Less than one month until Big Brother 18

by BBBlogger on May 23, 2016

Yesterday was the ONE MONTH AWAY milestone so that means today is “Less than a month away”…

I see that there is a lot of bad information floating around the internet. A lot of guesses. A lot of craziness. Which is part of the fun of Big Brother right?

So with that being said, I want to hear all about what you have read, seen or heard so far about Big Brother 18?

All Star? Half All Star? All new? Etc?

All I know is we will not know anything official until it is official. Which luckily is LESS than a month away! #yeah

Peace, BBBlogger

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Big Brother 18 begins June 22, 2016

by BBBlogger on May 20, 2016

Hey everyone! BBBlogger here! Feeling like it is time to dust off the cobwebs of the Big Brother Blog and see if I can find a new theme since we are just over a month away from the 18th crazy season of our favorite TV show Big Brother!

I hope you all are as excited as I am. A month and 2 days!

So, as I start working on the new theme and look of Big Brother blog I would LOVE to hear your feedback! Likes? Dislikes? Anything needed?

Let me know and I will start the process of upgrading.

I like this one however I feel it is hard to read the blog posts so not sure this is the one I will keep.

Peace, BBBlogger


So BBBlogger was wrong! I wanted to bet my house, my farm, my family, my entire life savings that this was going to be the year a female won Big Brother! (has been a while…)

However, even with a 66% chance going into the final HOH (Liz, Vanessa and Steve) you would have felt good that Vanessa was going to be bring it all home.

Sadly, she lost when it matter the most. She lost the final HOH and Steve being smarter than he let on did the RIGHT THING and got rid of the strongest player and thus sealing his WIN of Big Brother 17!!

Whew! What a ride!

So even though this season saw some fun, the feeling I got is same old same old, boring, no fun house guests. The Twin Twist has been done. The Takeover twist did not last. Overall it just felt stale and a little boring.

I enjoyed Meg and if she reads this…feel free to say hello to BBBlogger at RealityTVChat@gmail.com since wow!! Never know right?? ūüôā

But Steve won the season. He outwitted, outplayed, outlasted…wait…that is Survivor. He was the first to race around the world and complete….nope…Amazing Race. Boy…I sure wish BBBlogger would have a place for us to talk THOSE shows…

Well luckily for you I do AND I have a new interactive Chat Room as well. Check out Reality-TV-Chat.com and see what is cooking with your friends from Big Brother Blog and Survivor Blog!

Check it out and let me know what you think and if there is anything else you would like to see.

Also, PLEASE DO NOT JUMP OFF THE EMAIL LIST!! I promise to NOT email you unless there is Big Brother news but it will start up again next year in May/June! So hang tight and we will be back! Promise!!

So visit us at reality-tv-chat.com or email BBBlogger at realitytvchat@gmail.com for anything.

Lastly, I am going to say a HUGE thank you to honestly one of the best bloggers I know in Lisa Marie! She is an amazing lady and I would have closed the blog down long ago if it was not for her. She has a very direct style and pulls no punches. She has been a blessing to me and to this blog. If you would like to DONATE any $$ to her and her only (not BBBlogger) feel free to use the donate button. I will make sure she gets every cent of your donation. I pay her well from the money the buying of the feeds brings in but it is not enough to help her retire so feel free to do what you can…otherwise she would love a thank you in the comments below!

You guys are my Big Brother Blog family and I appreciate you all being here this season. I know that I am just a guy who owns a website but I consider you all part of my life. Thank you for sticking with me and making this one of the must fun (and unique) blogs on the internet! We will be back next year so get ready! Only 250 some days until Big Brother 18!

Peace, Bill
aka BBBlogger

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Big Brother 17: The Finale

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 23, 2015

Hi, everyone! ¬†As I sit here typing this, I am watching the season premiere of Survivor. ¬†The finale of Big Brother will be starting in about 24 minutes. ¬†I will be writing this post while watching the show. ¬†As soon as America’s Favorite Player is announced, I will click on publish and I look forward to seeing what y’all think about whatever happens at the finale!

(Because of the way this post is being written, there may be more typos than usual.  I apologize in advance.)

Okay, Big Brother is starting!

8:31 — Julie just said that one of the houseguests will leave the house totally empty-handed. ¬†That’s not quite true. ¬†Even the third place finisher gets paid and a chance to be on a future season.

8:32 — And now, we’re recapping the season. ¬†I have to be honest, it’s hard to believe that, after tonight, this is all over. ¬†For three months, Big Brother has been such a huge part of my life. ¬†Every day, I’ve had to check in on the house and find something to write about. ¬†I may not have loved this season but, in a way, I will miss it.

8:40 — It’s always strange watching the recaps of the HoH competition when you already know who is going to win. ¬†The most interesting thing is seeing how production edits what actually happened. ¬†Vanessa talking Liz into throwing the first part of the HoH comp was impressive.

8:43 — There’s Dr. Will in the audience! ¬†Love you, Dr. Will!

8:46 — Here’s the 2nd part of the HoH comp. ¬†This one was controversial because Liz said that the Big Brother voice gave her a clue at one point. ¬†We also already know that Steve won this comp by three minutes.

8:52 — Yay! ¬†Dr. Will is talking to the jury! ¬†Austin is wearing his top hat and looks like an idiot.

8:53 — Austin is totally trashing Vanessa to the audience. ¬†I read an interview with Dr. Will where he said that everyone in the jury was rolling their eyes while Austin was talking. ¬†In fact, Will totally trashed Austin. ¬†It was a fun interview to read.

8:55 — So far, of the jury members, James is the one who is making the best points. ¬†He seems to understand that it was just a game and he’s showing a lot of class. ¬†The rest of the jury seems to be extremely bitter, which could be bad news for Vanessa.

8:59 — I wish they had shown more of Will talking to the jury but obviously, we have to move on. ¬†To be honest, the most shocking part of the jury round table to me was John calling Steve a rat.

9:02 — Okay, time for the final HoH! ¬†It’s Vanessa vs. Steve. ¬†It’s the old comp where the remaining HGs have to reveal how much they know about the members of the jury.

9:03 — Steve has shaved off his beard and he looks like he’s about 15.

9:06 — Oh my God, Steve is in the lead!

9:08 — And now they’re tied. ¬†Wow.

9:08 — Did you just hear the audience gasp!? ¬†By one point, Steve is the final HoH and it looks like Vanessa is about to be evicted.

9:13 — Steve is about to cast his vote to evict. ¬†Vanessa looks terrified, Liz looks confident. ¬†Steve is casting his vote and — wow, his speech is creeping me out. ¬†Anyway, Steve just evicted Vanessa and she ran out of the house.

9:15 — That’s one of the things that drove me crazy about this season. ¬†Too much crying and freaking out. ¬†It’s just a game and evicting people is a part of the game. ¬†Steve was literally shaking as he evicted Vanessa.

9:20 — Yesterday, I was sure there was no way Liz could beat either Vanessa or Steve but I’ve kind of changed my mind. ¬†Steve has burned a lot of bridges and, as of right now, I could easily see Liz winning by one vote.

9:22 — The jury comes out and the audience went crazy for Johnny Mac. ¬†I wonder if Austin noticed.

9:24 — Jury is about to ask questions.

John asks Steve if he ever made his own decisions in the game. ¬†And they’re having an audio problem so we can’t hear Steve’s answer. ¬†Audio problem gets fixed and Steve has to start over again.

Becky says that everyone thinks that Liz just did what Austin said.  Liz says that is not true.

James asks Steve is he a floater. ¬†Steve looks really offended and says that he didn’t float. ¬†The jury is kind of laughing at Steve’s answer, which is not a good sign for him.

Julia asks Liz what her biggest game move was.  Liz says it was making an alliance with Vanessa and Austin.

Jackie asked Steve about his alliances. ¬†Steve is giving his answer and …. wow, is he nervous.

Austin asks Liz why she deserves to win the money over “the boy.” ¬†Liz says it’s because she entered the house with a huge disadvantage because she had to play with a twin.

Honestly, I think Liz handled the jury better than Steve.  Steve was way too nervous and he spoke so fast that  it was hard to follow what he was saying.  Liz repeated the same thing over and over again but that might work to her advantage.

9:34 — Final statement time. ¬†This is the speech that Steve has been practicing for days and he is delivering it well but the jury looks so bitter…I don’t know, if I had to guess right now I would say that Liz is going to win.

9:37 — Jury’s voting now. ¬†The votes are in and interestingly enough, nobody on the jury sounded bitter while casting their vote.

9:45 — Julie is now talking to the nonjury members. ¬†Da’Vonne is trashing Austin and it’s beautiful.

9:47 — I have no idea what Vanessa was saying.

9:52 — Here comes the vote counting.

Vanessa votes for Liz.

John votes for Steve.

Austin votes for Liz.

Julia votes for Liz.

James votes for Steve.

Meg votes for Steve.

Becky votes for Steve.

Jackie votes for Steve!

STEVE WINS BIG BROTHER!  And wow, I am so shocked because seriously, I thought the jury was leaning towards Liz.  WOW!

Now, let’s see who won AFP.

9:57 — JAMES WINS AMERICA’S FAVORITE! ¬†YAY! ¬†More than Steve winning, James winning AFP is the perfect ending for this season.


And that it for this season of Big Brother! ¬†Thank you so much to everyone who read and commented this season! ¬†If you watch Survivor or the Amazing Race, I will be writing about those over at¬†http://reality-tv-chat.com/ ¬†I’ll be posting my recap of the Survivor premiere tomorrow morning so be sure to check and comment if you want!

(I’ll be posting Survivor recaps on Thursday and Amazing Race recaps on Saturday.)

Well, another season is over. ¬†If you want keep in contact with me or you have any questions or comments, my email is LisaMarieBowman@live.com and I would love to hear from you. ¬†If you’re on twitter, I’m @LisaMarieBowman and I do follow back. And, you’re on Facebook, you can find me at¬†https://www.facebook.com/lisa.m.bowman.399

Thanks again everyone! ¬†And I’ll definitely hope that I see everyone again next season.

And now, I turn the comments over to you.

Lisa Marie





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Hi, everyone!

Well, there’s only 24 hours of this frustrating season left and then it will all be over. ¬†We will have a new Big Brother winner and we will have a new winner for America’s Favorite Player. ¬†To be honest, it seems like a lot of people are more interested in who wins AFP than in who win the actual game.

Steve has been saying for a while that he won’t take Vanessa to the final two. ¬†And now, while talking to Liz, Vanessa swore “on Mel” that she would not take Steve to the final two. ¬†Assuming that they’re both telling the truth, it appears that Liz will be in the final two.

Could Liz win the game? ¬†Well, we know that she would have Austin’s vote and Julia’s vote. ¬†Vanessa said that, if Steve does evict her, she’ll vote for Liz purely out of spite. ¬†Vanessa may have just been saying that.

But, honestly, its hard for me to imagine the jury giving the money to Liz.  While Liz did win a few comps and also served as HoH, she spent most of her time hanging out with Austin and her sister and taking orders for Vanessa.  So, honestly, I think that the winner of Big Brother will be whoever wins that final HoH.

Anyway, it’s almost over! ¬†We have a poll going over on the right side of the page, where you can vote for who you would want to see win the game. ¬†If you haven’t already voted, please do so. ¬†(And yes, you can vote to evict all three of them!)

I’d also like to invite everyone to use the comments section to let us know who you think will win, who you want to win, and who you think deserves to be America’s favorite player!

The finale is Wednesday night. ¬†I was will be posting a recap of the show and then I’ll be moving onto writing about Survivor and the Amazing Race at¬†http://reality-tv-chat.com/

Thank you to everyone who has read the blog and left comments over the past three months! ¬†This hasn’t been the easiest season to watch but we’ve survived!

Lisa Marie

P.S. I want Steve to win, I think Vanessa will win, and I hope that James wins AFP.

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Big Brother 17: Who Would Be Your Ideal Final Three?

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 21, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Again, not much to report. ¬†Last night, Steve spent more time practicing his final two speech. ¬†And again, in his speech, he mentioned that evicting Vanessa was an important part of his game. ¬†So, make no mistake about it — Steve is planning on taking Liz to the final two.

Liz told Vanessa about Steve pacing in the backyard. ¬†Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to either of them that Steve would be practicing for the jury. ¬†Vanessa, in fact, thinks that Steve is pacing because he’s worried that the live feeders don’t like him.

I will say this — I’m not really a fan of anyone in this final 3 but Steve is being very smart about rehearsing his speech. ¬†At this point, I do want Steve to win. ¬†And, yes, I know that Vanessa has probably played a better game than Steve and deserves it but, on a purely emotionally level, I want Steve to win. ¬†My mind says Vanessa, my heart says Steve.

(Actually, my heart says evict all three of them and give the money to Dan Gheesling, who really deserved to win his second season. ¬†But that’s now how the game works…)

Liz, meanwhile, is scared that Austin has moved onto Jackie in the jury house. ¬†Ever since Austin got voted out of the house, Liz has been going on and on about this. ¬†I don’t think it’s so much that she likes Austin as that she’s just insecure about and threatened by Jackie.

Anyway, since there’s nothing going on in the house, I figured I’d pose a question for everyone and, if you want to answer it, go ahead and do so in the comments. ¬†It seems like nobody is really happy with this final three. ¬†Even people who like Vanessa and Steve seem to be upset that Liz is there and fans of Liz (and I know that there are a few because they email me and indulge in personal attacks because I’m being so mean to their favorite. ¬†They also refuse to respond when I reply to them, which to me is pure pettiness on their part) don’t seem to be happy about Vanessa and Steve still being in the house.

So, out of all the Houseguests this season, who would be your ideal final three?  If you could go back and change history, who would you want to see in the final three?

My ideal final three would be: James, Johnny Mac, and Da’Vonne.

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 17: It’s Nearly Over

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 20, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Well, what can I tell you about today? ¬†Seriously, things slow down considerably when there’s only three people in the house. ¬†There’s no more deals to be made, no more backdooring to be planned, and not much to do other than wait until the finale on Wednesday.

A part of me wishes that they would do the finale tonight. ¬†I mean, seriously — why not? ¬†But, instead, tonight is going to be the walk down memory lane. ¬†We’ll get flashbacks to “never before seen” footage. ¬†Of course, in the age of YouTube, there’s really no such thing as unseen Big Brother footage.

Anyway, here are the latest two developments.

First off, last night, as Liz and Steve talked about the 2nd part of the HoH competition, Liz mentioned that she got some help from production. ¬†Apparently, she was having trouble remembering when a certain competition occurred in the house. ¬†And she said aloud that she hadn’t been there when the event occurred and then, according to Liz, the Big Brother production voice told her, “You were there. ¬†It was the competition you won HoH for.” ¬†Steve replied, “Production helped you!?” and we immediately went to fish.

Now, a few things to note here. ¬†First off, Liz could have been lying. ¬†From Steve’s reaction, it’s obvious that production didn’t say a word to him. ¬†But I don’t think Liz was lying. ¬†I think she did get some help. Some people on Facebook have suggested that Liz had already gone over Steve’s time and lost the round (it was a timed comp) and Big Brother just wanted to end the competition, ¬†That would make sense to me if there was a huge difference between Liz and Steve’s times. ¬†But Steve only beat Liz by three minutes.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there. ¬†As we all know, a lot of people think this entire season has been rigged for Vanessa. ¬†And Steve has told the Livefeeders, and perhaps the Diary Room, that he will not take Vanessa to the final two. ¬†I’m just curious — what do y’all think? ¬†Do you think the fix is in or do you think that the conspiracy theorists are just being paranoid?

Finally, the other big news of note is that Steve is definitely NOT planning on taking Vanessa to the final two.  Last night, he was in the back yard and he was practicing his final two speech.  And, in his speech, he said that, strategically, he had to evict Vanessa.

So, if Vanessa is going to win Big Brother, she is going to have to win the third part of the HoH.

Lisa Marie

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Hi, everyone!

So, last night, we had the second part of the final HoH competition.  Since Vanessa already won the first part, the 2nd part was between Liz and Steve.  It was a timed competition, where Liz and Steve had to climb over stuff and put letters in crossword puzzle.  Ultimately, it took Steve about 28 minutes to finish the comp.  It took Liz 31 minutes.

So, as a result of those three minutes, Liz has been knocked out of the final HoH comp. ¬†Her fate in the game is now dependent upon Steve or Vanessa. ¬†On Wednesday, Vanessa and Steve will face off. ¬†Vanessa has been telling Steve that she’ll take him to the final two. ¬†Steve told Vanessa that he would take her to the final two.

That’s right, it’s a practical love fest between the two of them. ¬†But it wouldn’t surprise me if Vanessa is just lying to try to get Steve not try too hard to win. ¬†And Steve has continually been seen talking to the imaginary voices in his head, telling them that he’s going to evict Vanessa and take Liz to the final two.

We’ll see what happens on Wednesday!

Sunday, I assume, will be the flashback show where the final three sit around the house and pretend to talk about the former houseguests. ¬†I guess I’ll watch, though I have a fear they’ll use this episode as an excuse to slip in some more Frankie Grande footage.

What can I say? ¬†I love you all but I’ll be happy when this season is over.

At least we’ve got Survivor and The Amazing Race to look forward to! ¬†I’ll be writing about both of those shows over at http://reality-tv-chat.com/¬†so feel free to drop by.

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 17 — Sorry, everyone, not much to report…

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 18, 2015

Hi, everyone!

To be honest, I nearly didn’t do an update today because there’s absolutely nothing going on in the Big Brother House. ¬†There’s only three people left and Vanessa, Steve, and Liz aren’t exactly the most interesting people around. ¬†I did see Steve doing some speculation on how every member of the jury would vote but he still doesn’t seem to understand that Vanessa cannot be beaten.

That’s right, I said it. ¬†I’m not a huge Vanessa fan but the fact of the matter is that, in a final two situation, it’s hard to imagine anyone beating her. ¬†Neither Liz nor Steve seem to understand that. ¬†Liz, I can understand. ¬†She doesn’t really know much about the show and she spent the past two months hanging out with Austin so she really doesn’t have a great understanding of the jury. ¬†But Steve is supposed to be a superfan.

Liz is apparently worried that Austin is going to end up falling in love with Jackie in the jury house. ¬†Wow, it’s almost as if Austin has a history of cheating on his girlfriends that first chance that he gets.

Actually, the biggest Big Brother news appears to be taking place outside the house.  I have seen so many people on twitter and Facebook talking about how they are not being allowed to vote.  Apparently, a lot of those people have sent tweets to Jeff Schroeder because, earlier tonight, he tweeted that he knew about the voting problems and was contacting CBS to see what was going on.

In other words, Jeff is on the case!

Sorry, I know that’s not much of an update but I can only work with what I’m getting from the house and right now, I’m not getting much. ¬†Hopefully, someone will go crazy this weekend or Liz will end up sleeping with Steve or something and then I’ll have more to talk about!

Lisa Marie

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Big Brother 17 — Here’s Your Final Three

by Lisa Marie Bowman on September 17, 2015

Hi, everyone!

Well, I watched Big Brother last night and needless to say, I was disappointed but not surprised that Vanessa decided to evict Johnny Mac.

Personally, I do think that Vanessa made a mistake. ¬†Obviously, she’s scare that the jury hates her and she felt that John — being everyone’s friend — would win because he’s so much more likable than her. ¬†But, honestly, I think Vanessa could probably have easily beaten John. ¬†John, after all, really didn’t do anything in the house. ¬†Vanessa could have argued, “You may not like me but I played the game,” and, against John, that argument probably would have worked.

(If Vanessa does make it to the final two, I hope she doesn’t try to sway the jury by crying because that would probably destroy her chances right there. ¬†But for some reason, I can imagine Vanessa doing just that. ¬†Instead, Vanessa needs to own her game and not apologize.)

Instead, Vanessa voted out John and gave us our final three. ¬†I’m not at all enthusiastic about this final three but … well, it doesn’t really matter now. ¬†There were plenty of opportunities to get rid of all three of these people and the other houseguests didn’t take advantage of them. ¬†So, as much as I dislike these three people, they are the last three standing and one of them is going to win Big Brother 17.

Here’s your final three:

VANESSA, the beanie-wearing pokr player

LIZ, the twin who thinks Sigmund Freud was lion tamer


STEVE, the guy who talks to himself.

Who do you root for out of those three? ¬†I know that Steve has some fans but personally, he gives me the creeps. ¬†Vanessa is an okay player and, in this mediocre season, that makes her the leading contender to win. ¬†As for Liz — well, I’ve been challenged to say something nice about Liz and sorry, it’s not going to happen.

Anyway, they had the first part of the HoH competition last night and Vanessa won. ¬†(There’s some debate as to whether or not Vanessa offered Liz a bribe to throw the comp. ¬†I missed it myself so I’m not saying whether she did or didn’t.) ¬†So, the second part will be Liz vs. Steve and then the winner will face Vanessa in the third part.

At this point, Vanessa really does seem like the most likely winner. ¬†But we’ll find out for sure next Wednesday!

And hey, here’s some good news! ¬†Survivor and The Amazing Race start next week! ¬†Yay!

Lisa Marie


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