Wow…it took a little bit to find the key to the Big Brother Blog Diary Room but i found it and was able to get the door open.

So as we saw after the POV that Steve is safe and tonight either Jace or Jackie will be out the door.

So tell us Big Brother Blog faithful, who do YOU VOTE to leave the Big Brother House this week?

Cast your vote below!

Peace, BBBlogger

PS: Thank you for being a part of the Big Brother Blog! Please cast your vote below and comment who you want to evict and who you think will be the next HoHs!


Big Brother 17: Are we all…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 1, 2015

…ready for a certain someone to leave the house?

(SPOILER ALERT!  I know that the visitors of this site already know who has been nominated and who is being targeted but I also put these posts on Facebook and I don’t feel like having to deal with any of the “Please do not spoil the show!” jerks who occasionally climb out of the woodwork.)

Anyway, now that everyone’s had proper warning, are we all ready for Jace to go?

Seriously, what a jerk!  He’s trying hard to convince people to keep him around and the natural tendency is to respect that.  At least, he’s fighting, right?  At least he’s not just accepting his fate or sitting around in the diary room crying.

But no…

Sorry, I can’t respect Jace.  Jace is a jerk.  Jace is a bully.  Jace tries to project this mellow surfer vibe but actually, he’s a mean and vindictive guy.  That he’s not sincere is one thing.  Few people in the house ever are.  Jace, however, is totally incapable of even coming across as being sincere.  I can’t remember, of the top of my head, how old Jace is but I’m surprised he’s survived for this long.  Because seriously, being stupid and a jerk is no way to go through life.

Case in point: his bullying of Steven last night.  Jace, obviously, looked at Steven with his glasses and his awkward social skills and his lack of physical ability and he decided that he didn’t have to speak respectfully to Steve.  He didn’t have to maybe ask Steven for his vote or attempt to speak to Steven like an equal.  

Instead, Jace decided to act like that guy in high school who never realizes just how much everyone hates him.  You know the type.  He’s the guy who makes mean jokes about people, calls people names, and who always laughs the loudest at his own obnoxious jokes.  He’s the guy who wrongly assumes that everyone’s cheering him on while he acts like a bully and who never understands that actually everyone wants to stay as far away from him as possible.

Last night, Jace asked to speak to Steve alone.  After Steve very politely agreed (even though Steve could have justifiably said that there was nothing left to say because it’s not like Jace has any power in the house whatsoever), Jace proceeded to berate Steve like a schoolyard bully.  Jace played the “nobody really likes you” card.  Jace whined that Steve had betrayed him.  Jace called Steve some  names that I’m not going to repeat here.

And seriously, did Jace actually think this would win him Steve’s vote?

Jace needs to grow up and realize that he’s not on a schoolyard.  (And even if they were on a schoolyard, Jace would still be a loser and a jerk.)  When Jace walks out of the Big Brother House on Thursday, it’s going to be because he was too stupid to understand that, especially during the first few weeks, Big Brother is a social game.  The more unlikable you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be the first one out the door.

So, yes, I am ready for Jace to go.

And here’s hoping the door does hit him on the way out!



Big Brother 17: Everyone Hates Audrey (Except for Clay)

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 30, 2015

I don’t have much to share today, beyond what you already know.  Stephen won the power of veto and used it on himself.  James nominated Jace to sit on the block beside Jackie.  The plan is for everyone to vote Jace out and that’s what will probably happen.  

To be honest, I think it would make more sense to vote out Jackie, just because she’s more of a potential winner than Jace will ever be.  In just one week, Jace has proven himself to be so obnoxious and such a terrible player that there’s no way he could ever win the game.  Even if he somehow ended up in the final two, it’s doubtful that anyone on the jury would be able to bring themselves to actually vote for him.  (Probably the only vote that Jace could count on would be Austin’s and that would all depend on Austin actually surviving long enough to make it to the jury house.)  

Jackie may not be a great player but she’s definitely more of a threat than Jace.  As well, voting her out early would keep her and Jeff from becoming a power couple.  If I’m thinking about who I want sitting beside me in a final two situation, I don’t want Jackie there.  I want Jace there because Jace cannot win.

By all logic, Jackie is the one to vote out but Jace is just so obnoxious that everyone wants him to go.  And who knows?  Maybe without Jace around, Austin will actually become the interesting player that we all thought he would be.  The Austin and Jace Bro Alliance will be no more and that’s probably a good thing.

I talk a lot about how all-girl alliances hardly ever work in Big Brother, especially when they’re started during the first week.  But Bro Alliances are almost always just as doomed.  Arguably, the one Bro Alliance that worked was the Brigade and the Brigade wasn’t formed during the first week of the game.  The members of the Brigade at least got to know each other before swearing loyalty.  However, ever since the success of the Brigade, Big Brother houseguests have obviously felt pressured to create alliances as early as possible.  Unfortunately, they usually spend more time coming with an alliance name than actually asking each other, “Do I really want to work with this person?”

Case in point: Audrey started a countless number of alliances with everyone and now she is public enemy number one.  With the exception of Clay, nobody trusts her.  Everyone wants her out of the house.  I saw one site where the headline read, “Is the first transgender house guest really only going to last for two weeks?”  If Audrey is voted out, she has no one to blame for herself.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is: if you’re a bad player, you’re a bad player.  And, this week, Audrey has proven herself to be an enthusiastic player but not a particularly smart one.

The house is currently organizing against Audrey.  Will Audrey only last two weeks?

If she’s voted out next week, she’ll have no one to blame but herself.



Big Brother 17: It’s Monday…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 29, 2015

…and Monday is the day when I’m running all over the place, trying to catch my breath.  Monday’s are the days when I usually have about 15 minutes to write up the update and get it posted before I have to run off somewhere.

So, excuse the shortness of this Monday update.  But I know that our wonderful commenters will more than make up for it. :)

Anyway, they had the veto ceremony yesterday and, just as we all expected, Stephen took himself off the block and James replaced him with Jace.  And, as of right now, its look like Jace is out the door.  And can you blame the house for wanting him gone?  Jace is just obnoxious.  I have yet to see him eat but I’d be surprised if he closes his mouth when he chews.  There’s some people who you just spend a minute watching and you know that he probably eats with his mouth open.  And Jace is one of those guys.

However, with Jace going home, it starting to look like Audrey might be the target next week.  Over the past few days, Audrey has been making alliances with everyone and essentially trying to be the house mastermind.  And she had some initial success but, just as many of us predicted, she tried too much too soon.  Houseguests have started to compare notes and are realizing just how many deals Audrey has.  

Apparently, James was planning on singing a song about Jace when he nominated him.  (That’s how annoying Jace is.  People want to humiliate him while nominating him.)  However, at the last minute, James decided not to.  However, Jace somehow knows about the song and was even heard singing it.  

So, James know that somebody in his alliance cannot be trusted to keep secrets and he suspects that it could very well be Audrey.

So, will Audrey be targeted next week?  And, if she is, will Alison Grodner actually allow her to be voted out of the house?

We’ll find out!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17: I am very confused…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 28, 2015

…okay, well, I’m not that confused.  

I mean, it’s Big Brother and we all know how Big Brother is played.  People make multiple alliances and, with some prodding from the show’s producers, they come up with cutesy names for their alliances.  There’s always a lot of talk about what the House wants but usually it comes down to what one very outspoken person is demanding.  Whenever a player comes on too strong — like Amanda in BB15 or Frankie in BB16, there’s a tendency to let them boss everyone around and basically use them to be the villain.

(The smartest thing Andy did in BB15 was to make an alliance with Amanda and then allow her to do all the dirty work until he could finally betray her.)

But these past few days…

Seriously, these houseguests have been playing like crazy since the live feed came on.  Actually, they were playing before the live feeds even began.  And, to a certain extent, I’m glad that the people there want to play but I still have my doubts about whether or not anyone in the house is smart enough to maintain a consistent strategy.

Unfortunately, it does sometimes make it a struggle to keep up with who is working with who and who is going to the next one to be betrayed by his or her former allies.

Right now, everyone seems to be okay with backdooring Jace after the veto ceremony.  And that’s okay with me.  I haven’t gotten to watch as much of the live feeds as I would have liked over the past few days.  But from what I have seen, Jace is a loudmouthed jerk.  He’s the type that my cousin Erica would call a “dumbfug toadsucker” but that’s just because Erica doesn’t like to curse.

Jace appears to only have one real ally in the house and that’s Austin.  

And speaking of Austin, I had high hopes for him during the first episode.  He was the big scary-looking guy who was smarter than he looked.  That’s one of my favorite type of players right there!  But, from what I’ve seen of him since that episode, Austin has not impressed me.  He mostly seems to be in the house for the fame.

The only thing that keeps Austin from being the biggest disappointment is that Vanessa is in the house.  For someone who was presented as being this super sneaky, strategic-minded poker player, Vanessa has so far either been a cry baby or a nonentity.

So far, it seems like Audrey is playing the most determined game right now.  She’s in two alliances right now — or at least she was the last time that I checked.  She could have formed five more in the time it took me to write this, that’s how hard Audrey’s playing this game.  And ultimately, I think that will be her downfall.  She’s not as obnoxious as Amanda but she’s definitely making the same mistake of trying to dominate the house too early.

(And yes, the whole idea of an all-girls alliance fell apart pretty quickly.  It almost always does in the Big Brother House.)

Finally, isn’t Clay nice to look at?  Unfortunately, it appears that he is dumb as a rock but oh well… :)

Veto ceremony may be held today and it should be a dramatic one.  And, tonight, we have a new episode of Big Brother — which will be good because there’s a lot that’s gone on that I still need to get caught up on.  Hopefully, tonight’s episode will feature some footage of Stephen hiding in a trash can and trying to get information.  Ever since I heard that this may have happened before the feeds went live, I have been eagerly waiting for confirmation.

Enjoy the show!

Lisa Marie




Big Brother 17: Just A Quick Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 26, 2015


Hi, everyone!  Well, the live feeds have just come on and already there’s drama in the house.  Jace appears to be getting on everyone’s last nerve and what’s amazing is that he doesn’t seem to realize it.  From what little I’ve had the chance to see (sorry, I’ve been at work), Jace just seems to be the epitome of loud and rude. 

Obviously, what Jace doesn’t seem to understand is that the first vote of the game is almost always a personal one.  The houseguests are still looking each other over and asking themselves, “Do I really want to spend an entire summer with that jerk?”

Now, I don’t have as many details as I would like.  A lot appears to have happened before the live feeds started.  I imagine that the next show will clarify things a little bit more.  But for now, this is what I do know.


James is the head of household.  He won battle of the block.

His nominees were Steven and Jackie.  I don’t know if it was James’s plan to begin with or if he’s just now trying to go along with the house but James was apparently looking to backdoor either Jeff or Jace.  (If, however, Jeff or Jace won the veto and didn’t use it, then Jackie would have gone home.)  Steven appears to have been the pawn in this scenario.

Now, I’m sure we’ll get to see Steven sitting in the Diary Room and saying, “Pawns go home!”  That happens every season.  However, Steven does not have to worry because earlier today, he won the veto!

So right now, the plan appears to be for Steven to come up with the block and to be replaced by Jace.  And Jace will probably be the first person voted out.  I’m not sure if that was James’s plan all along or if he’s now just going with the house’s wishes. 

Because, seriously, nobody seems to like Jace.  During the premiere, Jace was edited to look like your typical goofy Big Brother surfer but apparently, a little of Jace goes a long way.

In fact, it appears it’ll be going right out the door next week.





Big Brother 17: I Love Phil But Was That Really A Twist?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 25, 2015

Hi, everyone!

So, what did everyone think of tonight’s episode?

 I was happy to see Phil from The Amazing Race.  One of the reasons why I love The Amazing Race (even when they have a disappointing season like the last one) is because Phil is such a great host.  He really gets into the race and seems to care about all of the competitors.  It was interesting to contrast the way that Phil talked to the Big Brother Houseguests with the way that Julie talks them.  Phil said the same things that Julie usually says but he actually said them with emotion.  It was fun!

That said, I’m not sure that introducing two houseguests really counts as a twist.  That’s why Phil was there, of course.  He was there as part of the first BB Takeover and his twist was that Jeff and Jackie — who were on the Amazing Race last season — are going to be on Big Brother this season.  (News of this, of course, leaked a week ago so I don’t think anyone watching was surprised.)  

Now, I’m not really sure why, out of everyone who has ever been on the Amazing Race, we were supposed to get excited about Jeff and Jackie.  Jeff and Jackie were likable and they were cute together when they were racing.  But, ultimately, they were both kind of boring.  I would rather have seen Haley and Blair enter the house.  That would have caused some drama!

Anyway, Jeff seems to think that he can fool everyone into thinking that he and Jackie don’t have an alliance.  Why he thinks that, I’m not sure.  I’m going to predict right now that both of them are going to be nominated.  However, just the fact that there were invited to go from one show to another indicates that people at CBS like them.  So, I’m sure that there will be a Battle of the Block twist designed to save them if they do end up getting nominated.

Anyway, the other 8 HGs entered the house tonight.  Here’s a few first impresions:

Jeff and Jackie, I already talked about.

Becky is from Colorado and … that’s about as big an impression as she made on me.

Jason is a super market cashier.  He’s short, he’s flamboyant, and he stunned everyone by winning the 2nd HoH comp.  I don’t know how I feel about Jason, to be honest.  He seems like he could be a great villain or he could just be annoying.  We’ll see.

John is a dentist and he really needs to calm down a little.

Liz is from Miami and I imagine all the boys will like her.

Steve is the nerdy college student who is being set up to be this season’s Ian Terry.  I’m one of the few people who really didn’t like Ian but he did win the game as a result of being consistently underestimated.  

And then there Vanessa, who is professional poker player but who is pretending to be a DJ.  Interestingly enough, she and professional poker dealer Da’Vonne did not recognize each other.  (Also, Da’Vonne refuses to accept that John is actually a dentist and I don’t blame her.)

The 2nd HoH competition was won by Jason.  So now, it’s up to him and Jason to make their nominations.

We’ll see what happens!




This 2 part idea is fun but after last night I kept waiting for more. Kinda like halftime of a big game.

1st half highlights
1. James won the first HOH.
2. There will be a lot of TWISTS this Summer.
3. BOTB is back.
4. There will be a set of TWINS playing the game. (Have you guessed the Twin?)

So halftime…

What can we expect from tonight’s second half??

1. More houseguests!
2. A second HOH.
3. Finding out who Twin City is! (my nickname for the new Twist)
4. More people falling in love with Clay! 😉

And after the second half is over, CBS All Access will fire up the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds! WHOO HOO!


This is shaping up to be a fun summer of Big Brother and I am thankful to each and everyone of you. So jump in, comment below, introduce yourself and welcome to the best blog about Big Brother on the internet. PERIOD!

Peace, BBBlogger

PS: Be sure to get the feeds! Free for the first week then only 6 bucks a month!


Well THAT escalated quickly! A clarification…

by BBBlogger on June 25, 2015

This is a personal blog post to all of my regular posters of Big Brother Blog! We are less than 6 hours into a new season and it seems like we have more drama then the new Big Brother house!

Now, to everyone who commented on my last post earlier today. I am sorry. I’m sorry that you were offended by my comments! I consider all of you guys the heart and soul of the Big Brother Blog. As I said, this blog is YOUR blog! I hope you will accept my apology and know that without you all, (and I mean all of you, from those that have been with the blog since the beginning and who used to stay up all night commenting to our more recent arrivals) there would not be a Big Brother Blog!

We have been together for years. We have been through many people coming and going and have even seen some of our regulars pass on.  What we all have in common is that we are people who call this blog our HOME!

Now, please know, all I want is for people to continue to have a place to freely express themselves abut this show that we all love.  The goal of this blog has always been to create an open and accepting atmosphere for everyone! The regular commentors are the life of this blog. I would hate for any of you to leave because of a misunderstanding or a poorly-worded post.  

So let me try to restate what I meant to say…and let me know if it makes any sense to everyone.

1. This is your blog. Say what you want.
2. This is your blog. Express what you want.
3. This is your blog. Have fun!

My personal goal is to have a nice place to talk about Big Brother. That’s all that any of us want and if you want something else, this is not the site for you.

Now this goes both ways! I do not want to hear about people telling others to “keep it clean” either.  Part of having a free place to express ourselves means that sometimes we might hear opinions or language that we may not like.  The conversations on this blog have never had a rating and they’re never going to.  If mature language or snarky comments offend you, there are other blogs!

My last post made it seem I was censoring and for that, I apologize….that was NOT my goal.  We believe in freedom of speech.  I apologize if I was unclear when I requested no “mean” comments about the houseguests.  Of course, you can criticize the houseguests for their gameplay or their personality or their showmances.  That’s a huge part of what we all love about Big Brother!  HOWEVER…I am still going to say that any hate speech, racial slurs, bullying statements, will not be tolerated. EVER! I will delete those posts and will not lose any sleep over it.

Finally, we are a diverse group.  What we all have in common is that we love Big Brother.  This site is about Big Brother.  This site does support freedom of speech but we do request that the majority of your comments be somehow related to Big Brother.  

As well, it is important to be aware that not everyone on this site has the same political or religious beliefs.  Unless it somehow involves what is happening on the show, we respectfully request that commentors refrain from pushing either their own political or religious views on the site.  This is just not the appropriate forum for it.  

So with that, I am off to sleep and will review comments in the morning! Hopefully this will be the last post EVER like this and hopefully we can finish the season premier on a good note and start the LIVE FEEDS tomorrow night on the same page!

If you have an issue, i am available via email.  If I cannot be reached, Lisa can be reached at

Again, I am sorry that I offended the blog family! I hope you will all forgive me and give the blog another chance.  

Peace, BBBlogger


Hi, everyone!

Did everyone watch the first episode of Big Brother 17?  What did everyone think?  I just finished watching it and I’m just going to share a few of my immediate reactions.

First off, Chenbot is back!  Yes, I know that Julie has her fans and I will even admit that her stiff delivery has become one of the show’s trademarks.  We (or maybe I should say, I) complain about her but it just wouldn’t be Big Brother without Julie.

Secondly, as always happens at the start of Big Brother, we were promised a summer full of twists.  I have to admit that there’s a part of me that always cringes a little bit when Julie promises twists and tells us the expect the unexpected.  To me, the best twist would be a season that’s just about gameplay and human interaction.  To me, the constant twists tend to get in the way of actually getting to know the houseguests and they also leave the show open to charges of being rigged.  So, I definitely would like to see a summer with no twists.

However, that won’t be this summer!  Julie told us that there would be three twists and here they are:

Twist number one was described as being a “fan favorite.”  That’s right — Battle of the Block is back!  Was Battle of the Block ever a fan favorite?  If I remember last year correctly, I thought it was an interesting idea that didn’t really pan out the way it was supposed to.  (Add to that, Battle of the Block seemed to be mostly be something that was invented to keep Frankie from getting evicted.)

(Speaking of which, was anyone else scared that Frankie Grande was suddenly going to show up during tonight’s show?)

The second twist: BB Takeover.  And I’m still not really sure how BB Takeover works but apparently, every week, a new twist will be introduced.  Will each twist only last a week?  I’m not sure.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if this means that we’ll have all-stars popping up out of nowhere and maybe some coaches will drop by or maybe a random eviction.  Who knows?  BB Takeover sounds like it could be fun.  I just hope that they’re really twists and not just someone having to wear a unitard.

The third twist (which the HGs do not know about): One of the HGs has an identical twin who will be randomly taking his or her place and if the twins survive for five weeks then the twist will be revealed and the twin will be allowed to compete along with his or her sibling…


They did this before!  I can’t remember which season but they definitely did this twist before and it seemed really silly then and I get the feeling it’s going to seem really silly now…

Also, we met 8 of the houseguests.  (The other 8 will move in tomorrow).  Here are a few of my first impressions:

Audrey Middleton is the first transgender houseguest in the history of Big Brother.  She was quick to form an all girl’s alliance with Da’Vonne and Shelli.  Personally, I think she was a little bit too quick to do so.  Personality-wise, she reminded me a little bit too much of Amanda from Big Brother 15 and that’s never a good thing.

Austin Matleson is the pro wrestler.  I think it was very smart of him to admit to being a pro wrestler, instead of trying to convince everyone that he was actually a teacher or a groundskeeper.  I actually like Austin.  He looks scary but he seems to be smart.

Clay Honeycutt is a student at Texas A&M.  As y’all know, I live in Texas and it’s taking all of my self-control not to make an Aggie joke.  As for Clay, he’s hot, he’s athletic, and he’s from my home state!  So, I like him. :)

Da’vonne Rogers is a professional poker dealer.  She formed an early alliance with Audrey and volunteered to sit out of the HoH competition, which probably means she’ll get a special reward of some sort.  Judging from how tonight’s show was edited, Da’vonne is being set up to be a power player.  She seems like she could go far but I think her alliance is doomed.  Her strong personality is going to clash with Audrey’s strong personality.

Jace is the cute long-haired skater from California.  Every season has a cute skater from California and Jace is this season’s.

James Huling is funny and I like him.  He seems like he could become another Judd.  He won the first head of household competition so we’ll get to see how good of a player he is over the next few days.

Meg Maley is a waitress from New York.  Her voice is going to drive me crazy.  Hopefully, she’ll be voted out soon.

Shelli is an interior designer from Louisiana.  The show is obviously setting her up to be cougar and for Clay to be her prey.  Shelli formed an early alliance with Audrey and Da’Vonne.  I’m not sure if Shelli actually sought out the alliance or if she just happened to be in the room at the time the alliance was made.  

I always think it’s a mistake to form an alliance on the very first day.  As well, there’s a general rule to reality TV: all-girl alliances work on Survivor but they always fall apart on Big Brother.  On Survivor, everyone’s too busy trying to survive to get catty.  On Big Brother, on the other hand,  there’s really nothing else to do but get catty.

The other 8 houseguests will move in tomorrow!

So, what did everyone think?  As I said, I’m not excited about the nonstop twist idea but I do think that this season does have a promising group of houseguests.

We’ll see what happens!