everything’s going according to plan, right?

Well, here’s where things get complicated:

Matt won the veto.  If Matt uses the veto on himself, no one will go up as a replacement nominee.  In order to backdoor Cody, Matt has to be convinced to not only not use the veto on himself but to also use the veto on either Jason or Elena.  It all comes down to how much Matt trusts the rest of the house.  Matt has said that he absolutely trusts Paul but still, it’s a lot to ask someone to stay on the block.

(Then again, Matt was pretty angry when Mark used the veto on himself last week.  Matt thought that showed that Mark couldn’t be trusted.  So, who knows?  Matt may be willing to stay on the block.)

However, because of something that happened at the veto competition, everyone is really angry at Elena.  Apparently, it was one of those comps where everyone won a prize.  Elena ended up with $5,000 and Paul and Alex are not happy with her about it.  And, in the HoH room, they were also talking about maybe going ahead and voting out Elena.

(They’ve figured out that a double eviction is probably going to happen on Thursday so the attitude is that they can get rid of Elena and then get rid of Cody right afterward.)

Now, it might not amount to much.  Still, if the target does switch from Cody to Elena, it will at least be something unexpected.  Otherwise, this week is going to be pretty predictable.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 19 — Temptation Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 11, 2017

Hi y’all!

Well, it looks like its time for a new page so let me just tell you what the current situation in the house is.

The plan, obviously, is to backdoor Cody.  I think originally Alex was planning on nominating Mark and Elena as pawns and then trying to backdoor Cody.

However, they just played the temptation comp.  Mark won.  So, Mark cannot be nominated this week.  Matt came in last so Matt automatically becomes the third nominee.

When last I checked, Alex and Jason were talking about who to nominate as pawns.  Alex suggested that maybe she should nominate Elena and Paul.  (She thinks that Paul is a challenge beast, even though Jason just told her that the only reason Paul has won any comps in the house is because the other houseguests threw it to him.)  Anyway, when Alex said that she might put up Paul, Jason told her, “No, then everyone might flip on Paul!  I’ll go up!”

And that is pretty much this season in a nutshell.  Jason just volunteered to go on the block and run the risk of getting voted out because he doesn’t want anyone to flip on Paul.  I don’t understand it, myself.  Now would be exactly the right time to flip on Paul.  In fact, I’d probably even want to take Cody to the final two with me, specifically because he has so many enemies in the house that there’s no way anyone would vote to give him the money.  Instead, Jason is more concerned with keeping Paul in the house than with keeping himself in the house.

Now, I do think that Jason’s thought process is that, even if Cody wins the veto and the noms remain the same, everyone would vote out Elena before they voted out him.  He’s probably right.  Jason really hasn’t made any enemies in the house, whereas no one like Elena.  But still, volunteering to potentially sacrifice $500,000 just to keep someone else safe?  Isn’t that what everyone ridiculed Jessica for doing last week?

And really, there’s a lot you can say about Paul.  To me, it’s perfectly legitimate to call him a bully.  I personally wish he hadn’t been brought back to the game because I think it made the show boring.  But, if the houseguests are stupid enough to literally hand Paul $500,000, I can’t condemn him for taking it.

Well, we’ll see what happens.  I doubt Paul will be nominated, even as a pawn.  He’s already said that he’s not willing to do that.  Nominations should happen today and, regardless of who is put up as a pawn, the target remains Cody.

Lisa Marie

P.S. The majority of the houseguests have figured out that there’s a double eviction next week.  It sounds like they’re hoping to take out Cody first and then either Mark or Elena.


Big Brother 19 — No Surprises

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 10, 2017

Hi, everyone!

So, there really weren’t many surprises tonight.  To be honest, from the minute that Mark won the veto, Jessica’s fate was pretty much assured.  Josh may have taunted Jessica by saying that Elena was originally his target but, even if that hadn’t changed, I doubt Josh could have swung enough votes to get Elena out.  Paul wanted Jessica out and he never lost focus on that.  I imagine that, in this upcoming week, his focus will be on getting Cody out of the house.  If Cody doesn’t win the temptation or the veto, his time in the house is probably up.

For the record, the final vote was

Jessica — 7

Raven — 1

Elena — 0

I didn’t really follow Elena’s pre-vote speech.  It was obvious that she had rehearsed it several times but that didn’t make it any easier to follow.

As for what happened when Jessica left … I could have done without a lot of it.  Josh doing the circus music and continuing to shout that she had given up $500,000 for Cody was a bit overboard.  The goodbye messages showed a similar lack of class.  (I imagine that Jessica’s goodbye message would have been just as rude if she had gotten Josh out of the house.  Kevin’s pretty much the only person in the house with any class.)  Even Evel Dick was usually a nice guy in his goodbye messages, reminding the people he had just evicted that “it’s just a game.”

People in this house take things very, very personally.  Once Cody is either evicted or has immunity, it’s going to be a bloodbath in the house as everyone turns on each other.  There’s a lot of anger and resentment within Paul’s gigantic alliance and, once they can no longer focus all their negativity of Cody, things are going to get crazy.

At least, I hope it will.

For now, Alex is the new HoH and Cody’s the number one target.  (Assuming that he doesn’t win the temptation and they don’t attempt to backdoor him, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him and Mark on the block together.  Paul does not trust Mark.)

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 9, 2017

Hi, y’all!

Well, it’s that time again!

It’s time to open up the diary room!

Who do you vote to evict!?

Do you vote to evict…

ELENA, Josh’s target

JESSICA, the House’s target


RAVEN, the internet’s target?

Cast your vote over in the poll on the right side of the page or in the comments below!  And be sure to watch on Thursday to see who will be voted out and who will be the next HoH!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 19 — Today in the Big Brother House…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 8, 2017

Hi y’all!

So, even after it’s become clear that most of the house is going to do what Paul wants vote out Jessica, Josh is still trying to get Elena evicted.  Really, he only needs to get four people to vote for Elena.  That would lead to a tie and then Josh could cast the tie-breaking vote.

However, he’s not getting any help at all from Cody and Jessica.  In fact, they’re having an argument with him right now.  They both just told Josh that they think that he’s dumb and that his HoH has been a “crap shoot.”  Cody also told Josh that he’ll be happy to fight with him outside of the house, once the season is over.


Or maybe he was.  He just told Jessica, “You’re going home on my HoH, Boo Boo…”

Can I just say something about that?  I absolutely hate it when Josh calls people “Boo boo.”  In fact, I hate Boo Boo more than I hate it when Josh calls someone a Meatball.  There have been times, in the house, when Josh has expressed regret over the way that he talks to people.  Paul usually tells him not to apologize for anything.  I get the feeling that someone in the Diary Room told Josh that he needs to keep saying “meatball” and “boo boo” because every player needs a catch phrase.  But seriously, it’s annoying and it’s condescending and I get tired to hearing it.

In other news, Paul is in a cranky mood today.  Apparently, he overheard someone saying that Elena said that Paul is always going out of his way to defend Elena.  Paul is really, really upset about that.  Paul was also telling Kevin that he’s worried that people are going to start to turn on him and that, as soon as Cody and Jessica are out, people will no longer have a reason to keep Paul around.

To be honest, Paul’s probably correct about that.

What do you think?  Do you think the houseguests are ever going to turn on Paul?  And do you think that there’s any chance at all of Jessica surviving Thursday night?

Lisa Marie

P.S. By the way, as far as the votes go, Jessica had told Cody that she doesn’t want to be saved by a tie vote.  Because, apparently, that would give Josh too much power.


BB19 — Of Vetoes and Sounds

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 7, 2017

Hi y’all!

So, as all of you probably already know, they had the veto meeting earlier today.  Ever since Mark won the veto, there’s been a lot of speculation about whether or not he would use it.  Josh and Christmas were hoping that, in order to prove that he trusts the rest of the house, Mark would not use the veto.  Even Cody wasn’t a 100% sure that Mark would use the veto.  He told Jessica that a “real man” would use the veto but that Mark hasn’t been acting like a man inside of the house.

Well, Mark used the veto on himself and Josh put Raven up as a replacement nominee.  At first, Raven said that she didn’t care and that she was excited because it would mean that she would get a chance to give a speech on Thursday night.  However, as the day has progressed, Raven has started to get a little bit nervous.  She and Matt were expecting all of the other houseguests to get mad when Raven went up on the block.  The fact that nobody cares has surprised both of them.  Matt is especially angry at Mark for using the veto.

Perhaps she should be.  While I don’t think it’s going to change anyone’s vote this week, a lot of the other houseguests have been talking about how they don’t trust either Matt or Raven.  Christmas, in particular, has been saying that she has some suspicions about Raven.  As she explained it to Kevin, it makes her nervous that Raven’s accent changes depending on who she is talking to.  Christmas views Raven as being a fake and both Kevin and Jason agree with her.

That said, if Paul’s reluctant to let anyone vote for Elena, he is definitely not going to let anyone vote for Raven.  He knows that he can get Raven to do whatever he wants.  With Christmas and Josh recently showing some hints of independence, the last thing that Paul wants is to lose someone he feels he can control.

Cody, for his part, has been trying to campaign for Jessica but it’s not coming naturally to him.  There are a lot of hard feelings between Cody and the rest of the house.  Even though almost everyone seems to be starting to realize just how big of a threat Paul is, they still don’t want to work with Cody.

Cody has spent a lot of time talking to Kevin.  He told Kevin that, if Jessica stays, he won’t go after Paul if he wins HoH.  Instead, Cody says that he would go after the people who lied to him earlier.  Kevin relayed this message to Paul but Paul says it doesn’t matter.  He wants Jessica gone.

(Kevin has promised Cody that he’ll vote for Elena but he’s also promised Paul that he’ll vote to evict Jessica.)

Jessica seems to be resigned to the thought of leaving on Thursday.  Earlier today, she was telling Cody about how much she hates everyone in the house, especially Raven.  Jessica told Cody that she can’t wait to get away from “these idiots.”

Finally, there have been some weird noises playing over the house loudpseaker.  The first noise heard was a baby crying, followed by someone telling the baby to be quiet.  This was followed by the sound of barking dogs.  While all of the houseguests are trying to figure out what the sounds mean, Raven is paranoid that they have something to do with her.  She has been talking to the other houseguests and deliberately lying to them about what the sounds were.  For instance, she’s been telling everyone that the crying baby was actually a squealing pig.

What’s funny is that Raven’s lies aren’t fooling anyone.  Instead, all they’re doing is annoying the other houseguests.  Alex, Kevin, Jason, Christmas, and Josh have all talked about how they don’t trust Raven.  Again, I would be surprised if anyone other than Jessica is voted out.  However, Raven better watch herself because you don’t want to annoy people when you’re on the block!

Anyway, that’s where we stand now in the Big Brother House.  As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


BB19 — What a shocker!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 6, 2017

Hi, y’all!

So, to the shock of everyone in the house, Mark actually did something and won the veto yesterday.  Apparently, it was the Otev comp.  Even more shocking than Mark winning it was Christmas wasting her ring of replacement so that she could take Cody’s place in the comp.  If I’m interpreting what I’m hearing correctly, Christmas was not allowed to compete.

Why was it shocking?  Christmas previously promised the HoH, Josh, that she would not use her ring of replacement this week.  However, Paul apparently ordered her too so Christmas went ahead and did it.   I know that a lot of people were hoping that this would be the week that everyone would stop taking their marching orders form Paul but no, he appears to be as powerful as ever.  That’s not good news for Jessica.  Josh may want to send Elena out of the house but Paul wants everyone to vote Jessica.  Paul has also said that he wants Cody to be next week’s target and he ordered Josh to start harassing Cody once he is no longer HoH.  Josh, who seems to be getting a little tired of Paul ordering him around, said that he didn’t want to do that and Paul replied that Josh has to because no one gets under Cody’s skin like Josh does.

Cody is actually trying to campaign on Jessica’s behalf but he’s struggling, largely because he really doesn’t have much of a connection with anyone in the house (other than Jessica, of course). Earlier today, he tried to talk to Kevin.  I like Kevin but he’s really the last person in the house that you should try to convince to make a big move.  I mean, Kevin and Jason may talk about how they have to make a big move but neither has shown much of an inclination to actually do it.  Anyway, Kevin told Cody that he would vote to keep Jessica in the house but they may have just been Kevin telling Cody what he wanted to hear.

Christmas has been telling Josh that he needs to make some sort of deal that will prevent Mark from using the POV.  Apparently, she and Paul think that they can convince Mark that not using the POV would be a good way for him to prove his loyalty and to show that he trusts the house.  I doubt Mark is going to go for that.  That argument has only worked once in the entire history of Big Brother.  Marcellus did not use the POV to save himself and was voted out immediately afterward.  It’s remembered as one of the dumbest moves in BB history.

So, Josh will probably have to pick a replacement nominee and it will have to be someone from his alliance.  For all the talk about how much they all trust each other, no one seems to be eager to take Mark’s place on the block.  For his part, Matt did say that he wouldn’t take it personally if he or Raven was used as pawn.

As for tonight’s show — well, I’ll be missing it.  I will, however, be DVRing it so I can watch it later.  We’ll get to see that 9-hour temptation comp and, even more importantly, we’ll see what was said at the nomination ceremony.  Supposedly, something was said that upset Cody and Jessica.

Finally, the veto meeting is on Monday.  We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie