Big Brother 18: No Hope For Big Meech

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 28, 2016

Well, here we are!  It’s Sunday.  Sunday is always the most difficult day to write about as far as life in the Big Brother House is concerned.  With the veto comp on Saturday and the veto ceremony on Monday, little seems to happen on Sunday.

That’s especially true today.  Nicole won the veto yesterday and she has already decided that she’s not going to use the veto.  She’s going to leave her nominations the same.  Paul will stay on the block as a pawn.  Michelle will be sent to the jury, probably as a result of Nicole breaking a 2-2 tie.

Nicole has been getting a little bit paranoid today.  For some reason, she’s worried that Victor will betray Paul.  Anyone who has been paying attention to what’s been going on in the house would know that Victor would never betray Paul.  Victor is probably the only truly loyal person in the entire house.

But Nicole hasn’t really been paying much attention to anyone other than James and Corey.  Just the fact that she sees Michelle as being a bigger threat than Paul proves that fact.  And so, Nicole is paranoid.  Apparently, she is really committed to the idea of her and Corey being in a final four with Paul and Victor.

So, Nicole and Corey have come up with a plan.  They’re going to offer Victor the $5,000 in return for voting to evict Michelle.  They feel that it would seal their alliance.  It’s a totally unnecessary move but then again, if they don’t do something with the $5,000, it’ll just go back to Big Brother.  So, they figure they might as well give it to Victor.

The thing is, Corey can use that $5,000 up to the end of the next HoH comp.  Why not keep the money and offer it to someone during the HoH comp?  That’s what I would do but apparently, they’re going to give the money to Victor for no good reason.

The only other big thing that happened today was that a drone flew over the Big Brother house while the houseguests were outside.  It dropped an inflatable sex doll into the back yard.  Written across the doll was the following message: “JUR8 BBS18 #1.”

What does that mean?

I have no idea.

Anyway, veto ceremony is tomorrow!  Nicole should be keeping her nominations the same.

We’ll find out for sure tomorrow,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18: Pity The Jury…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 27, 2016

Hi, everyone!

Well, I certainly was incorrect when I said that Victor reentering the house and Nicole winning HoH would basically cause the upcoming week to be just like the previous one.  Instead, Paul and Victor are edging their way back up to the top of the house while James and Natalie are currently on the outside looking in.

Speaking of being on the outside, I hope the people in the jury house are having a good week because things are about to get a lot more whiny.  Remember when Michelle said that, once Paulie was nominated, that meant she was no longer the biggest baby in the Big Brother House?  Well, as of right now, it looks like Paulie will soon no longer be the biggest baby in the jury house.

The veto competition was earlier today.  Everyone competed, except for Natalie.  And the veto was won by …


And, as of right now, Nicole has told Corey that she’s planning on keeping the nominations the same.  That means that, come Thursday, the houseguests will have to choose whether to evict Paul or Michelle.

As of right now, it appears that James and Natalie will vote to evict Paul.

Corey and Victor will vote to evict Michelle.

And guess who gets to break the tie?  Nicole!  Considering the number of times that Michelle has publicly called Nicole a snake and told everyone that Nicole is her number one target, nobody should be shocked when Nicole sends Michelle out of the house.

I’ve had such mixed feelings on Michelle.  When the season first started, I thought she was boring.  Then, during the third or fourth week of the game, she got drunk and actually showed a little personality and Michelle became this season’s quirky, goofy girl.

And, for a few week, I was definitely Team Michelle.

But then, as Michelle started to gain more power in the house, a new side of her emerged.  Michelle revealed herself to be as big of a mean girl as the Spy Girls.  Even worse, I noticed that Michelle never really seemed to back up all of her sarcasm.  She might make fun of the way someone else was playing the game but it became obvious that Michelle had no idea how to play the game herself.

Let’s put it like this: If I constantly made fun of someone who couldn’t carry a tune, you might laugh at first.  But, eventually, you’re going to say, “Lisa, if you know everything about singing, prove it.”  And then I’d sing and y’all would discover that I’m even worse at carrying a tune.  And you would be totally justified in saying, “Who are you to make fun of anyone else?”

And then Michelle started in with the crying and that got old pretty quickly.  Even worse, she proved herself to have no loyalty to anyone in the house.  She latches onto whoever has power for the week and then breaks down into tears when no one’s willing to trust her.

So, I’m definitely over Michelle.  She’s gone about as far as she deserves to go in the house and it’s time for her to join the jury.

And, as of right now, it appears that is what is going to happen!

We’ll see if I’m right,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother: Just A Quick Friday Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 26, 2016

Hi, everyone!

Here’s a quick Friday update for y’all:

Nicole is the HoH.

Corey won the care package.  He has $5,000 that he can use as a bribe.  If the bribe is accepted, the other HG has to do what he or she said that he would do or else the money will taken back by production. If Corey does not offer anyone a bribe, the money will be taken back by production.

Victor won the right to reenter the house and oddly enough, he appears to be safe this week.  The HoH, Nicole, announced her nominations today and she put Michelle and Paul up on the block.  Amazingly, it appears that her target is Michelle!

Don’t get me wrong — I’m not a Michelle fan but she’s not much of a threat.  Paul, on the other hand, is a potential winner and he’s someone that a smart player would want to get rid of as quickly as possible.  But, for now, it appears that Nicole is hoping to get Michelle out.  This seems to be more of a personal move than a strategic one.

If Michelle wins the veto, Nicole and Corey have said that they would put up either James or Natalie.  Nicole and Corey appear to want to work with Paul and Victor so, if Michelle comes off the block, it appears that either James or Natalie will become the target.

Meanwhile, James and Natalie have both agreed that they’d rather evict Paul than Michelle.  In fact, Natalie is now describing Michelle as being her “best friend” in the house.  So, assuming that the veto is not used, we could see a situation where James and Natalie vote to evict Paul while Corey and Victor vote to evict Michelle and Nicole has to break the tie.

So, right now, things seem like they could change at any minute.  Right now, Michelle is the target but we’ll have to see what happens at the veto ceremony tomorrow!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18: Eviction, Return, and Hopefully HoH Spoilers!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 25, 2016

Hi y’all!

So, as I sit here typing this, the battle for HoH is currently down to two players.  Hopefully, it will have been settled by the time I’m reading to post this.  I’m going to post a spoiler warning here, just for anyone who might accidentally stumble across this page on FB and who doesn’t want to know who has returned and who the new HoH is.  SPOILER WARNING!

Okay, now for the rest of us —

Paul and Victor actually came up with a pretty good plan.  Playing off the fact that Natalie is totally paranoid, Paul started hanging out with Corey and Nicole.  Meanwhile, Victor started complaining to anyone who would listen about Paul.  They were hoping that they’re fake fight would lead to Natalie and James deciding to get rid of Corey.

It didn’t work, of course, but at least they tried something.  However, it seems that the main thing they accomplished was to annoy Michelle.  She and Paul had a big fight earlier today and Michelle used the C-word (yes, that word) with her.  It’ll be interesting to see if that’s shown on the CBS show, where they’ve lately been trying to give Paul more of a positive edit.

Anyway, during tonight’s live show, Paul voted to evict Corey.  Nicole and James voted to evict Victor.  Victor left for the second time and I was actually really impressed with the interview he gave Julie.  He seemed a lot more mature this time…

Then again, he may have just been a good mood because he knew he was coming back.  All this week, the houseguests have been speculating that the five members of the jury would compete to return and that’s exactly what happened!

Just like last year, it was a wall competition.  The five jurors — Victor, Paulie, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette — and the four eligible houseguests — Corey, James, Nicole, and Paul — all had to stand on a moving wall while being sprayed with water.  Fall off the wall and you’re out of the competition.  The last juror standing reeneters the house.  The last person standing — regardless of whether he or she is a houseguest or a juror — wins HoH.

Corey fell pretty quickly.  He was followed by Zakiyah and Da’Vonne, who both apparently decided to voluntarily jump off the wall together.  Bridgette soon followed.  Paulie struggled long and hard by finally, he lost his grip and he fell.  That means that Victor has now been evicted twice and has won his way back into the house twice!

However, Victor will not adding another HoH title to his record because promptly fell after winning the right to reenter the house.

Paul also struggled to hold on for a while but eventually he fell.  So, right now, James and Nicole are the last two on the wall.

Honestly, I thought that Nicole would just jump off the wall and let James have it.  But no, she really wants to be HoH.  And so does James. Both of them seem to be determined to stay on the wall no matter how long it takes.

So, perhaps James and Nicole don’t trust each other as much as we originally assumed?

Well, whatever happens, right now it seems like the house is just going to replay the previous week with Paul and Victor on the block…


Nicole is HoH!  So now, the question is: Will she hold it against James that he refuses to throw the comp for her?  And will that lead to some surprises when she makes the nominations?

We’ll find out!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18: The Diary Room Is Now Open!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 24, 2016

The Diary Room is now open!

Cast your vote to evict in the comments or over on the right side of the page!

Do you vote to evict…

COREY, the quirk guy who does not have a beard


VICTOR, the quirky guy with a beard?

Cast your vote and be sure to watch on Thursday when one of these two will be evicted and will immediately get a chance to compete with the other four jurors for the opportunity to return to the house!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18: Who Can Be More Annoying?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 24, 2016

Hi y’all!

Well, I don’t know if they’re having an official who-can-be-more-annoying competition in the house or not but everyone certainly is hyper right now.  It probably helps that everyone slept until the early evening hours.

Right now, Corey is trying to take a shower so, of course, everyone keeps running into the bathroom and throwing stuff at him.  Earlier, somebody (and by somebody, I mean James) hid one of Paul’s shoes.  I’m not sure if Paul ever found his shoe or not.  If I find out, I’ll be sure to post it somewhere.

Natalie is especially hyper tonight.  She’s been dancing around the house and she’s also been wearing the glasses that she wears whenever she wants to convince people that she’s an intellectual.  She’s stopped to look at herself in every mirror.  She also asked James if he’s secretly the “saboteur” and if production is ordering him to play pranks.  James replied, “I can neither confirm nor deny.”  That’ll probably come back to haunt James.  We all know how paranoid Natalie can be.

If Natalie seems to be especially happy, it’s probably because she’s getting everything that she wanted out of this week.  Victor is going to be evicted on Thursday and Natalie is already working on convincing everyone that Paul has to go next week.  She’s declared that Paul makes her feel uncomfortable and she’s told James that Paul is always hitting on her.  She and Nicole both got upset when Paul said that he knew how to make french fries.  For whatever reason, they’re convinced that Paul was lying about that.  Nicole said that if Paul will lie about that, he’ll lie about anything…

Paul, for his part, has figured that Victor is going to be voted out on Thursday.  For that matter, so has Victor.  I don’t know if Michelle has figured it out yet.  For the most part, Michelle’s just been eating and lying around in bed.  Earlier today, Paul was saying that he knows he has to win the next HoH or else he’s going to be nominated and evicted…

EXCEPT…Paul also thinks that the next care package is going to be something huge.  He thinks that it’s going to give whoever gets it the power to change the HoH’s nominations.  And he actually mentioned something about throwing the HoH competition because he’s sure that he’ll win the care package and it’ll be something big.

Little does he suspect that the next care package is nothing — basically, just a small amount of money that he can use to try to bribe the other houseguests.  It’s not going to do him much good with this group.

Speaking of bribes, I know that you all probably already know this but I’m just going to report it to make it “official.”  On Sunday, James and Nicole got in trouble with production because they had a conversation about splitting the prize money amongst their final four alliance.  James said that would send $10,000 to Nicole, Corey, and Natalie.  Nicole said she would do the same thing, if she won.  Of course, that’s a big violation of the rules and both Nicole and James were called to the Diary Room.

Then, because they discussed on the live feed, both Nicole and James had to announce — to the house and the viewers — that they would not share the prize money or give anyone money for their vote.  Of course, as a result of that, everyone in the house now knows just how close Nicole and James are.  It’ll be interesting to see if their “deal” comes back to haunt them.

Okay, that’s it for now!

Lisa Marie 


Big Brother 18: The Streak Continues

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 22, 2016

Hi y’all!

Okay, time for another quick update:

As we all knew he would, Paul used the veto earlier today.  He is now off the block and safe from being evicted during this week.  James, Natalie, and Nicorey are more determined than ever to get rid of him but, for this week, Victor is their target.

Now, when I posted last night, Michelle seemed to be pretty determined to nominate Nicole in Paul’s place.  Michelle really cannot stand Nicole and, to be honest, I think it goes beyond just wanting to win the game.  Michelle seems to have a very personal dislike of Nicole, one that feels more like jealousy than strategy.  I think Michelle was hoping to be this season’s quirky, klutzy girl and she’s a little bit upset that Nicole returned and stole her thunder.

(Add to that, rumor has it that, before Nicole reentered the house, Michelle had a crush on Corey.)

Anyway, the point is that Michelle was determined to nominate Nicole and Nicole had apparently accepted this.  She hasn’t even bothered to try to talk to Michelle about it because she was so certain that 1) she would be nominated and 2) that she would be safe because James and Corey were planning on voting out Victor.

However, at today’s veto ceremony, Michelle nominated Corey for eviction.  That really doesn’t change anyone’s plans.  James and Nicole are now planning on voting for Victor while Michelle remains convinced that James is on her side and will vote out Corey.

Who changed Michelle’s mind?  Oddly enough, it was Paul and Victor.  They told Michelle that they thought James wouldn’t vote to evict his fellow veteran, Nicole.  So, Michelle changed her mind.

This means that both James and Nicole — despite being veterans and despite being distrusted by almost everyone in the house — have managed to get through the entire season so far without being nominated once.  I mean, that’s really surprising.  Everyone has spent weeks talking about how dangerous the two of them are and how much they want to vote them out and yet, somehow, James and Nicole remain untouchable!

Anyway, as of right now, it looks like Victor is going to be voted out.  Michelle doesn’t know this yet.  She still think that she’s working with Natalie and James.  James has said that he’s going to tell her the truth on either Wednesday or Thursday before the eviction.  That’s nice of him, I guess.  And it may even be good strategy — at this point, James doesn’t want to upset anyone who is going to be on the jury.  But, with all that in mind, it’s a bit disappointing for those of us who want to see a good, old-fashioned blindside.

All of the houseguests seem to have figured out that a member of the jury will return.  For some reason, Natalie keeps calling it a “Jury buyback” instead of a “jury battleback.”  That said, Natalie and Michelle have just nominated two physical threats, either one of whom could conceivably win the battleback.  I get the feeling that, come Friday, they’re going to regret not nominating and voting out Nicole.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18: Just A Quick Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 22, 2016

Hi y’all!

This is going to be a quick update because there’s not much new to report.  Sunday is always kind of an odd day in the Big Brother House.  Being stuck right in between the veto competition on Saturday and the veto ceremony on Monday, Sunday always seems like something of a limbo day.  The houseguests know that the nominations are going to change but they don’t know for sure how they’re going to change.

As of right now, this is what I think is going to happen on Monday:

Paul is going to use the veto on himself.

Michelle (sorry, I just can’t bring myself to call her “Big Meech”) will nominate Nicole in his place.

Meech believes that James and Natalie will both vote to evict Nicole but what she doesn’t know is that both James and Natalie have been lying to her.  James and Corey (or Nicole, if Corey is nominated) are both planning to evict Victor and, with only three houseguests eligible to vote this week, that’s all it will take to send him out of the house.  James and Natalie have also talked about allowing either Nicole or Corey to win the next HoH because they think that Nicorey will target Paul and Michelle for eviction.

But, as soon as Victor is evicted, he’ll be competing for a chance to reenter the house and it seems like, out of all the jurors, he’ll have the best chance to get back in.  Victor is strong at challenges and I think his only real competition on the jury would come from Paulie.

Technically, the houseguests aren’t supposed to know that a juror will be returning so it’s kind of interesting that they’ve all been talking about it.  Earlier today, Victor mentioned that if there was a competition for a juror to return to the house, he was probably the only one who could beat Paulie.  And then, just about an hour ago, Natalie was telling everyone that she would freak out if Paulie was the juror who returned to the house.

So — the houseguests are either really clever or maybe someone in the diary room has been dropping hints.  Either way, nobody’s going to be all that surprised when a juror reenters the house!

As for tonight’s episode — it was okay.  It’s a little bit hard for me to get excited about the weekly episodes of Big Brother because, for the most part, they’re just telling me stuff that I already know.  When you already know both who has been nominated and who won the veto, it’s hard to get that caught up in Sunday’s show.

But I did find the following interesting:

Number one, during the recap, the announcer said that the “Final seven” celebrated at the carnival.  Of course, we all know that’s not true.  The carnival took place before Paulie was evicted and Paulie apparently even won a few prizes.

Number two, they edited out Michelle’s comments, during her nomination speech, about Paul being an atheist.  To me, that seemed like a pretty big thing to edit out.

Number three, the footage of Nicole making a mess was pretty much the definition of filler but I still had to smile while watching it, just because I’ve done the same thing more times that I want to admit.

Finally, it seems that production has finally realized that Paul not only has fans but might actually win this game because, this episode, he was given a far more positive edit than he’s gotten in the past.

Anyway, that’s it for now!  We have the veto ceremony to look forward to on Monday.  Will Michelle figure out that she’s being lied to or will she continue to be one of the more easily manipulated houseguests in Big Brother history?

We’ll find out soon!

Lisa Marie 




Big Brother 18: Again, the tide turns…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 20, 2016

Hi, y’all!

Well, you should never get too comfortable in the Big Brother House and you should always expect the unexpected.  Usually, I feel a little bit silly saying that because, over the past few seasons, it’s always been pretty easy to predict who is going to be targeted and who is going to be voted out.  It was very easy to expect the expected.

But this season, especially in the last few weeks, has really come alive.  The season may have started slow but here, in the final half, it has finally started to get interesting.  I may not like the majority of the houseguests and I have a feeling that one of my least favorite HGs is going to win this season but that doesn’t matter.  At least things have finally gotten a little unpredictable….

So, yesterday, here’s how the house stood:

Natalie was HoH.  Michelle was co-HoH.

Paul and Victor had been nominated for eviction.

Paul went up to the HoH after the nomination ceremony and laid on the guilt trip so thick that, by the time he left, he was no longer the target.  Suddenly, Natalie and Michelle were talking about using this week to backdoor either Corey or Nicole.

Now, let’s jump forward 24 hours.

The veto has been played and guess who won?


Now, Paul has really emerged as this season’s love-him-or-hate-him player.  There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground when it comes to Paul.  I’m not a huge fan of Paul personally but I do respect the fact that he’s worked his way from being at the bottom of the house to the top.  I’m tempted to announce right now that Paul is definitely going to win this season but the last time I tried to make a prediction, I predicted Paulie would win and then he proceeded to fall apart a week later.

That said, Paul really does seem to want this victory and he’s willing to fight for it.  That’s one thing that distinguishes him from the rest of the house.  In a house where almost everyone is either too laid back or too entitled for their own good, Paul is a fighter.

Anyway, with Paul winning the veto, you would think that this would be a great time to break up Nicorey but no — it appears that Natalie and Meech* have decided to switch the target over to Victor.  I don’t necessarily blame them.  Victor is a challenge threat and the only real enemy he has on the jury is Paulie.  Victor could be tough to beat in a final two situation.

So, now, it looks like Victor is about to be voted out.  What’s funny, of course, is that Victor will again have a chance to re-enter the house.  And considering how good Victor is at challenges, it seems like he has a better chance than most to be the first houseguest to not only be voted out twice but to also return twice!

We’ll see what happens but it’s shaping up to be an interesting week!

Lisa Marie

*Whoops!  My mistake: Meech is not in on the plot to target Victor!


Big Brother 18: Nominations and Stuff

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 19, 2016

Hi, y’all!

Well, judging from everyone’s comments, it sounds like the majority of you were disappointed with tonight’s “special episode.”  Basically, it turned out to be a typical Big Brother clip show.  In previous seasons, they always did a clip show with the final three drinking wine and talking about the previous few months.  This season, they apparently decided to have the Final 7 outside for a “carnival.”

(Except, of course, it wasn’t really the Final 7.  Though the show was edited to make it appear otherwise, we all know that the carnival was actually filmed on Monday, before Paulie was evicted.  That means that Paulie was at the carnival but the show’s editors basically cut around him.

Either that or, as was suggested in the comments under the previous post, they filmed two versions, one with Corey and one with Paulie.  I guess we’ll find out for sure after this season ends and the houseguests start to give interviews.)

But, regardless of how they did it, it was still as painfully awkward and obviously scripted as any previous Big Brother clip show and the houseguests themselves seemed strangely subdued while reminiscing.  Nicole tried to put some effort into sounding excited and James is pretty much a natural on camera but everyone else — even Paul — just seemed bored.

Anyway, the carnival featured an appearance from Jesse and … well, does anyone really want to talk about Jesse?  I’m never quite sure if Jesse is in on the joke or if he really is as much of lunkhead as he seems to be whenever he shows up on Big Brother.

At the end of the show, we got to see the start of the HoH competition, which involved crawling around in a bunch of goo while in complete darkness.  Ewwwww!  That would totally freak me out.  The show ended with a to be continued….

However, you already know what happened!  Here’s a quick recap:

Natalie won Head of Household!

As soon as she won, she made it clear that she was thinking of targeting either Paul or Victor.  However, what Natalie did not know was that the latest care package had the potential to make her a lot less powerful.  Michelle won this week’s care package and it was revealed that she is now the co-HoH!

That’s right — we have two HoHs this week.  Each HoH will nominate one houseguest for eviction.  Since Michelle and Natalie had been on opposite sides of the house, this seemed like it would be a great opportunity for her to challenge the Showmance Alliance!

But, no.  That’s just not Michelle.  Michelle is always going to go with the majority and it didn’t take long for Natalie to talk Michelle into targeting Paul.

And so, here are your nominations:

Natalie nominated Victor.

Michelle nominated Paul.

Paul is the target.

Apparently, during the nomination speech, Michelle said that Paul could not be trusted.  She pointed out that he had made fun of Natalie in the past.  She said that he repeatedly said, “I swear to God,” even though he’s an atheist.  I really can’t wait to see Michelle’s nomination speech on Sunday because it sounds like it might be an even bigger trainwreck than Bridgette’s speech.

What I wonder is why Michelle couldn’t just say, “Paul, you’re too big a threat and nobody here can beat you in a final two.”  Seriously, that’s all she had to say.  Instead, she and Natalie apparently came up with a lot of reasons that sound incredibly petty and more than a little hypocritical.

(Who are Natalie and Michelle to nominate anyone for making fun of someone?  That’s what the two of them have basically spent the last two months doing to almost everyone in the house.  Also, for the record, Paul has stated very vehemently that he is not an atheist.)

Paul is mad and, unlike a lot of other nominees, he has jumped straight into campaigning.  He’s already told both Michelle and Natalie that they’re making a mistake and that Nicole and Corey are the ones that should be targeted.  If either Paul or Victor wins the veto, that means that either Nicole or Corey will be the replacement nominee.  (Presumably, Natalie being HoH means that James is safe as well.)

We’ll see what happens!  With Paul fighting for survival, this should be an exciting week!

Lisa Marie