Celebrity Big Brother 2: That’s A Wrap

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 14, 2019

Okay, everyone, that’s it for the 2nd season of Celebrity Big Brother!

One month ago, 12 celebrities entered the house. And tonight, two were left standing. And those two were…. (CONSIDER THIS YOUR SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE SHOW YET) ….

Ricky and Tamar!

After spending the entire month being passive aggressive and trying not to get any blood directly on his hands, Ricky caused a bloodbath tonight. First, after LoLo voted to evict Kandi and Tamar voted for Dina, Ricky was forced to break the tie by voting out Kandi.

Then, after Ricky won the 2nd HoH comp, he personally evicted Dina (no surprise) and LoLo. There were gasps in the audience when he said that he was evicting LoLo but you know who was really shocked about it? LoLo!

Dina and Kandi both handled getting evicted fairly well. LoLo, on the other hand, was angry and bitter and didn’t care who knew it. She had convinced herself that Ricky would take her to the end but, apparently, Ricky decided it would be easier to beat Tamar.

Ricky turned out to be very much mistaken. Tamar did a pretty good job answering the questions from the jury and she gave a pretty good final speech. Ricky, meanwhile, seemed to be a bit dazed. The end result was that Tamar won by a unanimous vote. All 9 of the jurors voted for her. Ironically, if Ricky had taken LoLo or Dina to the finale, he probably would have won. Ricky made a lot of big decisions tonight and they were pretty much all wrong.

So, the end result is that Tamar is your winner, Ricky is your runner-up, and Tom Green won America’s Favorite Player!

So, why did Tamar win? Was it because she played a great game and gave good answers or was it just because everyone on the jury hated Ricky? I imagine it was a combination of both. It certainly didn’t help Ricky’s case that he personally evicted a third of the jury. I mean, he even lost LoLo’s vote.

Well, that wraps up our coverage of Celebrity Big Brother. We shall return to this site later this summer so that we can cover Big Brother 21. BUT FIRST (to quote Julie Chen), we’ll be covering Survivor over at the Reality TV Chat Blog! It starts in a week so I hope to see you there!

Thank you for reading everyone and for commenting, both here at the site and over on Facebook. This wasn’t my favorite season of Big Brother but it was still a nice distraction. I’m looking forward to the start of real Big Brother this summer!

Stay supple,

Lisa Marie

P.S. If you haven’t joined the Big Brother Blog and Reality TV Chat Facebook group, please do! It’s the best way to keep up with everything that’s going on around these parts!

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Hi y’all!

Well, it took a while but the houseguests have finally completed the final veto challenge of the season. LoLo has won the veto. I doubt that she’ll use it so, at the start of tomorrow’s finale, either Dina or Kandi will be voted out of the House.

Yes, this season of Celebrity Big Brother is almost over. I’ve come across quite a few people online who think that this was one of the best big brother seasons ever. Speaking for myself, I don’t quite agree. To be honest, this season’s been kind of boring. The celebrities are a nice distraction but I prefer real Big Brother.

With the finale coming up, it’s time to once again open up the diary room! Who do you want to win the second season of Celebrity Big Brother?

Do you vote for:







Let us know in the comments below or by voting in the poll over on the right side of the page! And then be sure to watch the finale on Wednesday to see what happens!

And remember …. Survivor starts a week after the finale. As always, we will be covering it over at the Reality TV Chat Blog!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: Final Five Tears

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 10, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Well, there’s not much to report from the House today. Ricky’s the HoH. Dina and Kandi are the nominees. The veto comp is going to be played tomorrow so we’ll see then if things are going to stay the same or if there’s going to be any more drama before the finale on Wednesday.

All five of the houseguests are going to be playing in the veto comp. Dina and Kandi, of course, are going to be playing to save themselves. However, Kandi has told Tamar that it would be best if Tamar won. That way, Tamar could take Kandi off the block without having to worry about being put up as a replacement. Kandi is planning for a Tamar/Kandi final two.

Ricky, meanwhile, has already assured Tamar that she won’t be the replacement nominee. Ricky told her that if someone used the veto, LoLo would go up as the replacement. Knowing Ricky, he could just be saying that but he does seem to think that LoLo’s a bigger threat to win the game than Tamar is.

Today, the HGs were called into the living room and they got to watch videos from home. Ricky, Tamar, Kandi, and Dina all got videos from their families and Tamar has been sobbing ever since. LoLo, meanwhile, got a video from her “training partner.” Afterward, LoLo said that her mother was probably too shy to do a video and that her coach was probably too busy. And then LoLo spent a while complaining about how “stupid” her video was compared to everyone else.

That was pretty much all that happened today. Veto’s tomorrow!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: Just a Quick Update To Make It Official

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 9, 2019

Hi, everyone!

This is just going to be a quick update because, with only 5 people left in the House, there’s not whole lot to report. Last night, Ricky won HoH. From the minute the feeds came back from the HoH comp, it was pretty obvious that Ricky would be nominating Kandi and Dina for eviction.

He did just that earlier today. Kandi and Dina are now on the block. Perhaps the only surprising thing is that Ricky had been telling Tamar that, if the veto’s used, LoLo will be the replacement. For the entire game, Ricky’s been closer to LoLo than to Tamar but I guess Ricky views LoLo as being a bigger threat to win the game.

But then again, if LoLo is a threat, why not just nominate her for eviction as opposed to someone who has no chance of winning, like Dina? With only 5 people in the House, everyone’s going to be playing for the veto so it’s not like Ricky’s trying to backdoor LoLo or anything. I can understand viewing Kandi as being a threat to win but why nominate Dina? If I’m trying to win in the final two, Dina is probably exactly the person that I want sitting beside me. She’s done nothing in the game and would be very easy to defeat.

So, I don’t quite agree with or understand Ricky’s logic but then again, Ricky’s always kind of been off in his own little world anyway.

We’ll see what happens but, as of right now, Kandi and Dina are on the block.

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: Here’s Your Final Five

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 8, 2019

It’s almost over, everyone!

So, if you watched tonight’s live show you saw the following:

  1. Natalie Eva Marie was voted out by a unanimous vote.
  2. They did a special Safety Comp, which Tamar won. That meant that Tamar could not be nominated for eviction but she also couldn’t compete for HoH.
  3. LoLo won her first HoH.
  4. Lolo nominated Tom for eviction and then said she couldn’t think of anyone else to nominate. Apparently, she was so determined to get rid of Tom that she didn’t even think about who else she would put on the block. Finally, after much prodding by Julie, Lolo nominated Kandi.
  5. Tamar won the veto.
  6. Tamar did not use the veto.
  7. By a unanimous vote, Tom was voted out. Tamar danced while he was leaving.

So, we now have our top 5. They are:

RICKY, former NFL payer and marijuana enthusiast

DINA, Lindsay Lohan’s mother and alcohol enthusiast

LoLo, Olympic runner and tantrum enthusiast

TAMAR, singer and drama enthusiast


KANDI, the real housewife and big brother entusiast

Out of that group, I would think that Kandi would have the best chance of winning, assuming that she makes it to the final two. For his part, Tom told Julie that he’d probably vote for LoLo if she made it to the end but I kind of doubt LoLo’s going to make it to the final two.

So, here’s the plan for the remaining few days of Celebrity Big Brother:

  1. A new HoH will be selected. LoLo cannot compete for HoH, which is bad for her because, with Natalie gone, she’s now the most obvious target in the House.
  2. The new HoH will nominate two HGs for eviction. We’ll go through the veto comp and all of that stuff.
  3. On Wednesday, one HG will be evicted and then the remaining four will compete in the final HoH comp.
  4. The new HoH will evict two people from the House.
  5. The two remaining HGs will then make their pea to the jury and a winner will be selected.

And then Celebrity Big Brother will be over! (Fear not, Survivor will start a week later.)

We’ll see what happens. It all kinda depends on who wins the next HoH comp. If Ricky doesn’t win it, I have a hard time seeing LoLo not being targeted.

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Bother 2: It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 7, 2019

Though you didn’t see it on tonight’s episode, today the veto ceremony was held in the Big Brother House.

Tom’s the HoH. Ricky and Natalie were the nominees. Tom won the veto and had the power to veto one of his nominations if he chose to do so. Now, all last night, Tom kept telling Kandi that they absolutely had to get Ricky out of the house. He even said that he was willing to take Natalie off the block and nominate LoLo because he’s convinced that no one would vote for LoLo.

So, it’s a little bit strange that today, at the veto ceremony, Tom did the opposite of what he kept saying he was going to do. He used the veto on Ricky (!) and nominated LoLo as the replacement. It would appear that, with the help of Kandi, Tom finally came to his senses and realized that neither Natalie nor LoLo want to work with him. So, he decided that it was more important to break the two of them up than to go after Ricky.

So now, the nominees are LoLo and Natalie and that means that it is time to …. OPEN UP THE DIARY ROOM!

Who do you vote to evict? Do you vote to evict….




Let us know in the comments below or by voting over in the poll on the right side of the page. And then be sure to watch tomorrow for a special two hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother! It’s Double Eviction night so two houseguests will be leaving!

As for me, I vote to evict LoLo because we Maries have to stick together.

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: The Tom Green Show

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 6, 2019

Hi, everyone!

So, it’s amazing what can happen on Big Brother. One day, you’re at the bottom of the house and you’re on the verge of getting voted out. The next day, you’re the most powerful person in the House and it seems like you might very well be unstoppable.

That’s certainly the situation that Tom Green has found himself in. Just a few days ago, his closest ally was voted out and everyone was making plans to get rid of him. And then, suddenly, Tom won HoH! Tom had a new alliance! Tom nominated two his biggest enemies, Natalie and Ricky. And as of today….


Now, you would think this would be great for Tom but he looks more stressed now then he’s looked all season. Tom’s problem is that he tends to overthink things. He’s the type who will spend so much time analyzing a problem that he’ll often forget about solving it. That’s what got him in trouble the last time that he was HoH. He spent so much time trying to figure out who had the power that he ended up alienating everyone in the House. When he won HoH for the second time, Tom promised that he wouldn’t allow it to make him neurotic and paranoid. Obviously, he hasn’t been able to do that.

So now, instead of doing the simple thing and keeping his nominations the same, Tom is overthinking. After the comp, he told Kandi that he might veto Natalie and replace her with Lolo. His theory: Everyone likes LoLo so they’ll be more likely to evict Ricky. Tom went to say that he thinks he can still work with Lolo. Even after Kandi told him that he is pretty much hated by the three athletes, Tom is still convinced that all he has to do is get rid of Ricky and everything will be okay between them.

Meanwhile, Tamar is in a panic that Tom is planning to backdoor her. Kandi’s been assuring her that Tom isn’t going to do that but if we make it to Friday without a huge blow up in the House, I’ll be shocked.

Veto ceremony is tomorrow.

Double eviction is on Friday!

And come Wednesday, we’ll have our second winner of Celebrity Big Brother!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother: And your nominees are….

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 5, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Well, you can always count on things to change quickly in the Big Brother House and we’ve certainly seen that over the past few hours. Just last night, with Kato being evicted on a 5-0 vote, it appeared that Tom was doomed.

And now, today …. he’s HoH!

That right, Tom won the Head of Household comp so he’s going to get to stay in the House for at least a little bit longer than we might otherwise have expected. (Of course, since Friday is going to be a double eviction, it might just be a few minutes longer.) Tom now has all the power in the house and while he promised everyone that he wouldn’t let it go to his head, he has once again been overanalyzing and over examining everything.

Along with becoming HoH, Tom appears to have gotten himself a new alliance. Realizing that they don’t have any hope of winning if the three athletes (Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky) aren’t broken up, Kandi and Dina have joined with Tom. In fact, Kandi even got Tom to promise her that he wouldn’t do anything as HoH without consulting her first. Kandi also told Tom who he should nominate for eviction. In other words, Tom may be HoH but, right now, Kandi has all the power.

Originally, Tom seemed pretty determined to nominate Natalie and Lolo for eviction but Kandi talked him into nominating Ricky and Natalie instead, with Ricky as the target. They just finished up the nomination ceremony and the three athletes are not happy. When last I checked, Tamar was telling them that she agrees with all three of them that it was stupid for Tom to come after them. Of course, Tamar’s lying. Kandi told Tamar the plan before the nomination ceremony and Tamar was totally on board with it.

So, right now, Ricky is the target but there’s is a veto comp coming up. And, of course, Friday is going to be a …. DOUBLE EVICTION!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: Waiting for the HoH Comp To Begin…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 5, 2019

Hi, everyone!

Well, I’m sitting here waiting for the HoH comp to begin. Apparently, it is going to be tonight at some point but there’s still some confusion, inside the house, as to when it’s going to start. Immediately after the end of the live show, Tamar said that the HoH comp would probably start in another two and a half hours but, as I sit here typing this up, that deadline has passed and it hasn’t started yet.

While we wait, here’s a quick recap of what happened tonight, in case you missed it. It’s nothing surprising. They played forthe veto on the live show and LoLo won it. (It was one of those comps where they had to answer questions about a “comedy” act that they had just sat through.) LoLo did not use the veto and, by a vote of 5-0, Kato was voted out of the House.

So now, Tom is on his own in the House. Or is he? It all depends on who wins the HoH. Natalie and LoLo will probably nominate Tom if they win HoH. Since Ricky can’t stand Tom, he’ll probably target him as well but you can never be too sure where Ricky’s head as at.

However, both Kandi and Dina want to take out either Natalie or Lolo. They feel that they’ll be impossible to defeat if they make it to the finale. So, if Kandi or Dina wins HoH, Tom may be safe. Of course, Kandi and Dina have been inconsistent when it comes to challenges.

As for Tom, he’s been trying to repair the damage that was done by his HoH reign. He made it a point to thank everyone for keeping him in the House. He promised LoLo that, if he does win HoH, he won’t allow the power to go to his head. Tom’s been saying thanks and apologizing to everyone but it doesn’t seem like anyone believes that he’s being sincere. Ricky and Tamar have been telling everyone not to believe a word that Tom says.

So now, it’s all a matter of who wins tonight’s HoH comp.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie

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Celebrity Big Brother 2: HoH and Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on February 3, 2019

Hi, everyone!

So, at the end of last night’s epiosde, we saw Joey get evicted from the house on a 6-0 vote. At first, it seemed like Joey might be staying but then Tamar got into a fight with Lolo and apparently announced that there was no way she’d agree to go along with Lolo’s plan to vote out Kandi. So, as a result, Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie went ahead and voted for Joey.

So, in short, Tamar was the most powerful person in the House last night.

Well, she’s the most powerful person in the house right now, as well. Last night, after Joey left, Tamar won HoH. That means that Tamar will not have to use her Publicist Power to ensure her safety in the House.

There was a lot of speculation about what a player as quick to anger as Tamar might do as HoH but, in the end, she did what most people were expecting her to do. She nominated Tom and Kato for eviction. Apparently, she said some fairly harsh things about both of them in her nomination speech. Tom has been saying that he might tell production that he wants them to tell Tamar to stop lying about him in her speeches. I’ll be interested to see what Tamar actually said when they show the nomination ceremony on Monday.

As for who will be leaving the House, the target right now is Kato but if Kato wins the veto tomorrow night, the target will switch to Tom. So, as of right now, one of the members of Tomato will be leaving the House tomorrow night.

Tomorrow, both the veto ceremony and the eviction will be live so we’ll see what happens! Believe it or not, there actually only a handful of days left to go in Celebrity Big Brother. The game ends on February 12th!

Lisa Marie

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