Big Brother 18 — Divisions

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 29, 2016

Hi everyone!

Well, today, things have been kind of uneventful in the Big Brother house.  The plan to evict Jozea is firmly set in stone and, despite whatever doubts Frank and Da’Vonne may have had yesterday, it doesn’t appear that the plan is going to change.

And oddly, Jozea remains totally unaware.  This afternoon, when I got a chance to look at the live feeds, I saw Jozea giving Michelle advise on how to improve her social game and, for neither the first nor the last time, I marveled at just how out-of-touch Jozea seems to be with the mood of the house.  It’s true that Michelle is one of the quieter houseguests but, at the same time, she’s managed to work herself into the Eight Pack.  The veterans trust her.  Michelle is in as good a position as anyone can be during the first week of the game.

And then you consider Jozea.  Jozea never stops talking,  Jozea never stops demanding attention.  Jozea has to be the center of every conversation and, whenever he can get anyone to talk to him, he always ends up saying something either extremely stupid or extremely offensive.  Jozea thinks that he and Paul are running the house yet every time you see Jozea, he’s isolated.  Jozea’s social game has made him a pariah and he doesn’t even realize it.

Consider what’s been going on tonight.  For the past few hours, the house has been divided into two groups.

The first group is gathered outside and is composed of Jozea, Paul, Bridgette, Victor, Natalie, and Bronte.  And it is literally one of the most boring gathering that I have ever seen on Big Brother.  Jozea is staring off into space.  Paul is staring at his hand and apparently counting his fingers.  Bridgette is so excited that she keeps closing her eyes and attempting to go to sleep.  Meanwhile, Brone, Victor, and Natalie are working out and I am, once again, struck by how little personality any of those three really have.

(By the way, did you know that Natalie used to be a cheerleader?  She’s only mentioned it a few thousands times.)

The second group is everyone else in the house.  They’re gathered in the kitchen.  They’re talking.  They’re singing.  They’re dancing.  They’re having a great time!  This is a confident group of people.  They know who they are voting out and they don’t have the slightest doubt about their decision.  They’re just enjoying themselves until Thursday night.

And what’s amazing is that the first group continues to sincerely believe that they are in charge of the house!

Now, I should mention that, as I was tying this, Paul eventually got up and went inside, where he joined the first group.  But what’s interesting is that the party pretty much broke up as soon as Paul showed up.  Paul doesn’t seem to realize that his presence inspires people to leave the room.

Anyway, Jozea will be going home on Thursday.  Will he figure it out beforehand or will it be a true blindside?  I don’t think Jozea will ever figure it out on his own.  The delusion is too strong within him.  But the other HGs might tell him an hour before the show, like they used to do during the previous two seasons.  I hope they don’t.  If anyone deserves a good blindside, it’s Jozea and Paul.

As for Wednesday’s show, we’ll get to see the veto competition and ceremony!  Of course, we already know that Paul won it and that Bridgette take his place on the block.  But it will still be interesting to see how it all happened!

And then, on Thursday, it will be time to open up the diary room for the first time!  Here’s hoping that BBBlogger can find the key!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18: Delusions

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 28, 2016

Hi everyone!

How satisfying is it going to be to see Jozea walk out the door on Thursday?  There have been worse houseguests than Jozea.  In previous seasons, we’ve had racists.  We’ve had misogynists.  We’ve had people that were either amazingly creepy or amazingly unqualified to compete on Big Brother.  Jozea is not the worst houseguest in the history of Big Brother but he is definitely one of the most clueless.

Essentially, ever since he was first nominated, Jozea has been the number one target.  Even his closest allies — and Paul is hardly a genius when it comes to reading the house — have suggested that Jozea needs to calm down and lay low for a little while.  And yet, Jozea continues to remain convinced that the house is going to vote out Paulie on Thursday.

In fact, the only time that Jozea even acknowledges that he could be voted out is when he says that it really doesn’t matter because, if he does go, he’s going to have a career in entertainment now.  He’s going to be the next Mario Lopez.  He’s going to host the Grammys.  He’s going to be the number one star in the world…

You really have to wonder what is going on in Jozea’s head.  Nobody’s been going out of their way to tell Jozea that he’s safe and yet, he seems to not have a doubt in his head.  A part of me wonders if Jozea’s confidence might be the result of the fact that he was recruited for the show.  Perhaps he’s thinking, “They wanted me to be on this show, so there’s no way I’m going to be the first one out.”

Jozea is about to get blindsided by his own delusions.

Now, I will admit that I did panic a little bit earlier today.  Paulie may be safe but that doesn’t mean that the other houseguests trust him.  There’s a reason why Paulie was not included in the Eight Pack.  In fact, he’s the only houseguest who doesn’t seem to have an alliance right now.  He has a showmance of sorts going with Zakiyah and he gets along well with Frank and Corey.  But otherwise, nobody seems to trust him.  The fact that he initially denied being Cody’s brother has not helped him win anyone’s trust and the fact that he admitted to lying when he really didn’t have to has also made him seem like a loose cannon.

So why did I panic?

Because, for a few brief moments, Frank was actually considering keeping Jozea and voting out Paulie.  Da’Vonne is also worried about Paulie, mainly because she feels that, if Paulie stays in the house for too long, he’ll break up Da’Vonne’s alliance with Zakiyah.

So, for a brief moments earlier today, it looked like Frank and Da’Vonne might change their plans.  But, fortunately, it didn’t last long.  Paulie will definitely be a future target but, for now, Frank and Da’Vonne have agreed that they want to take out Jozea, followed by Victor and then Bronte.  The fact that they consider those two to be bigger targets than Paul shows just how little respect anyone in the house seems to have for Paul.

(However, it does look like — if either of them manages to survive the first few evictions — we might have a showmance between — get your gag reflex ready — between Paul and Bronte.)

Why doesn’t anyone have any respect for Paul?  It’s hard to say when you consider that Paul is apparently the greatest guy in the world and he has the greatest friends in the world.  Did you know that Paul has a friend who has Abraham Lincoln’s death mask!?  That’s pretty amazing considering that they didn’t do a death mask for Abraham Lincoln.  Is Paul a habitual liar or is he just dumb or is he playing an elaborate joke on the world?

I guess we’ll learn the answer to that soon.

For now, we’ll just continue to wait for the look of shock on Jozea’s face when he’s evicted on Thursday.

Til next time,

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18 — Veto Ceremony Results!

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 26, 2016


Hi, everyone!

Wow, what a long and exhausting day.  As some of you know, BBBlogger briefly experimented with a new format earlier today.  We’re trying to fix some things on the site, as far as e-mails and numbering is concerned.  Personally, I liked the new format but it turned out we had a slight problem: the new site did not work on several people’s phones!  As you can see, for now, we have switched back the old format.

But seriously, everyone — thank you for your feedback!  I know that it was probably a shock to come on the site and see a new format.  Some of you liked it and some of you didn’t.  What’s important is that you let us know!  BBBlogger is still working on the site so there might be some changes over the upcoming week and we hope that you will continue to let us know what’s working and what is not working.  Just be patient because some things are easier to fix than others.  Thank you! 🙂

Anyway, I’m watching Big Brother After Dark right now and seriously, can they just go ahead and get rid of Paul?  I mean, I know that he won the veto and he has taken himself off the block but I’m just saying — as a favor to me, can we just put him back on the block?  I guess we can’t.  We have to follow the rules.  But seriously, can Paul just go?  Right now, he’s obsessively talking game with Bronte and it’s painful to watch.  When it comes to Paul strategizing with Bronte, it really is the blind leading the blind.

(Paul may be attempting to play the villain, in much the same way that Austin played the villain during the previous season.  But a great villain is entertaining.  Paul’s just a jerk who appears to have numerous issues with women.)

Time and again, we have seen that the best strategy for the first half of any Big Brother summer is to lay low.  Don’t draw undue attention to yourself.  Don’t give anyone reason to think of you as being  a threat.  Don’t get on anyone’s nerves.  Paul has screwed up on every count and, if he hadn’t won that veto, he’d probably be going home on Thursday.

But even winning the veto has just served to put an even bigger target on Paul’s back.  Not only has Paul shown himself to be annoying loudmouth but he’s also shown himself to be a challenge threat.  If Paul survives next week, I’ll be surprised.

However, Paul will survive this week because he won the veto!  They had the veto ceremony earlier today and Paul, of course, took himself off the block.  Bridgette was nominated in his place. Since Frank won the first Roadkill challenge (as we saw on Sunday’s show), he was the one who both nominated Paul and then nominated Bridgette as his replacement.  Since the winner of the roadkill is kept secret from the houseguests, I assume that Frank made his nomination in the Diary Room before the veto ceremony.

So, as of right now, the three nominees are:

Paulie, the wannabe Cody

Jozea, the wannabe Frankie

Bridgette, the wannabe …. actually, Bridgette hasn’t really established an identity for herself.  She’s just kind of there.

Paul and Jozea still believe that they have the votes to evict Paulie.  Earlier Paul told Bridgette that Frank, Da’Vonne, and Zakiyah will join him, Natalie, Victor, and Bronte in voting out Paulie.  Paul is massively misreading the house because, as of right now, there’s no way that Frank, Da, or Zakiyah would vote to keep Jozea.

So, as of right now, it looks like there will be four votes to evict Paulie and everyone else will vote to evict Jozea.  Bye, Jozea!

In others new:

Paul really, really hates Tiffany.  His hatred of her is bordering on the obsessive.  He was just telling Bronte that he hates the fact that Tiffany is always wearing a hat and sunglasses inside.  You know who else always wore a hat and sunglasses inside?  Vanessa!  And yet, I don’t think that Paul has figured out yet that Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister.  Did Paul see last season?  I have to wonder because, so far, he’s playing this game like someone who has never seen Big Brother before.

Last night, Tiffany had a minor breakdown because of something that Frank said to her.  She ended up lying in bed in the HoH room, sobbing with her little bunny hat on her head.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out what Frank said that upset her.  At one point, Frank and Tiffany were talking in the hammock.  Tiffany kept pulling the hat down, so that it was covering her eyes.  Frank jokingly said that it was hard for him to talk to someone who was hiding her eyes.  The feed then cut to someone else and, when it came back to Tiffany, she was suddenly upstairs crying.  If anyone knows what Frank said exactly that so upset Tiffany, please let us know in the comments!

And finally, last night, Corey told a story about how one of his frat brother apparently covered a goat in lighter fluid and nearly set it on fire.  Corey thought it was pretty funny.  I didn’t and neither did a lot of people watching.  In other words, Corey is not exactly popular outside the house right now.  Inside the house, though, he seems to be in a pretty good position.  Everyone likes him, he hasn’t offended anyone, and nobody takes him seriously as a threat.  Paul just told Bronte that he thinks Corey is a lot smarter than he lets on.  Paul might be right, though Corey wasn’t particularly smart when he told that story about the goat.

That’s it for now!  Thank you to everyone who helped us get through this long day!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18 — Two Views Of The World

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 26, 2016

Hi y’all!

I’m afraid that I’ve been under the weather for most of today, so this might not be my most eloquent post.   But I’ll do my best.  I’m currently watching Big Brother After Dark and getting caught up with what happened in the house today.

Right now, I’m about to scream because Tiffany keeps wearing that bunny hat.  It’s interesting that, for someone who was so paranoid about people finding out that she was related to Vanessa, Tiffany keeps doing things that are very Vanessa like — such as wearing hats and hiding her eyes.  That said, I actually like Tiffany a lot more than I liked Vanessa.  Tiffany seems much more genuine than her sister.  It seems like almost every time I see her, Tiffany is talking to James.  Considering what went down last season, there would be a definite sort of ironic justice to Tiffany and James forming a final two alliance.

It seems like, right now, there are two competing systems of belief inside the Big Brother House.  There’s what Jozea and Paul believe and then there’s what everyone else knows.

Jozea and Paul believe that the entire house loves them and that all the newbies are firmly on board with the idea of taking out the veterans.  Paul, who is safe this week, does have some doubts but, for the most part, he seems to think that he’s in charge of the house.  Jozea, meanwhile, is firmly convinced that he is safe.  Jozea is convinced that he will still be in the house after Thursday.  Jozea believes that he has convinced everyone that they have to vote out Paulie.  Next week, Jozea believes that he will be going after Nicole.  Paul thinks that James is a bigger target.  But what’s important is that both Paul and Jozea think that they will have the power to take out the vets.

And then there’s what everyone else know.  Everyone else in the house knows that Jozea is the target.  They all know (or, at the very least, suspect) that Jozea is leaving the house on Thursday night.  Jozea is doomed and he’s so clueless that he’s still wandering around the house, acting like a jackass.

As of right now, here are the alliances that have formed in the house.  Technically, everyone is still playing in teams but, as far as the alliances go, the teams really don’t mean anything.

The big alliance is the Eight Pack.  The Eight Pack is made up of James, Nicole, Frank, Da’Vonne, Corey, Tiffany, Zakiyah, and Michelle.  The Eight Pack are currently in charge and I actually think that they’ll be in charge for a while.  They’ve got just enough players to dominate the game without getting so big that the alliance itself become unmanageable.

Within the Eight back, there are two side alliances.  James and Nicole currently have a final two agreement but apparently, there’s a chance that a Corey/Nicole showmance might develop.

And then, the women of the Eight Pack have a secret alliance of their own, the Fatal Five.  (Personally, I think Fatal Five is a great name and I hope they never change it.)

Then there is the Newbie alliance.  The Newbie alliance is Victor, Paul, Jozea, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette.  And the Newbie alliance really sucks because it’s dominated by Paul.  Right now, on Big Brother After Dark, Paul is drunk and trying to hit on every woman in his alliance while talking down to them at the same time.  That pretty much epitomizes Paul’s social game.  Paul is beyond clueless.  Paul and Jozea are convinced that the Newbie alliance is bigger and stronger than it actually is.  Thursday should be a wakeup call.

Remember how Natalie said her plan was to immediately form an all-girl’s alliance?  Well, she did.  She, Bronte, and Bridgette are team Powerpuff!  Personally, I love the Powerpuff Girls but this alliance is doomed.  When Natalie is your strategist, you’re in trouble.

Meanwhile, Paulie is a bit of a free agent but he’s close to both Frank and Corey.

Now, usually, I get frustrated when new players don’t immediately take out returning players.  But, honestly, this newbie alliance is so idiotic that I’m actually looking forward to seeing the veterans take them out, one after another.

As far as the veto goes, Paul won it and he’s going to use it.  Frank has been saying that he’s planning on nominating Bridgette in Paul’s place but there’s another rumor that I’ve seen online, which states that if Paul uses the veto, the HoH will be nominated in his place.  That means Nicole would go on the block.  Don’t quote me on that, though.  It’s just a rumor I’ve heard.

And I really don’t think it would make any difference.  Even if Nicole does go on the block, the Eight Pack plus Paulie should be able to save her and send Jozea packing.

That’s it for now!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18 — Jozea Superstar

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 25, 2016

Hi, y’all!

So admittedly, it’s still early yet and I’m still getting to know the houseguests and I’m still getting a feel for what’s going on in the house.  The first two weeks of Big Brother are always something of a mess.  Alliances are formed and quickly forgotten.  People who clearly are not threats are often mistakenly viewed as being threats (like Donny from Big Brother 16, for example) while future power players are often the least visible people in the house.  (Derrick, Vanessa, and Dan Gheesling are all examples of this — none of them did much for the few weeks of the game and all of them later emerged as power players.)

That’s just the way Big Brother is.  If you immediately step up and try to establish yourself as a power player, you’ll be voted out.  That’s especially true during the first few weeks, when all the evictions are based less on strategy and more on whether or not you made a good first impression.

And that’s why Jozea is pretty much doomed this week.  He came on too strong.  He told Da’Vonne that he was the newbie messiah.  He was actually stupid enough to tell James, a proud veteran, that he didn’t think that the 4th of July should be a holiday.  When James pointed out that Jozea only had the right to say stupid stuff like that because of the sacrifices of the men and women of the armed forces, Jozea replied, “I didn’t ask them to do that for me.”

In short, Jozea is an idiot.  There’s been a few changes in the house that I’ll get to in a minute but one thing has not changed.  Jozea is the target and he will be voted out next week.

Interestingly enough, Jozea doesn’t appear to realize how doomed he is.  He seems to sincerely believe that all of the newbies have his back and that they will vote to keep him over Paulie.  Jozea has been calling house meetings to talk strategy.  Jozea has been openly insulting Nicole, taunting her about her previous relationship with Hayden.  Every time that I’ve looked at the live feeds today, Jozea has been in the middle of monologue about just how awesome he believes himself to be.

Jozea is doomed and he’s too stupid to even realize it.  And, again, it is worth noting that Jozea was reportedly recruited to be on the show.  He knows nothing about the game and, even worse, he knows nothing about how to live with a group of people without driving everyone crazy.

How obnoxious is Jozea?  He’s so obnoxious that he’s even making the equally arrogant and condescending Paul seem reasonable by comparison!

As for the other big developments in the house, here they are!

First off, the new competition that Julie was hinting at is something that is called Roadkill.  Assuming that I’ve managed to correctly translate what we’ve heard on the live feeds, the four members of Category Four are the only one who competed in the comp.  The winner of the comp won the power to nominate a third person for eviction.  However, the winner’s identity was not revealed to the entire house.

Apparently, Frank won the competition and he nominated Paul for eviction!  Needless to say, Paul was not happy about it but, when last I heard, he was under the impression that Michelle was the one who nominated him and he is busy plotting revenge.

(As Sirrock pointed out in the comments under my previous post, this is a lot like the America’s choice twist from season 15.  It’s a little bit more fair, however, that the power is determined by a comp as opposed to having people vote.)

So, for a night or two, the nominees where Jozea, Paulie, and Paul.  However, they played the POV earlier today and Paul won the veto.  Paul is going to use the veto on himself and it will fall on Frank to pick a replacement nominee.

However, Jozea is still the target.  And he’s not doing anything to become less than a target.  Bye, Jozea!

Lisa Marie

P.S. I know that some of you have had issues getting the emails.  I’ve contacted BBBlogger and he’s looking into it!  I apologize for any inconvenience and, as always, thank you for reading and commenting!


Big Brother 18 — Destined For Eviction

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 24, 2016

Hi, y’all!

So, I’m sitting here and I’m watching Big Brother After Dark on Pop TV.  Not much is happening right now, largely because it’s still early in the season and everyone’s still getting to know each other and they’re all pretending to get along.  Don’t worry, the meltdowns will get here soon enough.

Right now, Frank appears to be lying in bed naked and talking to Da’Vonne, Paulie, and Zakiyah about his season.  Zakiyah and Paulie are looking extremely cozy with each other.

(Oh wait — Frank and Paulie are not naked.  All the members of the Category 4 are having to wear flesh-colored, pixelated bikinis as a part of their mystery punishment for coming in third during the first challenge on Wednesday night.)

Everyone else appears to be gathered at the kitchen table.  Jozea is talking a mile a minute.

Anyway, what did everyone think of Thursday’s episode?  I’m excited because all of my predictions came true!  Glenn was the first to be evicted and Nicole is the first HoH of the season!

I actually felt a little bad for Glenn.  As soon as I saw the challenge, I knew he was doomed.  The members of the Freakazoids had to stand on an unstable platform, climb a fake tree, grab fake coconuts, and place them on the platform.  The heavier someone was, the more the platform would move and the more likely it was that the coconuts would fall off.  As the heaviest guy in the Big Brother House, Glenn simply did not have a chance.

So, Glenn was evicted and he didn’t even get to talk to Julie after he left.  And, even though I did feel bad for him, I also have a feeling that it might have been for the best.  Glenn had a prickly personality and no social skills.  He would not have lasted long in the house even if he had survived the challenge.

The remaining members of the Freakazoids picked Nicole for HoH.  Paul proceeded to freak out since he thought it was generally agreed that Corey would step up and be the first HoH and that the veterans would be targeted.  However, since Paul hasn’t been very subtle in pushing his plan, the vets already knew what his plan was and Nicole was smart enough to talk to Corey and get him on her side before the challenge even began.

Nicole made her nominations and there really wasn’t much suspense over who her target would be.  Jozea made the mistake of bragging on himself in the presence of Da’Vonne and Da’Vonne let Nicole know that Jozea was a threat.  So, Nicole nominated Jozea with Paulie as a pawn.

“Pawn’s often go home,” both Nicole and Paulie said at various points.

And you know what?  Somebody says that every season but it hardly ever happens.  Usually, the target goes home and, as of right now, Jozea is definitely the target.

(Nicole also said she didn’t want to “get blood on my hands” and I nearly screamed at the TV because that’s a phrase that I got so sick of hearing last season.)

One other thing about Jozea — from what I’ve read, he was recruited to be on the show and he’s not really familiar with Big Brother.  Watching him tonight, it was obvious that this was true.  Anyone who has ever seen Big Brother knows the importance of laying low.  The cockier and more arrogant you are, the more likely that you’ll be one of the first voted out.

We’ll see what happens but right now, Jozea appears to be destined for eviction!

Lisa Marie

P.S. Before I forget, Tiffany also told Da’Vonne that she was Vanessa’s sister.  Tiffany was sobbing and sounded so much like her sister that I nearly had a flashback to last year.  But anyway, Da’Vonne now officially knows Tiffany’s not very interesting secret.


Big Brother 18: A Few Thoughts On Episode 1

by Lisa Marie Bowman on June 23, 2016

Hi everyone!

Well, it’s finally here!  Last night was the premiere of the 18th season of the show that we all love and occasionally love to hate, Big Brother!  And I am happy to say that I am also back for the summer, providing daily posts here at the Big Brother Blog and hopefully doing my part to make this a great season!

Before I talk about last night’s episode, I want to deal with a few administrative things:

First off, my email address is  If you have any questions or comments or problems or anything else, feel free to send me a message.  I can promise that I will always help out as best I can!

Secondly, though it doesn’t happen often, comments occasionally get held up in moderation.  This especially happens if you’re commenting from a different IP address than usual.  For this summer, I will be making it a point to check regularly and make sure that, if your comment does go into moderation, that it gets out of moderation as quickly as possible.

If you leave a comment and it doesn’t show up, please feel free to email me or contact me on Facebook or twitter.  Usually, either I or BBBlogger can track down your comment and make sure it gets posted.  Thanks!

(I will post links to my FB and my twitter at the end of this post, just in case you need them to get in contact with me.)

Now, let’s talk about last night’s episode!

Last night, we met our 12 new Houseguests and we also confirmed the identities of the 4 returning houseguests.  The night was largely dominated by challenges.  The 16 houseguests were divided into 4 separate teams and those teams competed for safety.

For the first challenge, the teams had to hold onto a slippery rocket and if that sounds suggestive — well, let’s just say that those didn’t look like rockets to me.  The team that managed to keep at least one member on the rocket for the longest won two weeks of immunity.  The team that came in 2nd won cash but lost immunity.  The team that came in third received a mystery punishment that will be revealed at some point in the future.  The team that came in last are the have-nots for the first week.  They have to eat slop and sleep in an uncomfortable bedroom.

The next challenge involved the three teams that lost the 1st challenge.  It was a challenge in three rounds.  The first two parts involved solving puzzles.  The teams that won the first two parts received immunity from the next eviction.

The team that lost both of the 1st two rounds will compete in one final challenge on Thursday night.  The four of them will compete as individuals and whoever loses the challenge will be evicted from the house.  The three remaining members of the team will pick the first head of household.

So, who are our new houseguests?  Let’s take them team-by-team.  (All of the teams were required to pick a team name.  As such, the four groups listed below are also this season’s first alliances, though I doubt many of them will last for that long.  Alliances rarely do.)

First off, Team Unicorn!  Team Unicorn was the big winner of the night.  They won the first challenge and, as a result, all four of them are safe for the next two weeks.

Team Unicorn is made up of:

  1. James Huling, everyone’s favorite player from last season.  I was really happy to see James again.  I know he’s not a great player and I laughed a little when he said that he came close to winning last season.  But James is  a super nice guy.  In a perfect world, he’s the type of guy who would win every reality competition.
  2. Natalie!  Natalie is the one who has never lived with men before.  In the early interviews, she came across as being a bit of a princess and she reminded a lot of people of Victoria.  She also said she was planning on starting an all-girl’s alliance as soon as she got into the house.  Well, she didn’t seem to be trying to do any of that last night.
  3. Victor!  I thought I was going to hate Victor because he came across as being such a wannabe player in his bio but you know what?  I actually thought Victor was kind of charming.  He seems to be a lot more self-aware than you would think just from reading his bio.
  4. Bronte!  Bronte is an actress.  I know that the show is trying to present her as being a quirky genius with a silly voice.  (Remember how, during her first season, Rachel was described as being a chemist when she was actually a cocktail waitress?)  The rumors that I have heard suggest that Bronte was specifically recruited to be on the show.  Her helium voice is going to drive a lot of people crazy but she’s safe for the next two weeks.

And then there’s Team Big Sister!  Team Big Sister is the evil team.  They came in last during the first challenge and became have nots.  They just managed to win the 2nd round of the 2nd challenge.  Somehow, all of this season’s obvious schemers and villains have ended up on the same team.

On Team Big Sister:

  1. Da’Vonne!  That’s right, after being voted out during the 2nd week last season, Da’Vonne is getting another chance!  Da’Vonne is a controversial player.  People either love her or hate her.  I am definitely a Da’Vonne fan.  I love the fact that she’s outspoken and entertaining.  She was not happy about having to be a part of a team and, when you consider who her teammates are, you really can’t blame her.  Da’Vonne is lucky that she’s immune because the other members of Big Sister are all plotting on getting rid of her.
  2. Paul!  Bossy, cocky, and covered in tattoos, Paul appears to be this year’s Austin.  He’s even got an annoying beard.  Paul is coming on way too strong.  Assuming he doesn’t get voted out in the next few weeks, he could definitely be this season’s main villain.
  3. Josea!  Josea is also coming on way too strong.  Apparently, he’s another recruit.  He has described Frankie as being his favorite player.  Bleh.
  4. Zakiyah!  As soon as her team lost the first challenge, Zakiyah started running around to everyone and saying, “Old heads gotta go!”  And it would be smart strategy to target veterans but, like her teammates, Zakiyah was coming on way too strong.  You can’t start giving orders during the first day.  Not if you want to last longer than a few weeks.

Category 4 won the mystery punishment during the 1st challenge but they also won immunity during the 2nd challenge.  They’ve got the best name of all the groups.

In Category 4:

  1. Frank Eudy!  That’s right, Frank Eudy is back!  I couldn’t stand Frank the first time he was on the show but, last night, he was actually likable.  Plus, he finally got a decent haircut.
  2. Michelle!  Michelle is a nutritionist who is obsessed with obesity.  Well, I guess you have to be obsessed with something.  Some people think that Michelle is related to Nicole, just because they both wear glasses and have nasal voices.
  3. Paulie!  Paulie actually is related to a former player!  Paulie is Cody’s brother.  Paulie’s hot but he’s not as hot as his brother.  Paulie decided to tell everyone that he was Cody’s brother.  He probably should have kept it a secret for a little longer because, during the first few weeks, people are always looking for any excuse to get rid of someone.
  4. Bridgette!  Bridgette made absolutely zero impression but it’s early.

Finally, we have the Freakazoids!  The Freakazoids came in 2nd during the 1st challenge and won some cash.  However, they lost both of the first two parts of the 2nd challenge.  Tomorrow, one will be going home and one will be the new HoH.

In The Freakazoids:

  1. Nicole!  Yes, Nicole is back.  I’m not sure why.  Don’t get me wrong — I like Nicole but she wasn’t that memorable or that good of a player during her first season.
  2. Corey!  Corey is a baseball coach from my hometown of Dallas!  Corey seems like he’ll be around for a while, just because he has the strength to win challenges.  At the same time, he doesn’t seem to be particularly smart.
  3. Tiffany!  Tiffany is Vanessa’s sister!  She looks just like Vanessa but doesn’t want to tell anyone.  Da’Vonne figured out who Tiffany was just by taking one look at her.  (Worth noting that Da’Vonne also immediately figured out the twin twist last season.)  Michelle asked Tiffany to her face if she was Vanessa’s sister.  Tiffany pretended that she didn’t know who Vanessa was.  Again, Tiffany looks and sounds exactly like her sister so denying the obvious may not be the best strategy.
  4. Glenn!  Glenn is the token 50 year-old.  He’s not fitting in with anyone, he’s not good at challenges, and he gets easily annoyed.

So, what’s going to happen on Thursday night?  My prediction is that Glenn will go home and Nicole will be the first HoH!

As for the show itself, I am actually a little bit optimistic.  I liked the majority of the houseguests and even the ones that I don’t like (Paul, Zakiyah, Josea) don’t seem to be obnoxious as some of the HGs have been in past seasons.

What did y’all think?  And who, from the Freakazoids, do you think will be the first to be evicted?

We’ll find out soon!

Lisa Marie


Big Brother 18 starts TONIGHT!

by BBBlogger on June 22, 2016

Tonight! It starts tonight! Are you ready? Will you be watching with us? Join us on the blog for day one of the two day premier! Comment below and let us know as we are LIVE COMMENTING and talking about what we are seeing!

Join one of the most popular blogs on the internet for Big Brother! We have a nice community of people and hope you will join us!

So what do you say…lets do this!

Peace, BBBlogger

PS: we are all looking forward to hearing your thoughts about our new pack of house guests!


It is time! Time to bust a rhyme? No. Time to make the doughnuts? No. It is time to watch Big Brother 18 on CBS! Tomorrow night, Wednesday June 22, 2016, Big Brother 18 debuts!


So tonight, tuck your kids into bed for one last normal bed time routine. Say good bye to your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, friends, etc. (Unless of course they are also addicted to Big Brother! Then be ready to be stuck to them for the next 3 months!)

So you have seen the contestants, you have heard all of the rumors, are you ready to get Big Brother 18 underway? If so, check in by commenting below and let us know that you are here to party with us for the next 3 months!

Peace, BBBlogger

PS: if you want to get the feeds, please use the links on the blog. Every little bit supports the blog and helps to pay the best Big Brother Blogger out there, Lisa Marie! Thanks!

PS: If you need me, I will be watching the Series Finale of Persons of Interest tonight! (love that show!)


So the big reveal was yesterday…and here is the way Big Brother 18 shakes down….

4 recycled players
James Huling from Season 17
Da’Vonne from Season 17
Nicole from Season 16
Frank from Season 14

10 Brand New House guests

Glenn Garcia
Age: 50
Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
Occupation: Dog Groomer/ Former Police Detective
Three adjectives that describe you: Small, big and great.

Zakiyah Everette
Age: 24
Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Occupation: Pre-School Teacher
Favorite Activities: Dancing, modeling, cooking, eating, any form of designing or creating.

Natalie Negrotti
Age: 26
Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela
Occupation: Event Coordinator
Most difficult part about living in the Big Brother house: Living with men because I have never lived with a man in my house, not even my own father!

Michelle Meyer
Age: 23
Hometown: Washington Township, Mich.
Occupation: Nutritionist
Favorite activities: Cooking, reading, going on Reddit, watching live feeds, researching nutrition related topics, photography, working out and selling stuff on Ebay.

Victor Arroyo
Age: 25
Hometown: Slidell, Louisiana
Occupation: Gym Manager
My life’s motto is: Get my money, develop my body and get women.

Paul Abrahamian
Age: 23
Hometown: Tarzana, California
Occupation: Clothing Designer
Three adjectives that describe you: Honest, spontaneous and energetic

Jozea Flores
Age: 25
Hometown: Bridgeton, N.J.
Occupation: Make-Up Artist
Three adjectives that describe you: Funny, outgoing, creative strategist and a visual genius

Bronte D’Acquisto
Age: 26
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Favorite activities: I love to solve math problems consisting of Calculus, Statistics and Probability. I also run, look at adoptable dogs, stretch and walk to the mall to purchase more hair accessories.

Bridgette Dunning
Age: 24
Hometown: Fresno, Calif.
Occupation: Traveling Nurse.
Favorite Activities: I love to practice yoga, run, bake, read sci-fi books, go out with friends and to comedy shows.

Corey Brooks
Age: 25
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Baseball Coach
Three adjectives that describe you: Extraordinary, passionate and loveable.

2 Relatives of Past House guests
Tiffany Rousso
Age: 32
Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL
Occupation: High School Teacher
Favorite Activities: Playing basketball, wake boarding, paddle boarding, singing and playing guitar.

Paul Calafiore
Age: 27
Hometown: Howell, N.J.
Occupation: DJ
My Life’s Motto is: A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there.

So what do you think? Excited? Not so much?

Let us know in the comments below!

Let’s get this party started!!

Peace, BBBlogger