Big Brother 20: All Good Things Don’t Have To Come To An End

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 24, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, with nothing happening in the Big Brother House other than Tyler and Kaycee waiting for the chance to face off on finale night, today is the perfect time to make an important announcement about the future of this blog.

As some of you know, I was massively burned out at the end of Big Brother 19.  It had been a terrible season.  The only thing more painful than watching it was writing about it.  As often happens during a mediocre Big Brother season, the BB fandom had responded by bickering among themselves about whether the season was just bad or the worst ever.  Even on this blog, it seemed like we couldn’t go a day without a fighting breaking out.  Let me tell you, when you’re already struggling to find something interesting to write about, it doesn’t help when every comment under your post is someone yelling at someone else.  It’s not fun.

Last season, BBBlogger and I were both ready to quit as soon as Josh picked up his check.  But, we decided to do one more season before closing down…

And I am so glad that we did!

Now, I know it’s debatable whether this has been a great season or not.  Some people think it’s one of the greatest seasons ever.  Some people think it’s overrated.  Myself, I think it started out strong but the previous few weeks have gotten a bit boring.  That’s just my opinion.  You’re free to agree or disagree.

But I have had an absolute blast writing about it this year!  This season, with all of the blindsides and the scheming and the strange personalities, reminded me of why I accepted BBBlogger’s offer to write for this site in the first place!  And there haven’t been any fights on the site this season, either.  There’s been some disagreements but, for the most part, they’ve all been handled respectfully.

So, what I’m saying is that the Big Brother Blog will be back next season, for bother Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother 21.  And hopefully, it’ll be around for many seasons after that!  Yes, we are returning!

(If you’re a Survivor fan, my sister and I will be covering the upcoming season over at the Reality TV Chat Blog!)

Thank you everyone for making this a fun season to write about and I look forward to seeing all of you next season!

As for Big Brother, the finale is on Wednesday!  See you then!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: The Second Part of the HoH Comp

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 22, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, it appears that they just completed the 2nd part of the HoH comp in the Big Brother House.  Since Tyler won the first part, the second part of the competition was between Kayce and JC.  It was a physical comp so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that…


That means that, on Wednesday, Kaycee and Tyler will be facing off in the third part of the comp and the winner will chose who to take to the final three with them.  So, JC’s fate is now basically in the hands of two people who have a had a final two deal since their first week in the House.

JC’s in a pretty bad spot right now, though I’m not sure if he realizes it.  He still seems to think that he can convince Tyler to evict Kaycee, assuming that Tyler wins the part 3.  The third part of the final HoH comp is usually a mental comp, which would probably favor Tyler.  However, you never know.  Last season, for instance, Josh beat Paul in part 3 of the comp despite not exactly being the most mentally alert player in the house.

Anyway, that’s the situation right now.  Regardless of who wins the final HoH, it now looks pretty certain that JC is going to be the final jury and that this season is going to come down to Tyler vs. Kaycee.

Lisa Marie

P.S. There will be an announcement on Monday about this site.  Keep an eye out for it!


Big Brother 20: The First Part of the Final HoH Comp

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 21, 2018

Hi y’all!

Well, we are down to the final three, which means that the upcoming days will feature a three-part HoH comp.  Basically, it goes like this:

All three of the HGs play in the first part.

The second part is between the two losers of the first part.

The third and final part is between the winner of the 1st and 2nd parts.

Whoever wins the third part is the final HoH of the season and picks who they want to take to the final two with them.  They also get to evict the final member of the jury.

Last night, they did the first part of the HoH comp.  It was an endurance competition and Tyler won!  That means that Tyler now gets to sit back and relax until finale night.  The second comp will be between JC and Kaycee.  And then whoever wins that one will compete against Tyler to be the final HoH.

Right now, Tyler is in a pretty good spot, as far as getting to the final two is concerned.  He has a final two deal with both Kaycee and JC.  Kaycee has said a thousand times that she’s going to honor that deal and her decision to evict Angela last night pretty much proved that Kaycee’s telling the truth.  As for JC, he’s been saying that Kaycee can’t be beaten so I doubt he would want to take her to the final two.

So, Tyler seems to be guaranteed a spot in the final two.  The only question is whether the jury is going to be interested in anything that he has to say.  If this is a bitter jury, Tyler’s going to be in trouble.  In fact, on twitter, Dan Gheesling has pretty much announced that if Tyler loses, then that means the days of rewarding the best strategist may be over and that future Big Brother houseguests are going to have to concentrate more on winning comps and perfecting their social game.  We’ll see if he’s right.

So, that’s where we are right now.  When I have the information on who won the 2nd part of the comp, I’ll be sure to post it.

Until then, we’re just counting down the days until the finale!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: And your final three Houseguests are…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 20, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, it’s official.  We are now down to our final three!

After JC won the HoH, he nominate Tyler and Angela for eviction.  After Kaycee won the veto, she cast the one and only vote that was cast tonight.  Personally, I think that Kaycee should have sent Tyler out of the house because Tyler is probably the only person in the House who would have even a chance of beating her in a final two situation.  But Kaycee decided to honored the final two agreement that she and Tyler made early in the season and she voted to evict Angela.

So, here’s your final three!

KAYCEE, the veto queen!  Considering that Kaycee spent the first half of this season being dismissed by most fans, she has certainly come on strong here in the final half of the game.  She’s won 5 vetoes.  She’s won 1 HoH.  She’s won 1 hacker comp.  Kaycee is in the final three and I’m not sure that anyone can beat her if she makes it to the final two.

TYLER, the lifeguard!  Tyler’s been the front runner since the season began.  For the most part, he’s played a good game but I think he let his game slip when he fell in love with Angela.  His downfall might be his jury management skills.

JC, the underdog!  I never thought JC would make it this far.  Can he make it to the final two?  Anything’s possible but, of the three final houseguests, he has the weakest record when it comes to competitions.

Who will win?  We’ll find out next Wednesday!

It’s been a great season but all good things come to an end…

(…or do they?)

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Let’s Open Up That Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 19, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, if you saw tonight’s episode of Big Brother, here’s what you saw.  As expected, Sam was evicted by a vote of 2-o and, as she told Julie, she wasn’t particularly happy with Tyler’s vote.  (Seriously, jury management could very well be Tyler’s downfall.)

After Sam left, a new HoH was selected and the winner was …


That’s right, JC finally won something.  And he really needed this HoH because he was the next houseguest slated to go.  Though there’s been rumors online that Tyler threw the comp because he didn’t want to have to choose between nominating either Angela or Kaycee, it was obvious that Tyler did try to win.  This competition was not thrown to JC.  Say what you will about him, JC won this HoH on his own.

Though they didn’t show it on tonight’s show, JC has already made his nominations.  Most of the spoiler sites are indicating that JC nominated Angela and Tyler, with Angela as his target.  But really, it doesn’t matter who JC nominated.  What matters is who wins the veto.  With only four people left in the house, only one person will be able to vote on Thursday.  If either Angela or Tyler wins the veto and uses it, Kaycee will go up on the block and the veto winner will cast the one vote.  If Kaycee or JC wins the veto then the noms will probably remain the same and Kaycee will cast the deciding vote.

So, with all that in mind, it’s time to open up the diary room!

Who do you want to see evicted on Thursday?

ANGELA, the mean girl

KAYCEE, the veto champ


TYLER, the smitten lifeguard?

Cast your vote in the comments below or in the poll over on the right side of the page!  And then be sure to watch on Thursday to see who will be evicted and who will be our final three!

Happy voting,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Veto Ceremony Spoilers

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 17, 2018

Hi everyone!

Today was the veto meeting and Kaycee decided…

To use the veto to maintain the status quo by not using it change Angela’s nominations.  That means that JC and Sam remain on the block and, as of right now, Sam is still the target to be voted out.  Only Kaycee and Tyler will be casting votes on Tuesday and both of them are planning on voting for Sam.  Undoubtedly, Sam will not be happy to be betrayed by Tyler but Tyler’s burned so many bridges, he might as well go ahead and burn another one.

(Actually, there’s no way for Tyler not to burn a bridge on Tuesday.  Even if he voted to keep Sam, he’d have JC mad at him.)

So, here’s the schedule.  The feeds will go down on Tuesday and they will remain down until after Wednesday’s show.  So, needless to say, there’s not going to be much to report from the house tomorrow.  The vote will take place on Tuesday but we won’t see it until Wednesday.  In all probability, Sam will be the one voted out.  The only way that could change would be if JC just pushes Tyler so hard that Tyler decides to get rid of him early.

(Basically, since the double eviction, JC has been continually telling Tyler that he’s an idiot.  Tyler, needless to say, isn’t enjoying it.)

Then, on Thursday, another houseguest will be voted out.  Unless JC manages to win the HoH or the veto, it will probably be him.  After that, the final three will compete to be the final HoH and this season of Big Brother will come to an end two Wednesdays from now.

Fear not, though.  The same night that Big Brother ends, Survivor begins. 🙂

That’s the plan.  We’ll see what happens!  As far as tomorrow goes, if I see any spoilers confirming who has been voted out, I’ll post them here.  If not, our next post will be on Wednesday, after the eviction episode!

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 20: Panic

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 16, 2018

Hi y’all!

Just a quick recap, in case you missed it:

Angela is the HoH.

Sam and JC are on the block.

Kaycee has won the veto.

So, the plan right now is that Kaycee is not going to use the veto.  Sam is going to be voted out next and then, after that, JC will be voted out and it will be a Kaycee/Angela/Tyler final three.

As of right now, it doesn’t look like there’s anything that could split apart the alliance of Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee.  Assuming that JC doesn’t win the next HoH or the next veto, the only question is who, out of the final three, is going to be cut.  Tyler and Kaycee have had a final two agreement for almost the entire game and he’s told both Kaycee and JC that he’s willing to evict Angela, despite having a showmance with her.  But is Tyler telling the truth about that?  That’s the question.  Does Tyler realize that Kaycee will probably beat him if they’re both in the final two?

JC has figured out that Kaycee will be difficult to beat and he’s been trying to get Tyler to consider targeting her once they reach the final four.  JC has been panicking ever since Angela nominated him for eviction.  This is JC’s first time to be nominated — the ten minutes that he spent on the block during the double eviction don’t count — and he is not handling it well at all.  He’s angry and he’s frustrated and he seems to have finally figured out that he doesn’t really have as strong a bond with Tyler as he originally assumed.  Earlier today, JC approached Tyler and told him that he screwed up by getting rid of Brett and that he should have kept him around so that the three of them could have taken out Kaycee and Angela.  JC then started whining about how he knows that he’s going to be evicted once they reach the top 4.  For his part, Tyler told JC that he has as much of a chance as anyone to win either the HoH or the veto.

So, right now, it would appear that Sam’s only hope to stay in the House is that JC gets so whiny that he annoys everyone into voting him out early.  I don’t think that will happen because, for the most part, Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee like to stick to their original plan.  But who knows?

As always, we’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 15, 2018

Hi y’all!

Okay, so there’s really been no shocks so far this week.

Angela won HoH.

Angela nominated Sam and JC for eviction.

And now, the veto has been won by…


That’s right.  This is Kaycee’s fourth veto win in a row.  Along with winning one HoH and one hacker comp and managing to get through almost the entire season without getting on anyone’s badside, Kaycee is emerging as the clear favorite to win this season.  She and Tyler do have a final two deal and Tyler has told her that he is going to honor it, even if it means evicting his showmance first.

Tyler, of course, could be lying.  It would be a total mistake for him to take anyone other than Angela to the final two.  However, I’m not sure Tyler understands how much the jury probably hates him.  There were only two people that the Tyler disliked more than Tyler and Tyler just blindsided one of them (Brett) during the live eviction.

Anyway, JC is really freaking out about being on the block but he need not worry.  Sam is the target and that’s not going to change.  No one takes JC seriously as a threat to win the next HoH.  What’s interesting is that, as of right now, JC seems to be the only person in the House who understands that Kaycee is a huge threat to win.  He’s tried to convince both Angela and Tyler that Kaycee needs to be blindsided.  JC’s right but, for some reason, both Tyler and Angela seem to be blind to just how strong a player Kaycee has become over the past few weeks.

The veto meeting will be on Monday.  There’s no way that Kaycee is going to use the veto, though if she did, Tyler would automatically become the replacement nominee.  The feeds will then go down on Tuesday, at which point Sam will probably be evicted from the House.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Nominations

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 14, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, the feeds are down for the nomination ceremony right now but I can tell you exactly who is going to be nominated and who is going to be targeted this week because Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler discussed it last night and nothing’s happened that would have changed their minds.

First off, in case you didn’t know, Angela is new the HoH.  We’ll see her win the HoH comp on Sunday’s show.  With Angela’s victory, that pretty much assured that these next few days are going to be dominated by Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee.  So, it should come as no shock that Angela is going to nominate JC and Sam for eviction.  From the conversation that Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee had last night, it’s clear that Sam is the target.  They feel that she’s a bigger risk to win the next HoH than JC and they’re probably right.

In her nomination speech, Angela is planning on telling Sam and JC that they’ve been nominated because there’s no way either one of them could be beaten in a final two situation.  What’s funny is that Angela’s right but she doesn’t realize it.

So, when the feeds come back, Sam and JC will be on the block and, unless she wins the veto tomorrow, Sam will probably be voted out next.  If this season is anything like previous seasons, that eviction will happen on either Monday or Tuesday, though they’ll present it as being live when they show it to us on Wednesday.  Chances are that the feeds will be down quite a bit this upcoming week.

I believe they’re having a celebratory concert in the backyard today, probably so they can film the dreaded flashback episode.  So, expect feeds to be down for a long time.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Double Eviction Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 13, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, let’s just make it official.  If you haven’t seen tonight’s Double Eviction episode, this will be a spoiler!  So, if you don’t want the results spoiled until you can watch it for yourself, stop reading now.

Tonight was the first and only double eviction episode of the 20th season of Big Brother.  First, Haleigh was voted out by a vote of 4-0.  No one was surprised to see her go and now, every member of the Hive has officially been voted out of the House.

After Haleigh was voted out, it was time for Operation Backdoor Brett.  Earlier this week, Brett made the mistake of telling Tyler that he felt Kaycee and Angela were getting too close and that it might be time to vote Angela out of the house.  Since Tyler is now in love with Angela, that meant that Brett’s days in the House were numbered.

First, Tyler won HoH.  As soon as Tyler won HoH, he assured Brett that either Kaycee or JC was the target (I’m not totally sure which name he said) and then told Brett to throw the POV.  Tyler said that he would happily get all the blood on his hands.  Brett looked confused by the request.

Tyler nominated JC and Sam for eviction.  Then, Angela won the veto.  Even when Brett congratulated Angela after the win, Angela told him that there was no way that she was going to use the veto and he was safe.

Exactly six minutes later, Angela used the veto, Tyler nominated Brett, and Brett was evicted by a 3-0 vote.

It was an exciting episode but you know what?  Tyler blew it.  Yes, he got out his target.  But he and Angela were so cold-hearted about it that they may very well have lost Brett’s vote.  When Angela used the veto, she smirked and said that she was staying “one step ahead.”  Then, when Tyler nominated Brett, he said that he was staying “two steps ahead.”  It was unnecessarily smug and not a smart way to treat someone heading to the jury.

What’s funny is that Tyler wouldn’t have made that mistake in the past.  He would have made it sound like the House was forcing him to put Brett up.   But ever since Tyler got involved with Angela, his social game has been slipping.  It’s like he wants to show that he can be just as cold and ruthless as Angela.

So, Brett is now gone.  Our final five are Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, JC, and Sam.  And now, we’re just waiting for the results of the next HoH comp!

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the season:

The next eviction will be aired on Wednesday.  Then, on Thursday, someone else will be evicted.  Then the final three will battle it out for the final HoH and a winner will be selected on the 26th!

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie