Big Brother 17 — Sorry, everyone…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 28, 2015

Hi there!

So, every week, we find ourselves hoping for either a big upset or that we’ll get to see someone who we really dislike voted out of the house.  Every week, we hope that the voting will lead to shift in power and that Clay/Shelli/Vanessa alliance will somehow be defeated.

Well, this week, we did get an upset.  We had every reason to believe that Austin would be backdoored but instead, Vanessa let us all down and is backdooring Jason instead.  What’s remarkable is that the entire house (with the exception of Austin) claims to be upset with Vanessa right now but no one is willing to stand up to her and vote to keep Jason.  Instead, they’re planning on keeping the relatively useless Becky.

(Even Shelli has been shedding fake tears over losing Jason.)

As of right now, Jason has two votes to stay.  TWO!  The majority of the house demanded that Vanessa target Austin.  Vanessa told the majority of the house that she would target Austin.  And now that Vanessa has gone back on her word and tried to justify her actions by telling a series of ludicrous lies (i.e., Jason won the Kathy Griffin phone call competition, Jason was plotting to come after her, Jason was working with Audrey), the majority of the house seems to content to once again do her bidding.  The other houseguessts, if they had any guts, could at this point say, “Well, Vanessa, you lied to us so we’re not going to give you what you want and you better start working for us or else we’ll start targeting you every chance we get.”  That’s what would have happened in the past.  (Seriously, I’d love to see Vanessa and Shelli try to pull this stuff in a house full of true players, like Dr. Will or Dan.  I think even Rachel would be too much for them to handle.)  Instead, the house is simply shrugging and going along with it.

(Those two votes for Jason belong to Meg and James.  There’s a chance that Jackie might vote to keep Jason as well.  Even so, 3 votes is not enough to keep Jason from being evicted.)

Right now, the fear seems to be that if anyone goes after Vanessa then they’ll have to deal with Clay and Shelli the following week.  Well, so what?  Is there some rule that only Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli can win competitions?  Now is the time for the houseguests on the outside of the main alliance to step it up and start playing to win.  Instead, they’re cowering in the shadows.

The houseguests are also scared that a double eviction is coming up.  Becky and Jackie had a conversation earlier today about what’s going to happen at the next HoH comp and Becky said that she suspected everyone was going to throw the comp because nobody wants to get blood on their hands with a double eviction coming up.  Becky also said that if she wins HoH, she’s not going to go after Vanessa, Clay, or Shelli because now is not the time to take out a big player.  (Yes, that’s what Becky actually said.)  Instead, Becky says that she would target Steve.


With Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli literally running the house and picking off players one-by-one, Becky thinks the smart move would be to target Steve!

I swear, it’s enough to make you want to give up.

But I’m not going to!  I’m going to see this season through to the end because …. well, because I like writing for this site and I like reading all the comments.  

That’s why I’ll stick with Big Brother.

It certainly won’t be for any of the houseguests.

Lisa Marie

P.S. Well, in all fairness, I should admit that Clay is great eye candy and I always enjoy listening to John’s diary comments.  And Liz and Julia’s relationship reminds me of my own relationship with my sister, Erin.  (We’re not twins but we are only a year apart so we might as well be!)  And Meg reminds me of my cousin Erica.  But other than that, the only reason I’m sticking with this show is for the blogging! :)


Big Brother 17 — Veto Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 27, 2015

Hi, everyone!

I’m having another insane Monday so this is going to just be a quick update.  Most of y’all already know what went down at the veto ceremony and I don’t really have anything new to add, beyond the fact that I think this could backfire on Vanessa IF the rest of the house is willing to call her out on her lies and hold her responsible for her actions.  (So far, everyone just seems to accept whatever excuse Vanessa or Shelli gives them.)  Right now, there’s a lot of very upset people in the house and Vanessa is freaking out over the fact that she’s getting blood on her hands.

ANYWAY, just to make it official:

The veto ceremony was held today.  Clay took himself off the block.  Vanessa, after promising everyone that she would backdoor Austin, went back on her word.  She nominated Jason and Jason is reportedly her target now.  

A lot of people in the house — especially Meg — are really upset right now.  But well any of them be able to translate their anger into action or will they just continue to allow Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and Austin to run the house?


I was so looking forward to Austin going home.

Lisa Marie

P.S. After Thursday’s episode, I assume Julia will “officially” be revealed and will move into the house.  I cannot begin to put into words how bored I am with this whole twin twist thing.  It’s all way too cutesy.


Big Brother 17: Grrrrr…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 26, 2015

Well, this is just great!

Here I was, looking forward to seeing Austin get backdoored and watching him look all shocked when he got nominated.  It was going to be a fun week and making it even better would be knowing that the twins would not permanently enter the house until Austin had been evicted.  Just imagine if Austin was sent home and he had to settle for hugging Julia instead of Liz.

And that could still happen but, after last night, it’s starting to look like it might not.  Clay won the power of veto and apparently, he and Shelli are upset that nobody in the house seemed to be happy about it.  Clay and Shelli have interpreted that to mean that there’s a secret plot to get them out of the house.

(And you know what?  There really should be a secret plot to get Clay and Shelli out of the house but, for some reason, the majority of the houseguests seem to be content to just be passive sheep.)

So, Shelli and Clay — realizing that it might be a mistake to vote out someone who, though he may have told a few lies, has pretty much been an ally to both of them — went to Vanessa and argued that she should not renominate Austin.  

As always seems to happen whenever Vanessa has power, she started to freak out.  For the rest of the night, she, Shelli, and Clay came up with increasingly complicated plans to get rid of someone other than Austin.  What’s hilarious is that Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa truly seem to believe that the other houseguests are secretly strategizing against them.  For the most part, the other houseguests are a collection of sheep.  All Vanessa had to do to get rid of someone is just nominate them.  There’s no need to come up with any sort of elaborate cover story.

But anyway, Clay and Shelli first argued that Becky should be the target because … well, I’m not sure why.  Shelli certainly does seem to be threatened by Becky, despite the fact that Becky has done next to nothing in the house.  

Then, briefly, Jason was the target.  Why?  I’m not sure, beyond the fact that Jason always seems to be a target.

Then, somebody suggested that maybe Austin should be the target because Austin might be America’s player or might be the saboteur.  Seriously, it’s amazing how paranoid these people can get over nothing.

Then, the focus shifted to Jackie and, as of right now, it seems like there’s a good chance that Vanessa will go back on her original plan to backdoor Austin and backdoor Jackie instead.  And again, I’m not sure why — beyond the fact that Shelli doesn’t like her.

This is one of the things that I hate about Battle of the Block.  I know that Julie Chen insisted that BoTB was a fan favorite but I’m not sure which fans she was referring to.  To me, it’s absolutely ludicrous that someone could win the HoH and then still be backdoored at the veto meeting.  Anyone who wins HoH should be safe for the week, regardless of who wins the BoTB.  

Honestly — and I’ve said this before and I’m sure that I’ll say it again — it is time for Big Brother to change up the way they do the nominations and the veto.  Because I’m getting sick of the whole backdooring strategy.  It’s boring and it happens every single freaking week.  

(Instead of nominating two people for eviction, nominate three.  If one of those nominations is vetoed, no renoms.  Instead, the HGs will just choose between the remaining nominees.  Enough of this backdoor crap.  And definitely no more battle of the block!)

But, anyway, back to the situation in the house.  Austin has now learned that he might be a target so he was upstairs last night, crying and begging Vanessa to protect him.  He told her that all he cares about is spending time with Liz and he wants to make it to the jury so that way, he won’t have to be separated from her.


Of course, mere minutes before Austin told Vanessa all that, Liz was talking about how much she hates it when Austin kisses on her.

So, right now, I have no idea who is going to be nominated on Monday.  Vanessa might stick to her original strategy and nominate Austin but it’s looking more and more like it could be Jackie instead.


Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17: How Big Of A Moron Is Austin?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 25, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and Austin and Vanessa…

Ever since Audrey’s eviction, there’s been a lot of plotting and scheming in the Big Brother House.  HoHs Vanessa and Jackie plotted to backdoor Austin.  Austin plotted to backdoor Steven.  

Why is Austin after the relatively harmless and inept Steve, as opposed to someone who is actually a threat to win?  Apparently, he feels that Steve spends too much time talking to Liz.  Austin really is just an overgrown 12 year-old child.  He even has an imaginary friends named Judas.

(Hopefully, Judas will eventually possess Austin and start writing “redrum” on all the walls.)

Anyway, Austin is convinced that everyone is convinced that Steve voted to keep Audrey but instead, everyone appears to have figured out that Austin cast the vote.  As of last night, at least, Austin had yet to figure out that his scheme was not working.

Vanessa nominated Clay and Becky.  Jackie nominated James and Liz.  Apparently, the plan was for James and Liz to throw the “fan favorite” Battle of the Block, which would make Jackie HoH.  That way, Jackie could backdoor Austin and Vanessa could avoid getting blood on her hands.

However, there was a glitch in the plan.  Nobody told Liz.  When the plan was hatched and then nominations originally made, Julia was the twin in the house.  Liz was off wherever she hangs out whenever Julia is doing twin duty.  

Now, it would have made sense for Julia to let Liz in on the plan during the twin switch but Julia wanted Vanessa to be the one to explain it all to her.  However, from the minute Liz reentered the house, she had Austin crawling all over her and telling her about how the plan was to backdoor Steve.  

(Austin also spent a lot of time telling Liz that nobody likes her sister and that Julia is a terrible player who Austin and Liz need to get rid of.  Uhmm — real smart, Austin.  Speaking as the youngest of four sisters, I can say that no showmance will ever defeat the bonds of sisterhood.)

So, they went into Battle of the Block without Liz knowing what the plan was.  James was supposed to throw the BoB but guess what?  Clay may be nice to look at but he’s absolutely terrible at Big Brother competitions.  So, even though James was trying to lose, he and Liz still won the Battle of the Block.

So, now Vanessa is once again Head of Household and is freaking out about getting blood on her hands.  Clay and Becky are the nominees and there’s a lot of people in the house who actually would like to get rid of Clay.  As far as I know, the plan is still to backdoor Austin and I hope that doesn’t change.

Of course, Austin is still totally clueless.  I think he still thinks that Steve is the target and, if Austin wins the Power of Veto and uses it, I imagine that Steve probably would be the replacement nominee.  So, let’s hope that Vanessa sticks with her plan, Austin doesn’t win the veto, and Austin leaves the house on Thursday!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17: Potentially Good News

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 24, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Okay, Audrey is gone and not a minute to soon because, to be honest, I was getting sick of talking about her.  After watching last night’s show and reading some the things that have been said since Audrey’s eviction, I can honestly say that Audrey’s main illness seemed to be her own massive sense of entitlement.  She felt that the game was set up for her win and, the minute things got difficult, she decided she didn’t want to play anymore.  

So enough about Audrey.

Let’s talk about Austin.


Listen, I have never been a big of fan of Austin’s but I pretty much reached the limits of my tolerance for him last night when he announced that “Judas” was voting for John.  Now, to a certain extent, I understand Austin’s reasoning.  He wanted to convince everyone that Steve cast the vote and that Steve is America’s player and therefore, Steve has to be voted out.   That was Austin’s plan.  No, what set me off was the whole, “Judas votes for John.”  Memo to Austin: NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID ALTER EGO!  If you’re going to vote for John or for anyone, accept responsibility for your actions and say, “I vote to evict John.”  When Austin finally gets evicted, he is going to be so shocked to learn that Judas has not taken America by storm.

But here’s the good news!  Austin’s plot to take out Steve does not appear to be succeeding and instead, it looks like Austin is going to go instead.  And what’s especially wonderful is that Austin, that know-it-all wannabe strategist, is totally clueless about what’s going on.

As we saw last night, the new HoHs are Vanessa (again!) and Jackie.  Originally, a lot of people thought this was lead to conflict but instead, it would appear that both Vanessa and Jackie want to get rid of Austin.  

Jackie, of course, wants to get rid of Austin because Austin was instrumental in getting Jeff voted out.

Vanessa, meanwhile, has decided that she can’t trust Austin, especially after she caught him lying about telling Jason that Liz and Julia were twins.  (Vanessa also told Julia that Austin had told Jason about the twin twist and that Austin had said he would like to get rid of Julia so that he could have Liz to himself.  Needless to say, Julia was not happy.)

At the nominations ceremony, John was NOT nominated for once.  Instead, Jackie nominated Liz and James, while Vanessa nominated Becky and Clay.  However, the plan is to backdoor Austin and everyone seems to be on board with it.  (They just have to hope that Austin does not win the POV.)

Austin is so clueless that he even went to Vanessa and volunteered to both go up as a nominee and to throw the BoTB, just to make sure that Liz is safe.  Vanessa, needless to say, turned him down.

So, if everything goes as according to plan, it’ll be time to say bye bye to both Austin and his stupid alter ego. 

That’s it for now!

Lisa Marie


Hi all!

The diary room is finally open!  Cast your vote to evict either Audrey or John now!  You can either cast your vote in the comments section below or you can vote in the poll over on the right side of the page.

Do you vote to evict….

Audrey, the catatonic trailblazer


John, the superstar dentist?


(I vote to evict …. Audrey!)

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 17: Mellow Days In The Big Brother House

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 22, 2015

Well, if Audrey’s Diary Room disappearance accomplished anything, it’s this.  The entire house is now united in their desire to get Audrey out.  As of right now, it appears that Audrey is going to be the first unanimous eviction of the season.

That the feeds keep going to fish whenever anyone mentions Audrey’s behavior would seem to indicate that either CBS or the show’s producers are nervous about what exactly happened.  It’ll be interesting to see how all of this will be handled on Wednesday’s show.  If they show Audrey talking about having hallucinations and was apparently hearing things, then that would mean admitting that they didn’t do a very effective psychological examination on Audrey before they sent her into the house.  If they show how Audrey has behaved since being put up as a replacement nominee — i.e., turning off the lights in the HV Room, sleeping on the floor instead of in a dentist’s chair, and eating real food then that would mean admitting that a different set of rules apply to her than to everyone else.

Is Audrey really as sick as she’s claiming or is she trying to get sympathy?  Or is she just pouting because, after being led to believe that she would be this season’s superstar, she is now on the verge of being voted out?  To be honest, I’m undecided.  I suspect that it’s probably a combination of all of the above.

But, to be honest, if Audrey is so ill — whether physically or mentally — that she can only lay on the floor in a catatonic state then why was she allowed to reenter the house?  It would seem like the show’s doctors would have both an ethical and a legal obligation to pull her from the competition for both her safety and the safety of the people around her.  (How many times have we seen that happen on Survivor?)

As for Audrey breaking the Have Not rules, I’ve never been a big fan of the whole Have Not thing.  I am so over hearing about Big Brother slop and all of that.  But, at the same time, rules are rules.  And if the rules aren’t going to apply to Audrey then they shouldn’t apply to anyone.  If Audrey is so ill that she can’t be a Have Not then I think you could argue that she’s so ill that she can’t play the game.  And if she can’t play the game, she should be pulled from the house.

As for the rest of the house, things have been pretty mellow.  Everyone knows that Audrey is going home, so everyone’s just kind of hanging out until Thursday.  Every time I check the live tweets, Austin is either flirting with Liz, talking about flirting with Liz, or crying that he’s not getting to spend enough time with Liz.  (Liz, meanwhile, has said on more than a few occasions that she’s only flirting back to advance her game.)  If we could get rid of Austin next week, that would be great!

Here’s hoping!

Lisa Marie




Big Brother 17: A Quick Audrey Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 21, 2015

Hi, everyone:

Well, what a strange time to be in the Big Brother House.  After I posted my update yesterday, Audrey finally emerged from the Diary Room.  She had a big brown paper bag with her.  Some people on twitter have been speculating that maybe she was a season’s worth of diamond power of vetoes in that bag.  That wouldn’t surprise me but I think it’s more likely that the bag is full of meds.

Anyway, Audrey didn’t see anything to anybody.  She just went into the Have Not room and lay down.  Interestingly enough, she turned out the lights in the Have Not room, which is totally against the rules.  Nobody said anything to her and, if she’s truly sick or (as some have suggested) mentally unbalanced, I can understand that.  But then again, if she is that sick, why allow her back into the house?  Why not take her out for her own health and well-being, like they do on Survivor?

Anyway, they went ahead and held the veto meeting.  Jason came off the block.  Audrey went up on the block.  Audrey was not there to see herself be renominated.  And again, if Audrey is too sick or unstable to even go to the meeting then why was she allowed to reenter the house?  

Audrey will definitely be going home on Thursday so expect the rest of this week to be pretty boring.  Still, I’ll be interested to see how CBS handles this during Wednesday’s show.  Will they even acknowledge that Audrey spent five hours in the diary room?  When Audrey is evicted on Thursday, will Julie even ask her about it?

One last thing: this whole Audrey situation not only told us a lot about Audrey, it also told us a lot about Austin.  While everyone else in the house was wondering what was going on with Audrey, Austin was acting like a petulant little child because Julia couldn’t go into the diary room and switch with Liz.  Austin was so angry that somebody was getting between him and his twin.  Whatever, Austin.

That’s it for now!

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 17: Your guess is as good as mine…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 20, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Well, as I’ve mentioned many times in the past, Monday is my crazy and busy day.  This is the day where I usually only have a few minutes to type up a BB update before heading back out.  Fortunately, most Mondays, all I have to do is let y’all know what happened at the veto ceremony.  And I was totally expecting that today, I would be able to type, “They had the veto ceremony today.  Vanessa used the veto on Jason.  Shelli nominated Audrey.”

Instead, as I write this, the veto ceremony has yet to happen.  Instead, everyone is laying around the house and speculating on when the veto ceremony will happen.  Everyone, that is, except for Audrey.  

Audrey, who knows that the plan is to nominate her at today’s ceremony, has been inside the Diary Room for about four hours.  Apparently, she said she was having a panic attack before she went into the Diary Room.  Is she self-evicting?  (In which case, according to the BB rules, she’ll forfeit whatever money she has earned so far as a member of the cast.)  Is she just meeting with the production’s psychiatrist?  Is she getting a refill on her meds?  No one seems to know.

So, right now, the HGs are waiting, sleeping, talking, and being continually reminded that they are not allowed to talk about production.  Clay is especially annoyed with Audrey.  Meg, meanwhile, appears to be convinced that the producers are going to introduce some twist to keep them from voting out Audrey.

Yesterday, Audrey had a huge fight with Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa.  It started when Clay said that he didn’t feel that Audrey could be trusted.  It got worse when Audrey declared that she and Vanessa have a final two deal.  Vanessa, of course, immediately lied and denied that she ever had a final two deal with Audrey.

Audrey then tried to rally the rest of the house against Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa but quickly discovered that she has no allies in the house.  In fact, last night, there was a house meeting where everyone met to talk about Audrey.  You know who wasn’t invited to the meeting about Audrey?  Audrey.

Whatever doubts that Vanessa had about using the POV pretty much disappeared and she has let everyone know that she is going to take Jason off the block.  And Audrey was going up in his place.

So, what happens now?  If Audrey self-evicts, will they still have the veto meeting?  Will they still evict someone?  Apparently, if Audrey does leave, Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa have said that Jason will again be the target.  There’s also been a lot of speculation on twitter that, if Audrey leaves, Julia will just enter the house a week early.

We’ll see.

As I finish writing up this entry, Audrey still has not emerged.  However, Vanessa did just tell Jason that regardless of what happens, she will take him down off the block because they did make an agreement.  Perhaps Austin will become the new target?

Anyway, I gotta run!  Have fun in the comments!

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 17: Is It Possible?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on July 19, 2015

Is it possible that Audrey is about to be backdoored?  It certainly does seem like it.  

As y’all already know from reading the comments, Vanessa won the power of veto this week.  I had two reactions to that news.  On the one hand, I don’t like Vanessa and I was not happy that she targeted Jason for eviction.  (Even if Vanessa wasn’t head of household, she was largely responsible for this week’s nominations.)  I would prefer that Vanessa have as little power as possible and I’m really looking forward to the day when she gets evicted from the house.  (And it’ll happen sooner or later.  Vanessa has the power right now but she’s not smart enough to lay low.  Eventually, the house will take her out in the same way that Amanda and Frankie were taken over in the previous two seasons.)  On the other hand, I was happy that John did not win the veto for a third time because I like John and I don’t want the other HGs to start viewing him as too much of a chalenge threat.

But anyway, Vanessa has the power of veto and it’s all up to her whether or not to use it.  As of last night, Shelli wants Vanessa to use it so that she can nominate Audrey.  Shelli is upset that Audrey has been telling people that they need to break up Shelli’s showmance with Clay.  She view Audrey as being more of a threat than Jason and she wants Audrey out.

And Shelli is totally correct.  The fact that Audrey has lasted this long is somewhat amazing because Audrey has done almost everything wrong.  She came on too strong during the first week in the house.  She formed multiple alliances with everyone.  She bossed people around.  She spread rumors.  She cast votes that made no sense.  About the only thing Audrey has going for her is that she doesn’t appear to be very good at competitions.  But otherwise, Audrey has played the game like someone who wants to get voted out.

But it’s all a question of whether or not Vanessa is willing to use the veto.  Last night, she indicated to Shelli that she is but is she really?  Vanessa can be difficult to read and is hardly consistent.  Last week, she was adamant about not nominating Audrey and even made a final two deal with her.  This week, Vanessa has been talking about how much she wants Audrey out of the house.

So, how does Vanessa really feel?  I guess we’ll find out on Monday, after the veto ceremony.

Lisa Marie