BB 19 — It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room For The Final Time!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 19, 2017

Hi y’all!

I’m sorry that I missed yesterday, I had some personal things to deal with.  Fortunately, nothing unexpected or, for that matter, interesting happened in the house while I was gone.  That’s the way that it is when there’s only three people left in the house.  At this point, everyone’s done almost everything that they can do.

True, a better player than Christmas would probably be using this time to try to talk both Paul and Josh into taking her with them to the final two.  But Christmas is not a good player.  She’s a flop of player and she’s basically been carried to her current position, both literally and figuratively.  Instead of trying to figure out a way to get into the final two despite being out of the running for the final HoH, Christmas has been saying that she thinks Paul and Josh should take each other to the final two.

(At the same time, she also told Josh to take whoever he thought he could beat.  I don’t know if she realizes that would be her.)

Anyway, the show is almost over!  So, you know what that means!  It is time for me to open up the Diary Room one last time!

Today, we are voting for who you want to win the game.  Do you vote for…

CHRISTMAS, the one-legged instagram celebrtity

JOSH, the pots-and-pans man

PAUL, the bearded wannabe godfather

TREJO, the poor little toucan who never wanted to be a part of any of this


THE RAT, who has been scurrying around the kitchen for two weeks now?

Cast you vote over on the right side of the page or in the comments below!

Then Wednesday, be sure to watch the final episode of Big Brother 19, where both the winner of the game and the winner of AFP will be revealed!  I’ll be posting my recap that same night and it will certainly be a lot of words.

See you then!

Lisa Marie


BB19 — The Houseguests Have Fidget Spinners!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 17, 2017

Hi. y’all!

So, I think now would be a good time for a new post.

Things are coming to a close in the Big Brother House.  With Christmas out of the running to be the final HoH, there’s not much to do but wait until Wednesday, when Paul and Josh will face off in the third and final part of the HoH comp.

Christmas, for her part, doesn’t seem to be too upset about being out of the running to be HoH.  It could be that she’s confident that both Paul and Josh are going to take her to the final two.  Or it could be that she’s just happy to see Paul on the verge of getting another chance to win.  She hasn’t been doing much to hide her crush.

Ever since he won the second part of the HoH comp, Josh had been even more cocky than usual.  However, he has not been talking much to the camera so I’m not really sure if he’s still planning on sending Paul to jury or if he’s been swayed by Paul constantly saying that the jury hates Christmas the least out of all of them.

As for Paul, he seems a bit more nervous than usual.  He’s very paranoid about Josh and Christmas going off together.  I’m not sure why.  Christmas never wants to be alone with anyone other than Paul.

Perhaps to help the final three combat the effects of boredom, production left two Big Brother fidget spinners in the stockroom.  Considering that there are three people left in the house, I’m not sure why they only gave them two fidget spinners.  (It’s also interesting to note that, on twitter, Jessica has been offering to send fidget spinners to anyone who votes Cody for AFP.  I’m not sure if they’re Big Brother fidget spinners or not.)

Anyway, Josh loves the fidget spinners.  He’s been playing with them almost nonstop ever since he got them.

Finally, on Big Brother After Dark tonight, the final three will be answering questions from the viewers.  Don’t get too excited.  The questions are being screened ahead of time so it’s not like anyone’s going to ask Christmas if she knew Paul before entering the house.  But still, it could be interesting!

Three more days to go!

Lisa Marie


BB19 — The Second Part of the HoH Comp!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 16, 2017

Hi y’all!

With the season almost over and only three HGs left in the house, these posts are probably going to get shorter and shorter because, at this point, there’s really not much to report.  Just to quickly recap:

Paul, Christmas, and Josh are the final three.

Paul won the first part of the final HoH comp.

Christmas and Josh just played the 2nd part of the HoH comp.  It sounds like it was a physical comp where Christmas and Josh had to knock things over.  I can only imagine how Christmas was able to do any of that on a broken foot but then again, I could be wrong.  We’ll know for sure on Wednesday.

Anyway, the feeds were down for 6 hours but now they’re back and … JOSH WON!  Josh beat Christmas by about five minutes and apparently, he started crying during the competition.

That means that Part 3 of the HoH competition will between Josh and Paul.  The winner picks who gets to move onto the final two with him.  Christmas’s fate in the game is no longer in her hands.

Paul has sworn, to both Josh and the viewers, that he will take Josh to the final two.

Josh has been saying that he’s going to cut Paul if he wins the final HoH comp but recently, he’s also been saying that he’s worried that the jury like Christmas more than they like him.  So, as of right now, Josh could go either way.

We’ll see what happens on Wednesday!

Lisa Marie


BB19 — Another Flashback Episode

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 15, 2017

Hi y’all!

So, tonight’s episode was a flashback episode.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Big Brother flashback episodes, mostly because it’s always so awkward and cringe-inducing when the final three sit around and say stuff like, “We sure did have a lot of showmances this season.  Remember so-and-so.”

If someone didn’t have the live feeds and never checked out any Big Brother sites, I guess they might have found this episode to be interesting.  If nothing else, it would have been a chance to see how obnoxious Matt and Raven behaved while they were in the house.  Also included in the episode was Christmas talking about her crush on Paul, Kevin arguing with Matt and Alex, and Josh banging those stupid pots and pans together.  It’s kind of sad that, as opposed to other seasons, there weren’t any funny or quirky moments to share.  That’s just not the type of season that Big Brother 19 has been.

As for the first part of the HoH comp, it was an endurance comp.  We got to see the start of it tonight.  From what I’ve heard on the live feeds, Paul won the first part of competition.  On Saturday, Josh and Christmas will be competing in Part Two.  It’s a mental comp but Josh thinks he has a good chance to win because he thinks that Christmas tends to overthink.  I think it’s safe to say that overthinking is something that Josh has never done.  Whoever wins Part Two will then face off against Paul in Part Three.

As far as possible Final Two combinations are concerned:

Paul says that, if he wins the final HoH, he will evict Christmas and take Josh to the final two.   Christmas does not know this.

Josh has been saying that he’ll evict Paul if he wins the final HoH.  However, as of last night, Josh has been telling the camera that he now thinks that he might actually have a better chance against Paul than Christmas.  Apparently, Josh believes that the jury hates him and Paul equally, whereas they don’t hate Christmas enough to make her beatable.

Christmas keeps saying that she doesn’t know who she is going to take if she wins the final HoH.  Then again, Christmas thinks that both Paul and Josh are going to take her to the final two so it wouldn’t surprise me if she just throws the final HoH.

We’ll see what happens!

It’s nearly over!

Lisa Marie


BB19 — And your final three are…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 14, 2017

Hi, y’all!

So, we had the last veto ceremony of the season tonight.  Paul, the HoH, won the veto and decided not to use it.  That left it to Christmas to cast the one vote.  She voted to evict Kevin and Kevin left with a lot of class and dignity.  Seriously, he seemed to take it pretty well.  I don’t think he expected to make it to the final four.  Add to that, he’s leaving with $25,000 and he’ll definitely be in the top three for America’s Favorite Player.

As a result, your final three are…




Personally, I can’t say that I’m enthusiastic about the prospect of any of those people winning the game.  Will Christmas even be able to compete in the final HoH?  We’ll find out over the next few days.

Paul, for his part, has said that he’s going to take Josh to the final two.  Will Christmas be blindsided by this decision?  Will she care?  Christmas is pretty obsessed with Paul right now and, if she does somehow win the final HoH, she will definitely take Paul to the final two.  Josh, meanwhile, has said that he won’t take Paul to the final two.

We did get to see a bit of the jury house tonight.  Everyone is mad at Paul, except for Raven and Matt.  Raven explained to the jury that, despite all evidence of the contrary, she was Paul’s main ally in the house and that she’s been a puppet master the entire season.  Elena spoke for all of us when she started laughing.

Anyway, the first part of the final HoH comp will probably be sometime tonight.  Just a reminder: Big Brother is on Friday and it will not be on Sunday.  And then on Wednesday, it’ll be the finale!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie



BB 19 — Let’s Open Up The Diary Room Yet Again!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 13, 2017

Hi y’all!

So, if you just watched tonight’s show, you know what happened.  Alex was evicted by a 1-1 vote.  Christmas voted for Alex.  Paul voted for Kevin.  Josh was forced to cast the tie breaking vote.  All this week, Josh has been saying that — if he got to break the vote — he would give a speech and expose Paul’s game.  However, once again, Josh turned to be all talk.  Instead, he just said Alex was a strong player and then voted her out, getting all of the blood on his hands.

After the eviction, Paul won HoH.  He won it so easily that I’m going to assume that he somehow talked Kevin and Christmas into throwing it to him.  Christmas, of course, has decided that she’s in love with Paul so she was all smiles as he won HoH.

The online rumors are that Paul nominated Josh and Kevin for eviction.  But, in the final four, everyone is technically on the block.  If either Kevin or Josh wins the veto and uses it, that means Christmas will automatically be the new nominee.  Basically, on Thursday, anyone other than Paul can be evicted.

So, with that in mind, let’s open up the diary room and cast our votes for who we want to see go on Thursday!

Do you vote to evict…

CHRISTMAS, the one-legged smirker

JOSH, the two-legged crier


KEVIN, the well-dressed Bostonian?

Cast your vote over on the right side of the page or in the comments below!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie


BB19 — Let’s Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 12, 2017

Hi y’all!

Well, as I sit here typing this, the feeds are down and I assume that they’ve probably already evicted the latest HG from the Big Brother House.  We’ll get to see who was evicted on Wednesday.

However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t go ahead and open up the diary room here on the Big Brother Blog!  Who do you vote to evict?

Do you vote for…

ALEX, the gamer who recently compared herself to Leonard DiCaprio


KEVIN, the stay-at-home dad who isn’t sure who Leonardo DiCaprio is?

Cast your vote over on the right side of the page or in the comments below!  And be sure to watch on Wednesday to see who will be the newest member of the jury!

Lisa Marie


BB19 — Alex Hiding In A Cabinet

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 11, 2017

Hi y’all!

Well, the season is quickly coming to a close.  They had the next-to-last veto meeting earlier today and Paul did not use the veto.  Despite all of his efforts to convince Alex that he had no choice and that he was being bullied into it, it appears that Alex finally figured out that he was lying to her.

Seriously, Alex was crazy bitter last night.  Talking to the camera, she went on for a while about how much she hates Paul, Christmas, and Josh.  (For once, she left Kevin out of it.)  She said that she was sick of Josh crying.  She said that she was sick of Christmas playing the victim.  But she reserved most of her anger for Paul.  She said that Paul was fake.  She said that Paul’s “friendship” meant nothing.  She said that she should have listened to Jason and then she suddenly said, “Cody was right.  Paul’s taking Josh to the final two.”  Alex spent a while talking about how Paul is a hundred times richer than her but he wouldn’t even take her to the final two.

So, Alex finally figured out that Paul was never her ally but — as has been the case for almost everyone this season — Alex figured it a few days too late.  Amazingly, Alex said that she trusted Paul because she saw his previous season.  I’m going to guess that Alex did not pay for the live feeds and based her opinion based on the edit that Paul got on the CBS show.

Alex also begged all of us to make her America’s Favorite Player.  I don’t see that happening.

Still, it was interesting just how angry Alex got.  Alex is taking this very personally.  Will she still vote for Paul in the jury?  At this point, it’s starting to look like a bitter jury could be the only thing that could keep Paul from winning this season.

(I know some people think Josh will finally get the guts to vote Paul out in the final three.  For that to happen, Josh would have to actually win the comp, without having it thrown to him.  And, even if Josh does win the final HoH comp, he said earlier today that he now thinks that he could beat Paul in a final two situation.)

Anyway, after the veto meeting, Alex hid in a kitchen cabinet for a little while, waiting for someone to walk by so she could jump out and scare them.  However, since everyone knew she was in there and nobody felt like dealing with her, everyone stayed out of the kitchen until Alex finally got out of the cabinet by herself and went into a bedroom by herself.

Tomorrow, the feeds go down and there will be a surprise Tuesday eviction.  We’ll see who got evicted on Wednesday and then, on Thursday, another player will be evicted.

It’s almost over.

Lisa Marie


BB19 — Alex Knows … Kinda

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 10, 2017

Hi, y’all!

Can you believe that this season of Big Brother is nearly over?  I know some people would probably say that they wish it had ended a few weeks ago.  Myself, I don’t know.  I complain about Big Brother endlessly but I always miss it when it’s over.  Or well — at least, we’ll all have Survivor a week after Big Brother ends. 🙂

Today has been a tearful day in the Big Brother House.  Paul finally told Alex that he is not going to be using the veto and that she is going to be voted out.  Alex, needless to say, was not happy to hear this.  What’s amazing is that, while she may not be happy with him, she does not seem to really blame Paul.  Paul claimed that Christmas and Josh were the ones that were determined to get her out and that he had to go along with them to protect his own game.  In short, Paul basically claimed that he was being bullied into using the veto.

Of course, that’s not true.  Alex has always been Paul’s target.  To a certain extent, I think Alex now realizes that but I also think that she’s still in denial.  She’s spent this entire season convinced that Paul was going to take her to the final two.  When Jason said that he didn’t trust Paul, Alex snapped that Paul was all about “friendship” and not lying.  I think Alex, much like Christmas, really wants to believe that she was Paul’s closest ally.

Consider this: Paul told Alex that he was not going to use the veto and Alex responded by promising to vote for him to win the game.  She even said she would convince Jason to vote for him too.

Josh knows what Paul is doing so now, he’s somewhat desperately trying to get her to talk to him, maybe so he can tell her that Paul is the one who engineered her eviction.  However, whenever Josh approaches her and asks if she wants to talk, Alex says, “I don’t want to talk game.  I’m done.”  Paul, meanwhile, keeps ordering Josh not to talk to Alex.

Josh has come up with a plan.  He’s been trying to convince Paul and Christmas to split their votes, so that he can cast the deciding vote.  Josh says that this would give him a chance to explain why he’s evicting Alex and it would also allow Paul to avoid getting any blood on his hands.  Of course, this would also give Josh a chance to explain that Paul was the one who wanted Alex out.  There’s also the possibility that Josh could evict Kevin instead and then try to form a new alliance with Alex.  Since Paul no longer trusts Josh, he is refusing to split the votes and Christmas, of course, is going to do whatever Paul says.

The eviction will be on Tuesday but we won’t see it until Wednesday.  On Thursday, there will be another eviction and then, because of the Emmys on Sunday, we’ll get a special Friday episode as well.  Finally, next Wednesday, the winner of Big Brother 19 will be selected!

We’ll see what happens.  Right now, unless Josh pulls off a huge move, it looks like Paul’s got this in the bag.

Lisa Marie


BB19 — Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 9, 2017

Hi everyone!

So, there was a flurry of excitement earlier when the HoH, Josh, looked up at the cameras and said that he knows that he has to get Paul out if he’s going to win the game.  He even said that he got the strange feeling that “the viewers want me to get Paul out.”  If Josh, Alex, or Kevin won the veto, it appeared that there was a good chance that Paul would go up as the replacement nominee (even though Christmas said she would be willing to do it).

Well, all the speculation was fun but it’s all for naught because Paul just won the power of veto.  Apparently, it was the comic book challenge.  Everyone but Christmas competed and Paul (the only person in the house with previous experience playing the comic book challenge) won the veto.  Paul has been jumping around and dancing so maybe he found out that Josh was thinking of putting him on the block.

That said, Paul is kind of in a difficult position now.  His whole plan this week has been to 1) evict Alex and 2) convince Alex that Josh and Christmas were responsible for her being voted out.  Ever since Jason was evicted, Paul has been telling Alex that he is definitely taking her to the final two.  As a result, Alex expects Paul to use the veto and team up with her to take out Josh.  However, Paul wants to go to the final two with Josh because he is convinced that Josh would be the easiest to beat.

So, if Paul doesn’t use the veto then Alex will know that Paul has been lying to her and that would mean “getting blood on his hands” and running the risk of losing her vote in the final two.  (Remember that Paul also swore to Jason that he would team up with Alex so, the last thing that he wants, is for Alex to go to the jury house and confirm to Jason that he was lying when he said that.)

So, does Paul use the veto or not?  And does it really matter?


If Paul uses the veto, Christmas goes up as the replacement.  If he uses the veto on Alex, he can just evict Kevin.  Even if Alex wins the next HoH, both she and Christmas have said that they’re determined to take Paul to the final two.  Christmas thinks she’s in love with Paul.  Alex thinks that she’s going to get invited back to Big Brother 20 so she doesn’t really care if she wins this season or not.

Or Paul can not use the veto and Alex gets blindsided.  Alex is so obsessed with Paul that she’ll probably still find a way to rationalize Paul’s decision.

Either way, things are looking pretty good for Paul.

Lisa Marie