Big Brother 20: Veto Ceremony Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 20, 2018

Hi y’all!

Well, there was a lot of wild speculation about what Faysal would do today at the veto ceremony.  After Brett won the veto, Faysal said that he’d probably nominate Kaycee as a replacement.  Faysal’s main goal this week is to get Scottie out of the house and apparently, Kaycee has become everyone’s new favorite pawn.

But then yesterday, Sam started badgering him to nominate Haleigh as the replacement.  There was a lot of speculation online that this could lead to Faysal nominating Sam instead of Kaycee.  Or that Haleigh might try to talk him into nominating Tyler.  There was even some speculation that Brett might feel so secure that he wouldn’t even use the veto.

The speculation was fun but, in the end, that’s all it was.  Brett did use the veto.  And Faysal went ahead and nominated Kaycee as the replacement.  As a result, it now looks pretty certain that Scottie will be going to the jury on Thursday.  Even Scottie seems to have accepted that there’s no hope.  Today, he told Haleigh that his current strategy is to go to jury and hope that there will be a jury battleback.

Sam was upset over what happened at the veto ceremony, mostly because she actually thought that she had managed to talk Faysal into nominating Haleigh.  Sam told Tyler that she felt that the rest of the house should have worked with her to get Faysal to put Haleigh on the block.  Sam went on to say that she thought she was trying to play the game but apparently, she hasn’t been playing the game.  (If that confuses you, don’t worry.  I’m not sure what that means, either.)  But anyway, Sam went on to declare that she was taking a vow of silence for the next 24 hours.  She managed to go four hours without speaking.

After the ceremony, JC asked Faysal what he would do if Haleigh voted for Tyler to stay.  Faysal replied that, if that happened, he would dump Haleigh and never trust her again.  So, don’t be surprised if JC casts a vote for Scottie, just to cause some trouble in paradise.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Sam’s Plan

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 19, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, Sam has decided that, if Brett uses the veto, Faysal should nominate Haleigh as his replacement.  Early this morning, she talked to Faysal in the backyard and told him that Haleigh doesn’t do enough around the house and that since everyone wants her out anyway, Faysal should go ahead and nominate her for eviction.  Sam even told Faysal that she would quit smoking if Faysal put Haleigh on the block.  As Sam put it, Faysal would literally be saving her life by nominating Haleigh.

Faysal listened to the plan and, at the end of the conversation, he hugged Sam.  While he was hugging her, he looked directly at the camera and mouthed, “Are you kidding me?”  So, apparently, Faysal will not be taking Sam’s advice.  That’s not surprising but you do have to admit that if any HoH would actually be stupid enough to nominate his showmance for eviction, it would probably be Faysal.

(I can actually imagine Faysal justifying it to Haleigh, too.  “This way, no one will know that we’re working together and it’ll give you an excuse to nominate Sam if you win HoH next week!”)

But no, Faysal will not be nominating Haleigh.  Sam, however, doesn’t realize this and she’s continued to approach Faysasl throughout the day, pointing out reasons why Haleigh should be nominated.  After Faysal named JC, Sam, and Tyler as Have-Nots (Tyler volunteered to keep Angela from going up), Sam even approached Faysal and pointed out that Haleigh has only been a have-not once the entire time that she’s been in the house.

In fact, Sam’s been so determined about trying to talk Faysal into nominating Haleigh that I started to think that Faysal might change his mind about nominating Kaycee and nominate Sam instead.  However, when last I checked, Faysal was still telling Angela and Tyler that Kaycee will go up on the block.

(And Angela, Tyler, and Brett are continuing to laugh at Faysal behind his back.)

As for Scottie, he knows that he’s in trouble. So, he’s spent most of today telling everyone that, if they keep him, he will go after Haleigh and Faysal.  Scottie has even been telling everyone that Haleigh is “Kaitlyn 2.0.”  Unfortunately, for him, I think the general feeling is that anyone can get Haleigh and Faysal out.  So, as of right now, it looks like Scottie hasn’t accomplished much beyond destroying whatever chance he had of getting Haleigh’s vote to stay.

Veto meeting is tomorrow!  We’ll see what happens when Brett takes himself down.

Lisa Marie



Big Brother 20: Veto Comp Results

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 18, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, today was the veto competition.  It was the Hide and Seek comp, where they tear the house up while searching for vetoes.  The feeds just came back after being down for 6 hours and the house has been TRASHED!  Sam is going to throw a fit.

Anyway, Faysal, Scottie, Brett, Tyler, Angela, and Haleigh all competed for the veto.  This was Tyler’s 7th veto comp.  There’s only been one veto comp that he hasn’t participated in.  After the players were selected for the veto, Faysal even emptied out the button bag to show everyone that the selection hadn’t been rigged and that Tyler’s button had been legitimately (and randomly) drawn.  Scottie got houseguest’s choice during the veto and he picked Haleigh.  That wasn’t a bad pick since Haleigh is probably the only person in the house who would have saved him.

However, in the end, Brett won the veto!  This is Brett’s first comp win and it’s probably going to seal Scottie’s fate in the house.  Brett will probably take himself off the block and I’m not sure who Faysal would nominate in his place.  Faysal has said that he wants to work with Tyler but he’s also said that he wants a guy out this week.  So, it seems like he would have to nominate either Tyler or JC.  Tyler, of course, has his cloud app so he could always use it to keep himself safe.  But, honestly, even if Tyler did go on the block, it wouldn’t matter.  Scottie simply doesn’t have the votes to stay in the house.

Poor Scottie.  We’ll see what happens on Monday.  To be honest, I think Faysal will probably go back on his promise about only nominating guys this week.  I get the feeling that the replacement nominee will either be Kaycee or Sam.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Today’s Nominatons

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 17, 2018

Okay y’all, this season is just getting too weird.

Seriously, I don’t even know how to explain what is happening in the House right now.  It makes absolutely zero sense.  The closest example that I can think happened during Big Brother 6, when the Nerd Herd tricked Rachel into nominating James and Sarah for eviction, despite the fact that all three of them were members of the same alliance.  This is just weird.

What’s been the reoccurring theme this season?  Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

Well, Faysal has managed to do it again!

Notice that I said Faysal and not the Hive.  That’s because the only other two members of the Hive — Haleigh and Scottie — told him not to do this.  Even a few members of the Level 6 said that Faysal would have to be an idiot to do what he did.  But he did it anyway and this is all on him.

Faysal made his nominations today.  Seeing as how the entire house is trying to get him, Haleigh, and Scottie out, he had a lot of good candidates to choose from.  Remember how Haleigh — who is now officially Faysal’s girlfriend — spent two weeks trying to backdoor Tyler?  Remember how Faysal said that, if he won HoH, he would target Tyler?

Well, that’s not happening.  Soon after winning HoH, Faysal said that he wouldn’t target Tyler because apparently Faysal made some promise not to go after him.  I haven’t seen any evidence of this promise on the live feeds but maybe the Sunday show will clarify things.

Anyway, JC got to Faysal last night and spent a lot of time talking about how Scottie was a threat to him and couldn’t be trusted and how Scottie has said that he likes Haleigh and he wants to get Faysal out of the game.  So, Faysal got it into his head that he should nominate Scottie and Brett for eviction.

Haleigh tried to tell him that it was a mistake to nominate Scottie but then she got distracted by a bottle of wine and that was pretty much it for Haleigh.  Even JC later told Faysal that nominating Scottie would be a mistake.  (JC’s idea was to backdoor Scottie.)  Eventually, after spending the entire day doing nothing, Scottie finally went up to the HoH room and made a convincing case for why Faysal should nominate Tyler for eviction.

So, of course, Faysal nominated Brett and Scottie for eviction.


(Personally, I think it has to do less with game and more with insecurity.  Scottie has said that he likes Haleigh.  Brett and Haleigh have a flirtatious friendship.  Faysal just nominated the two people who see as being threats to his showmance with Haleigh.)

So, right now, Faysal is feeling pretty proud of himself.  To his credit, Scottie is taking all of this calmly.  He even talked to Faysal afterwards.  Faysal told Scottie to win the veto if he wants to stay.  As for Brett, he knows that he’s got the votes to stay over Scottie so he’s feeling pretty confident as well.

Speaking of Brett, Sam today asked Brett if he was in love with her and Brett told her that he’s not but that he likes her as a friend.  Sam says that Rockstar made her feel as if Brett had fallen for her and apparently, Sam was thinking about marrying him after the show.  Now, Sam says that she’s happy with Brett as her Plan B.  (Her Plan A remains Tyler.)

Seriously, this is the strangest season.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Ding Dong

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 16, 2018

Hi y’all!

I still haven’t gotten a chance to watch the latest eviction episode because of some work that I had to do for another website but I know from following your comments here and over on Facebook that Rockstar was, as expected, voted out earlier tonight.  She went on a 5-1 vote, with her only vote coming from Scottie.  If nothing else, the fact that Scottie voted her shows that he’ll pretty much do anything that Haleigh wants him to do.

As for the HoH competition, it was the slip and slide and Faysal won it rather easily!  So, that means that Haleigh is essentially going to get a do-over on her HoH.  There is no hacker this week.  This is Haleigh’s chance to get Faysal to get out Tyler.

Except…Tyler has the cloud app!

The only problem for Tyler is when to play it.  As of right now, Haleigh has made it clear that she wants Faysal to just nominate Tyler on the nomination ceremony.  Two weeks in a row, Haleigh has tried to backdoor Tyler.  This week, she’s going to take the direct approach.  If Tyler wants to avoid being nominated at the nomination ceremony, he either has to use his app or somehow convince someone else to convince Faysal to backdoor him.

If Tyler does use his app at the nomination ceremony, he’ll still be vulnerable at the veto ceremony.  Either way, it would appear that Tyler’s best hope this week is to, once again, win the veto.

As for who will go up next to Tyler, I thought it would be Angela but now it sounds like Faysal is planning to nominate Brett.  That makes sense when you consider that Faysal sees Brett as being a rival for Haleigh.

We’ll see what happens!  Right now, it looks like the jury will be getting a member of Level 6 next week but if anything’s been consistent about the Hive this season, it’s been their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: It’s Time To Open Up The Diary Room!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 15, 2018

It’s that time again!

It’s time open up the diary room!

Who do you vote to evict this week?

Do you vote to evict…

KAYCEE, the hacker


ROCKSTAR, whose daughter’s birthday was like a month ago, y’know?

Cast your vote in the comments below or vote in the poll over on the right side of the page!  And then be sure to watch the show on Thursday to see who will be the second member of the jury!

Happy voting!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: The Cluelessness Continues

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 14, 2018

Hi y’all!

So, Rockstar has come up with a great plan.  Now, before you hear this plan, you need to know that Rockstar and Haleigh are pretty sure that Kaycee is going to be voted out on Thursday.  They’re pretty sure that JC and Brett and Sam will vote to keep her.

(As Faysal put it, “If JC’s a part of this alliance, it’s time for him to start voting with us.”  Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to Faysal that the reason JC isn’t voting with them is because he’s actually not a part of their alliance.  Anyway…)

So, Rockstar has decided that she’s going to use her eviction speech to set the house on fire.  She’s going to announce that Tyler and Angela have an alliance and that they’re planning on taking each other to the final two.  Rockstar is convinced that this will not only lead to everyone voting out Kaycee but that it will also get the house so upset that everyone will be on board with voting out Tyler and Angela over the next two weeks!

Of course, what Rockstar doesn’t realize is that everyone but her, Haleigh, and Faysal already knows that Tyler has got an alliance with Angela.  They know that because they’re all members of the same alliance.

That’s right.  Despite all of the evidence (which we’ve discussed on this blog a countless number of time), Haleigh and Rockstar still do not understand that there’s another alliance in the House.  In fact, even after Tyler saved Angela from eviction, Haleigh and Rockstar are still convinced that everyone else in the house is just floating through the game.

How clueless is the Hive right now?

Haleigh actually asked Brett to help Rockstar with her speech.  Haleigh felt that the first speech was too angry so she asked Brett to help out because Brett “always comes up with great eviction speeches.”  Hmmm…let’s see.  In his first eviction speech, Brett made up a story about Rockstar wanting to work with him.  In his second speech, Brett made up a story about Rachel being the head of the all-girl’s alliance.

Yep, Brett’s great at coming up with speeches.  I guess Haleigh forgot that all of his speeches have resulted in the Hive getting blindsided.  Anyway, Brett basically rewrote Rockstar’s speech for her.  We’ll get to hear it on Thursday, right before Rockstar and the Hive get blindsided yet again.

As for me, I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s episode of Big Brother.  Not only will we get to see Rockstar help Tyler win the veto but we’ll also finally get to see why Haleigh was so upset about Tyler’s veto speech.  It should be good!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Veto Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 13, 2018

Hi y’all!

Sorry for the late update!

So, as all of you probably know, the veto meeting was held earlier today.  As the veto holder, Tyler could either take down Angela, take down Rockstar, or keep the nominations the same.  Haleigh and Rockstar were both convinced that they had managed to talk Tyler into taking down Rockstar.  Oh, you would not believe the amount of fun that Rockstar and Haleigh had yesterday, talking about how stupid everyone in the house is and how they’ve basically got Tyler wrapped around their little fingers.

Well, guess what?

Just as Haleigh and Rockstar thought he would, Tyler did use the veto.

However, he used it on Angela.  In fact, he not only used it on Angela but he also apparently said that the only reason he was using it on Angela was to get back at Haleigh for nominating him last week.  Haleigh responded by replacing Angela with Kaycee.

Needless to say, Haleigh, Rockstar, and Faysal were stunned by this latest turn of events.  They really thought they had convinced Tyler to save Rockstar.  Rockstar cried, as usual, and complained that everyone in the house is spoiled and privileged.  Haleigh went upstairs and pouted in the HoH room.

What’s amazing is that, despite being blindsided yet again, Rockstar and Haleigh still think that Kaycee is going to be evicted on Thursday.  They’re still convinced that they have the votes to save Rockstar.  Rockstar actually thinks that Brett is going to vote to keep her!  Rockstar was even apologizing to Kaycee, saying that she was sorry that Kaycee was going to have to go home this week.

First off, Rockstar, no one’s going home.  Whoever’s evicted is going to join Bayleigh in the jury house.

Secondly, it currently looks like the vote to evict Rockstar could be unanimous.

Apparently, Sam promised Kaycee that she wouldn’t vote her out if she was ever on the block.  They even did a pinky swear, which is apparently a legally binding contract in Samworld.  So, even though Sam is upset about Rockstar being on the block, she has told Tyler that she will vote to keep Kaycee.

(However, Sam also told Tyler that she was going to pretend to be undecided up until Thursday.)

Scottie has also told Tyler that he’ll vote to evict Rockstar.  Scottie could always be lying but, at the same time, Scottie’s not dumb.  What reason does he have to continually go against the house?

Meanwhile, Faysal will probably have his vote stolen by the hacker.

So, while Rockstar think that she’s going to be staying, it actually looks more likely that she’ll be leaving on a 6-0 vote.

Things can always change but, as of right now, it would appear that Rockstar is heading to the jury house on Thursday!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Clueless

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 12, 2018

Hi y’all!

From inside the Big Brother House, the cluelessness continues!

Now, it is true that Rockstar and Angela are currently on the block, as the result of Kaycee hacking Haleigh’s HoH.  And it is true that Tyler, who Haleigh was planning on backdooring this week, has won the veto.  And it is true that, at almost every eviction, the members of the Hive have been blindsided by who was voted out.

But don’t worry, Haleigh says.  We’ve got this!

That’s right.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, Haleigh is convinced that she will be able to keep Rockstar in the house.  In fact, she has even sworn to Rockstar that, if Rockstar is evicted, Haleigh will self-evict in protest.  That’s confidence!

Rockstar even thinks that Tyler might be willing to use the veto on her.  Apparently, during the veto competition, Rockstar actually helped him out!  That’s right — Tyler would have been eliminated during round one of Otev, except that Rockstar told him that he had the wrong answer.  Rockstar, who is ON THE BLOCK, helped the person she wanted to backdoor win the veto.

Let that sink in.

Last night, Rockstar and Haleigh offered Tyler a deal.  They offered to keep him safe if he would only use the veto on Rockstar.  (What they don’t realize, of course, is that the entire house has offered to keep Tyler safe.)  Haleigh made the offer while soaking in the tub and drinking wine.  Haleigh was pretty drunk, which is why she seems to be so convinced that she and Tyler had a great conversation, despite the fact that Tyler pretty much told her to her face that he was thinking about saving Angela because Angela saved him last week.

Today, Haleigh and Rockstar both agreed that no one in the house talks strategy but them.  Rockstar announced that there was no other alliance in the house, other than the Hive.  Everyone else was just a floater and a coaster.

What house has Rockstar been living in for the past two months?

(Come Thursday, she’ll probably be living in the jury house.)

Has there ever been an alliance as clueless as The Hive?  I think part of the problem is that the members of the Hive pretty much spend all of their time hanging out with the other members of The Hive.  Faysal is too obsessed with getting Haleigh to kiss him to pay attention to the rest of the house.  Rockstar is too busy talking about how much she hates rich people to actually see what’s happening right in front of her.  And Scottie — well, I think Scottie is probably the smartest person in the Hive but he’s ultimately looking out for himself.  As for Haleigh, she’s clever but not as clever as she thinks she is.  As we saw last night with her attempt to talk to Tyler, she’s convinced herself that she can flirt her way to the finale.

The Hive may be a terrible alliance but, if nothing else, they’re certainly giving us a lot to talk about this season!

Tomorrow, they’ll have the veto ceremony and we’ll see how Rockstar reacts when she’s still on the block at the end of it.

It should be fun!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 20: Quick Veto Update

by Lisa Marie Bowman on August 11, 2018

Hi y’all!

Sorry, it’s just going to be a quick update today.

Earlier today, they played for the veto.  It was the OTEV comp and basically it was Haleigh, Angela, Rockstar, Kaycee, Faysal, and Tyler competing.  (Tyler was selected by the hacker.)  Anyway, the veto just wrapped up about thirty minutes ago and the golden power of veto was won by…


So, things are now looking pretty hopeless for Rockstar.  Of course, because the Hive is clueless about what’s going on in the rest of the house, Rockstar doesn’t realize just how hopeless it is.  She thinks that she has Brett and JC’s vote to stay.  (She doesn’t.)  She also thinks that she might be able to talk Tyler into using the veto on her, by pointing out that Angela and Kaycee don’t deserve to be in the house because, according to her, they’e just been coasting along.

Of course, what Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal don’t realize is that the entire house is pretty much lined up against them.  Here’s how the vote will probably break down on Thursday:

First off, if Tyler does use the veto, he’ll use it on Angela and Haleigh has already said that Kaycee will be the replacement nominee.

So, that means that there will be 4 members of Level 6 voting — Tyler, Brett, JC, and either Angela or Kaycee.

Meanwhile, as hacker, Kaycee has the power to cancel out one vote.  She’ll probably cancel Faysal’s.  The leaves one member of the Hive eligible to vote, Scottie.

What about Sam?  Well, Sam has said that she doesn’t want to vote out Rockstar but, at the same time, she also seems to want to keep Brett and Tyler happy.  So, Sam is a big question mark right now.  How she votes will probably depend on who she’s mad at when Thursday comes around.

So, for Rockstar to stay, two things have to happen:

  1. Sam has to cast a sympathy vote for her.
  2. JC has to decide to flip on his alliance, despite the fact that there’s not a really big reason for him to do so.

It could happen.  Sam is unpredictable and JC does like to stir trouble.  If both Sam and JC voted to keep Rockstar, it would be a 3-3 tie and Haleigh would cast the deciding vote.  But this week, I don’t think JC will flip.  Faysal will undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on him but JC just seems to be more comfortable working Level 6.

So, if I had to guess right now, I’d say that Haleigh’s HoH will end with her closest ally being evicted on a 4-2 vote.

We’ll see what happens!

Lisa Marie